It’s Only in My World


Do you have any regret in your life?

I just question myself after listening to an old korean song called “It’s Only in My World (Geugotmani nae sesang)” and I found that I don’t really regret things. Since I was kid, I grew up much in competition, I used to feel so much pressure about expectation and responsibility. When I passed those challenges, in the end it was a happy ending and I started to value process more than the result. When we can feel the process, we create a great confidence within ourselves.

There were times during my college years when I kept questioning myself about a future. I was in 3rd semester and full of questions about decisions, I cried hard because I was not confident in taking a teaching career. I just knew what a teaching life was and I thought I couldn’t overcome all the things. The routines seemed so boring to me. I was really hopeless and my mom even cried of worry. She comforted and encouraged me so I began to face everything. My mom was right, after I started my teaching internship at school, I began to enjoy working with teachers and students. I felt encouraged even more because of my students. Just by looking at their enthusiasm and innocence, I wanted to work harder to help them. In the end, I felt really thankful to choose this path.

I believe if I gave up and chose another path at that time, it would turn into a regret but thankfully I could begin again. So, I learn that there is no regret in my life. There is only lesson and once we fail, just stand up and move on. I believe that we will always start over again and grow into our brand new self.


This song is currently my top playlist. It’s actually an old korean pop song in 80s by Jo In Kwon. First time I heard it was last year. I watched a video of Jaejoong performed the song in a military band festival. Then, I browsed the lyric and found out that the message is amazing. It motivates me to gain confidence.So, I am in love with the song even more after watching a lot of covers by the other singers. All of the versions are lovely. I personally love Kim Bada’s performance the most. His voice is daaaaamn powerful and Jaejoong’s multiple performances are also my favorite.

His roooooocccking voice is my favorite!

Jaejoong ❤ ❤ ❤ , looking hotter and hotter as an army.

Theeey are super perfections!! Love the high notes!

So Hyang never fails me! The high note queen.

This is just so lovely! A legend and a young rookie star.

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