[MV] BEAST – Mystery (version 2)


Title: Mystery
Artist: BEAST
Album: The 1st mini album – Beast is The B2ST
File Type: rmvb
Quality: HQ
Size: 36.8 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 9/10

I have nothing to say. They’re freaking funny. The video looks so amateur for a popular group like them. Their face stil look like they just woke up about a few minutes ago, no make up, no lighting effect, no brilliant dance, no enormous outfit and acne was revealed. XD. They totally different with how cool they usually look. Even I can’t distinguish them .. I only can notice which one Yo Seub, Hyeon Seung, Jun Hyung and Gi Kwang the most.

I don’t get the storyline as much, or maybe they didn’t pull such a sense storyline . It’s really nonsense seeing them act like crazy, so amateur, stiff, trying to look cool and what’s that BOLLYWOOD DANCE???????????? XDD that’s the funniest thing that I found in this MV. I really can’t notice who is him, Dong Woon? Do Joon? .. rrrrggghhh still learning their face. Yeah yeah.. Bollywood is so popular, even they put the pict of Taj Mahal there, I don’t know how it is in Korea while in many countries I think Bollywood is a massive hit.

KARA & SNSD also make an appearance there. XD They’re cute to dance Mystery.. haha. Yo Seub looks so freaking pretty, somewhat reminds me to KARA Seung Hyeon.. LOL Gi Kwang is still cool^^ and Hyeon Seung, he is such a korean face .. hahaha.. *joking*. Eventhough I played this MV about several times, I still can’t get what the storyline talk about and what the word “Mystery” meaning for in this MV? It’s still a mystery .. 😀

A/N: You can find a video converter HERE if the filetype doesn’t work on your player.

Credit: crhono@jenpoo.com

[Mini Album] BEAST – 1st and 2nd Mini Album

[Mini Album] BEAST – BEAST is the B2ST

BEAST-1st mini album cover
Title: The 1st mini album – BEAST is the B2ST
Artist: BEAST
Release date: 2009.10.14
Conductor: CUBE Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 34 MB

01. Beast Is The B2ST
02. Bad Girl
03. Mystery
04. 아직은
05. Oasis

.:Download full-set:.

My Rating: 8.5/10

I and my friend agree to admit them as a good rookie. We really love this mini album and like to imitate Mystery swivel head dance ..hehe

-OASIS – now you can recognize my favourite music style due to the rating list^^. Yeah I love R&B Soul the most. Just like this beautiful song. They sound clear and still bring a good wild flavour. LOL. This song is really nice and warm. I’m getting so in love  since I hear the beautiful tune in the intro and I got addicted after it.

-Mystery – I listened this song in first time in the SBS Gayo Daejun. They performed it with a funny dance for me. I got laugh because the way they spinning(??) their head is just so damn embarrassing for me. It resemble to a kid idol here in my country. She used to be popular with her that-kinda-of-head-shake when she was child. Ommona.. Why I talk about it in that long, hehe. Just info!! That’s why something I also play this song and start to dance like them. Not just that head but they really did a good dance step for this song. It’s a plus to falling for this song^^

-BEAST is the B2ST – so powerful and upbeat intro. I love it and make me going wild..LOL!

-아직은 – really have no idea what’s that “아직은” mean to be!!? One of familiar song again. I really can’t recall as usual but the chorus bring me for some fmailiar tune. Quite enjoy  this song and it sounds nice for me.

-Bad Girl : There is nothing that I get from this song. The instrument is not so beast and upbeat. So catchy and bored..*wait??* But seems like so many peole love this song. I am just interested with the rap, cause of that G-D sound like and TOP sound like… hahahaha.. I am still learning their face and their look so don’t get mad if I was wrong to distinguish them. Peace!

[Mini Album] BEAST – Shock of The New Era

Title: The 2nd Mini Album – Shock of the new era
BEAST-2nd mini album
Artist: BEAST
Release date: 2010.03.03
Conductor: CUBE Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 34  MB


01 Just Before Shock
02 Shock
03 Special
04 내 여자친구를 부탁해 (Say No)
05 Easy

My Rating: 4/10

Ommo..I’ve waited for this. I’m SHOCKED!!! XD Well.. after listening to it.. I much prefer their debut mini album..XP

-Just Before Shock : it’s a nice relaxed R&B song to enter the mini album. I love the chorus.. they took a good harmonization but it’s just so short. Mm.. I think the link of this song is broken,.. I hope I can’t re-upload it or maybe I post the full-set link. ^^

-Special : Man!! They sound so wild in the way they start it. Yeah.. Beast is beast..XD! I love the chorus when the boy with a rocking voice sing it. So upbeat and kinda rocking type in vocal ability. And OMG..is that really Joon Hyeong or anybody else who serve me with a rapping like G-D. So similar. Vocally, I give a higher mark for this song rather than Shock!

-Shock : I expect that it woud be an undescribable shocking song but I can’t believe that it’s not as big as I expected. I just listen to it twice and also watch the MV to help me fall for it.., but here is nothing result until now. XD I just feel that this is not a big special song, so classic for a Kpop dance track. Anyway the rap part when Joon Hyeong (I guess) rapped is kinda reminds me to G-D. So fresh and bring me hapy hehehe. The high note in 3;09 is annoying, you know? Hey dear composser, don’t make such a boring digital effect..please!!! I got so bored with so many Kpop dance track with a too much digital effects. Hell…..I hope this song won’t fail me after I hear it again and again..

-Say No : AJ’s voice is so delicate, ne? XD I have been love his voice a bit since he debuted as a soloist. I guess that this song would be a next boring track but the chorus quite pleased me. But it doesn’t mean that I like it.

-Easy : Whatever with this song. The intro teased me a bit with the soft piano tune, but quite bored after hear it until in the middle. Sometimes I feel weird with these boys, when I listened to their song, I would think that their vocal ability is standard but they also have their timing to showing a great vocal ability.. hihihi.. I can’t get into my words..What am I saying, uh?

credits: jenpoo.com

[Digital Single] Amerie feat. 4Minute & BEAST Jun Hyung – Heard ‘Em All (Remix)

Title: Heard ‘Em All (Remix)
Artist: Amerie feat. 4Minute & Jun Hyung (from BEAST)
Release date: 2009.02.18
Language: English & Korean
Total Size: 8 MB


  1. Heard ‘Em All (Remix)

My Rating: 10/10

Amerie sings in english while 4Minute and Jun Hyung are in korean. Mostly kinda korean song, 4Minute have a big part and Amerie sound like how the korean always added some english in their line. The beat is really excellent, good to hear it when you got a dance. They play safely in this song, such a beautiful voice revealed with a light and simple beat. I think I just heard BEAST Jun Hyung in the last part, what the hell to bring them him in the ending part only. Heh!!

I really love it after listen to it in a big time.

[Digital Single] Hyun Ah – Change

Title: Change
Artist: Hyun Ah (from 4Minute) feat. Jun Hyung (from BEAST)
Release date: 2010.01.04
Conductor: JYP Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 4.8 MB


  1. Change (feat. 용준형 (Jun Hyung from BEAST)

My Rating: 8/10

I was not so over to it in the first time I heard it, but it grew well day by day and I start to like it. Quite repetitive of course, she rapped so fresh and the guy..I’m sorry I don’t know BEAST in that deep right now. But I admit that he rapped really well, reminds me to G-D in the first but not anymore. He is match to Hyun Ah.