[MV + MP3] Sunmi – Heroine

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Title: Heroine
Singer: Sunmi
Songwriter : Teddy and Sunmi
Label‎: ‎MakeUs Entertainment; ‎The Black Label
Release date: 2018.01.18
Language: Korean
MP3 Bitrate : 128 Kbps
Total Size: 17 MB + 3 MB

  1. Heroine

.:Download: [MV] [MP3]

password: youngladyjunsu.wordpress

My Rating: 9/10

Starting from 24, Fullmoon, Gashina and now Heroine, I think all of her songs are such bombs. Sunmi is really something. She knows how to create a trend and consistently impresses public with gorgeous visual.
Both “Gashina” and “Heroine” are Produced by Teddy, but this time Sunmi also wrote the lyric. When I read the translation, I just couldn’t get it out of my head, especially the part when she says “You make me dance and drunk without alcohol”. Well, I’ve been following Wonder Girls since their debut days, and never expected that Sunmi can be this great. She was always looking cute whenever they promoted their songs before. However, since Wonder Girls started to change their concept into band, Sunmi also began to show her songwriting skill. I was impressed with her work in Wonder Girls’ “Why So Lonely” and continued to be amazed by “Heroine”.
She says that her power lays in unique dance, yes, I do agree. She has a sexy charm yet so cute. Most of her dance also requires couple dance part which sometimes turns to be sexy and romantic. Unlike other sexy singers who show sexy concept as brave. Sunmi usually acts innocent but still sexy at the same time. She gives every man an impression like ‘she is the girl you want to protect’ XD. Gosh, she is really something.

I think she wins public through words in her songs. Especially the one she wrote, it is always so relatable to every girl’s experience. In “Gashina”, she repeatedly says “why do you leave such a beautiful girl like me?” . No matter what, every girl wants to be appreciated and protected. As a girl, I feel like these words really represent my feeling. I think it is every girl’s wish to the guy who leaves her.

credit: 1theK @youtube

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