[Album] Taeyang – SOLAR

Title: SOLAR
Artist: Taeyang (from Big Bang)
Conductor: YG Entertainment
Release date: 2010.07.01
Language: Korean
Total Size: 82.4 MB

  1. Solar (intro)
  2. Superstar
  3. I Need A Girl (feat. G-Dragon)
  4. Just a Feeling
  5. You’re My
  6. Move (feat. Teddy)
  7. Break Down
  8. Before You Fall Asleep
  9. Where U At
  10. Wedding Dress
  11. Take It Slow

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My Rating: 7.5/10

I don’t know what happened on the new tracks. The track that still beat me is only WEDDING DRESS that wellknown as a hit single of course. I expected that this would be a great album, but ……….. *what the hell with the word ‘but’* .. The truth is that I don’t disappoint at all but I just think that he can make a brilliant album more than this. Well, chingu.. I just write this in the first listening to this album, I don’t know what will happened if I keep on this album in my playlist .. maybe I’ll get attracted to the other tracks. Just need to get used to it.

The track “Take It Slow” is really relaxed R&B, he prove his singing ability and yeah it’s really a nice song.You’ll really enjoy this voice………

The track “I Need A Girl” is featured with the leader G-Dragon. I love the chorus, Taeyang made his voice really … omg! His english is so flawless. And yeah the leader G-Dragon gave a good rap on this song. The piano tune is so stunning if I can say. It’s brilliant. I think this one is one of my pre-favorite track. XD

The track “You’re My” is really enjoyable, Taeyang’s voice sound really clear and soft. He is enough just showing his voice, I’m gonna melting~~

Credits: bestfiction@lj + jenpoo.com