Based on my observation about myself, I think I really need a super fresh air recently. Talking about my current mood, I feel like I change a little bit. Unlike my previous self when I used to listen to something that could represent my feeling but this time is different. I tend to listen to music to change my mood. When I am upset, I won’t listen to a sad song because it brings me down even more. When I am happy, I won’t listen to a sad song either because it could ruin the positive euphoria. XD As a result, I hate a frustrasted ballad, though I am always wide open to listen to all types of music.


What I want to say is I am currently so into rock music. Actually this is not the first time. When I was in high school, I have been loving My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, L’arc en ciel, Orange Range and Simple Plan. Then, I began to listen 5 Seconds of Summer since they were debuted. You know, I am also a big fan of Japanese catchy rock band Spyair and now I have another flame, One Ok Rock ❤ .

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SPYAIR Addict!


I am currently so addicted to SPYAIR. They are actually a Japanese rock band that I knew few years ago but I just never gave them a try before. First time I heard their song, I thought they were just okay, very nice and unique. I remember it was when they released “WENDY It’s You”, I was so addicted to the tune. Now, the fever has back. It is such a very catchy song! It also brightens my mood whenever I listen to it. For some reasons, it always makes me smile. ^_____^ . The lyric is also very courageous. It would be very comforting to hear somebody says,

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[MV] B1A4 – Baby Good Night (Sleep Well Good Night)

My Rating: 10/10
it turned into something that I have to watch before going to sleep >.<


Title: Baby Good Night (Sleep Well Good Night)
Release Date: 2012.05.24
Artist: B1A4
Album: The B1A4 Special Edition
File Type: mp4
Quality: HD 1080p
Size: 166 MB

Download—> MF

From the start, this group have been growing so special. They always got me so surprise 😀 . A very catchy song, fit for summer day. It’s so hilarious, same like Beautiful Target. Their music, dance, vocal, concept, style, they’ve changed. This is crazy.

Something that I really love about their music video is they always bring a good storyline while dancing too. It bring laugh, and cherry blossom in my heart ❤ . Totally into them. I have to listen to this song every night before going to bed. 😀

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[MV] XIA (Junsu) – Tarantallegra

My Rating: 8/10
All that I see is Junsu ^^~♥


Title: Tarantallegra
Release Date: 2012.05.14
Artist: XIA (Xiah Junsu)
Album: Tarantallegra
File Type: mp4
Quality: HD 720p
Size: 99 MB

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Ommo.. Finally released 😀

I like how he tried new style, I like him the way he is. He’s grown up, he transformed his music into maturity. No more cuteness >.<. I read some comments in youtube, everybody seems speechless over this. I feel the same way, too many pretty Junsu here, he looks sexy, acting very cool but the feminism of the make up really makes me irritated 😀 . I read in DBSKnights, it said that the girl in this video is Junsu himself :D, from the shape of the nose, the eyes, it seems that Junsu himself. Ommo!~ I love Junsu, but this gentle feminism kills me.

He dance perfectly amazing.Yeah.. he is Junsu, no wonder. The visual effects work well too. But… should I say something that really annoyed me here? Those dancers are definately got me sooooo irritated so I stuck in 8/10. Especially those girls with big thighs, Oh God~ Junsu is so much prettier 😀 . How can I accept this? I feel like the backup dancers should be banned. LOL! My eyes are on Junsu only ♥

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[MV] Girls` Generation-TaeTiSeo – Twinkle

My Rating: 9/10
They’re sparkling >.<


Release Date: 2012.04.30
Artist: Girls` Generation – TaeTiSeo
Album: TWINKLE [mini album]
File Type: mp4
Quality: HD 720p
Size: 94 MB

Download—> Mediafire

The entire video is filled with sparkles. All word that I can say is they look beautiful, beautiful and beautiful. Taeyeon with blonde again, Tifanny looks so elegant and more mature with glowing wavy hair and Seohyun looks very pretty in her own way. I think black hair makes her look like more into south-east-asian girl 😀 . I don’t know why, I feel like She doesn’t look like korean here.

For some unreasonable thoughts, I almost consider Taeyeon as Jessica first. 😀 She resembles to Jessica in some scenes. I think it’s because of blonde is so Sica’s style, and they have a same v-line face.

They change clothes so often. I can’t say anything, how they flaunted so much beauty into this video. It’s just like a perfect packaged of beauty exhibition. I love everything here, their shoes, hairstyle, make up, fashion, and the puppy looks cute 🙂 . Plus EXO boys too. Can’t forget that they made appearances here.