[Single] Siedah Garrett x BoA – Man in the Mirror (LIVE) – SM STATION

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Title: Man in the Mirror (live) – SM TOWN
Singers: Siedah Garrett and BoA
Label: SM Entertainment
Release date: 2018.01.16
Language: Korean
Bitrate: 160 kbps
Total Size: 6 MB

.:Download: [Mediafire]

  1. Man in the Mirror

password: ylj.wordpress

My rating: 8/10

BoA says that she never expected to have this chance. Well, she is a big fan of MJ and here I am, a big fan of BoA :D.

So far, I have been following BoA for 12 years. Well, I did not know her during her debut days because I was way too young at that time. As I grow up, I realize how great BoA is but I am personally not a big fan of her English songs. The only English track which I think it suits her voice is “Did Ya” from her US Debut album. I am not sure but I think her biggest obstacle is pronunciation. From her interview, we can see that BoA is actually pretty good in English. She understands conversation and is able to reply directly. However, her pronunciation is still a little bit weak. Few days ago, in her Instagram live, fans asked her to speak English but she replied in English “no no I don’t speak English”. 😀 For a worldwide star like her, maybe she is still not confident with her speaking skill.

In this song, her accent sounds really clear when she says the word “starting”. But it’s getting better whenever she sings in high note like the part “I’m asking him to change his way..” To be honest, when I heard that she was going to do a duet with Siedah, I was a bit unsure because I was afraid that Siedah’s strong voice might overlap and affect BoA’s delicate voice. Thankfully, it turns out great. BoA manages to harmonize Siedah very well. Anyway, I am not sure whether this happen only in English or no, but Key once mentioned in a show that he recognized a change in BoA’s pronunciation over the years. He even impersonated her former voice and her current voice which made me burst into laughter 😀 . I thought it was only me but I think some fans also realize it that she changes it a little bit. I might be not an expert in music but I read some fans argue that BoA tend to use nasal sound now. My opinion is it might be true because I can clearly hear the difference whenever she says “u”. At first, I thought it was strange but then, I think it might be related to personal trademark. Just like how G-Dragon is also known with his unique pronunciation.

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