[Album] Girls` Generation – Baby Baby [Repackaged]


Title: vol. 1 BABY BABY (repackaged)
Artist: Girls` Generation
Release: 2008.03.17
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Language: Korean
Size: 80 MB


1.Girls Generation
2.Ooh La La
3.Baby Baby
5.Kissing You
9.7989 (feat. Kangta and Taeyeon)
11.In The New World
12.Kissing You (school rock remix)
13.Let’s Go!(long version)
14.Let’s Go

My Rating: 10/10

I admit that this is a good album. All the song really sound good in my ear. I love Taeyeon’s voice a bit but sometime she sound older than she looked like. The maknae is my favourite, both Yoon A and Seo Hyun. They are so talented. Tiffany is also a good singer, but she sound weird in Korean sometimes, maybe because of her english accent XD. For Jessica, I don’t think that I like her voice and the truth is I feel so awkward everytime I hear her high pitch..

credits: KPop World