[MV] KARA – Mister (japanese version)


Title: Mister (japanese version)
Artist: KARA
Album: Mister [single]
File Type: mkv
Quality: HQ
Size: 63 MB

My Rating: 10/10

Absolutely love the butt dance. XD . Nicole did it the best in the butt section, it’s the right choice  to place her in the front section. I think they didn’t release the korean MV since they promoted Wanna MV. But they have performed this song everywhere and it’s becoming more popular than Wanna. XD

The maknae looked so fresh here, she dressed the best. Eventhough they dressed the same outfit, the maknae would be the one who looked the best and match to the concept. She is so sweet. so envious -,-. But Gyuri would being the best face. :). She is so beautiful and the way she act is cool. Adour her.

credits: hd1026@boajjang

[MV] BEAST – Mystery (version 2)


Title: Mystery
Artist: BEAST
Album: The 1st mini album – Beast is The B2ST
File Type: rmvb
Quality: HQ
Size: 36.8 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 9/10

I have nothing to say. They’re freaking funny. The video looks so amateur for a popular group like them. Their face stil look like they just woke up about a few minutes ago, no make up, no lighting effect, no brilliant dance, no enormous outfit and acne was revealed. XD. They totally different with how cool they usually look. Even I can’t distinguish them .. I only can notice which one Yo Seub, Hyeon Seung, Jun Hyung and Gi Kwang the most.

I don’t get the storyline as much, or maybe they didn’t pull such a sense storyline . It’s really nonsense seeing them act like crazy, so amateur, stiff, trying to look cool and what’s that BOLLYWOOD DANCE???????????? XDD that’s the funniest thing that I found in this MV. I really can’t notice who is him, Dong Woon? Do Joon? .. rrrrggghhh still learning their face. Yeah yeah.. Bollywood is so popular, even they put the pict of Taj Mahal there, I don’t know how it is in Korea while in many countries I think Bollywood is a massive hit.

KARA & SNSD also make an appearance there. XD They’re cute to dance Mystery.. haha. Yo Seub looks so freaking pretty, somewhat reminds me to KARA Seung Hyeon.. LOL Gi Kwang is still cool^^ and Hyeon Seung, he is such a korean face .. hahaha.. *joking*. Eventhough I played this MV about several times, I still can’t get what the storyline talk about and what the word “Mystery” meaning for in this MV? It’s still a mystery .. 😀

A/N: You can find a video converter HERE if the filetype doesn’t work on your player.

Credit: crhono@jenpoo.com

[MV] KARA – Lupin

Title: Lupin
Artist: KARA
Album: Lupin [The 3rd Mini Album]
File Type: mp4
Quality: MQ
Size: 36 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 10/10

Great!! Eventhough I can’t get into the song, this MV help me to falling for it. They look so adourable sexy in black and pure in white. Nicole is such a good performer, she looks so KILLER in short haircut and she dressed so sexy, revealed so many smooth part of her body.

Seunghyeon has a short hair cut too^^ hehe, love her too. And the female that attracted me a lot is Hara, she dance like crazy, I love the dance part in 3;15, you can see that Hara is so cool. ^^ Absolutely love the MV, the dance and the setting!

credits: MonkeyJunior (allofkpop.com) + janeberryblue@boajjang

[Mini Album] KARA – LUPIN

Title: The 3rd Mini Album – LUPIN
Artist: KARA
Release date: 2010.02.17
Conductor: DSP Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 36.54 MB

01 Tasty Love
02 루팡 (Lupin)
03 Umbrella
04 Rollin’
05 Lonely

.:Download Full-set:.

My Rating: 4/10

It didn’t catch me a good impression in the first. The hit track LUPIN didn’t impress me. There is only ROLLIN’ that sound really nice on me^^

I’m sorry for lazy update. I’m a little moody right now. For sure, I hope I can update with the individual review^^HWAITING!

credit: Cloud_Honey@boajjang

[Performance] KARA – Mister


Title: Mr (Mister)
Performed by: KARA
Live from: MBC
Album: 2nd Album Revolution
File Type: MP4
Quality: HQ
Size: 48 MB
Download: Megaupload

My Rating: 8.5/10
I absolutely love their outfit. They looked more boyish than their cuteness. The way they shake their butt is excellent while they sang “La la la la la la..”. Nicole would be the best in the butt section. XD! Vocally, I can’t hear what they sing in. Their voice volume is too low than the backsound that over them. A bit disappoint it. But overall they have done a good performance

[PV] KARA – Wanna


Title: Wanna
Performed by: KARA
Album: 2nd Album Revolution
File Type: MP4
Quality: HQ
Size: 58.8 MB
Download: Megaupload

My Rating: 8.5/10

First, they looked really cute. Just look at Hara face while she leaned her ear inside JiYoung that still on the phone with her boy. Hara is like a doll. Her eyes is pretty big. Seunghyeon looked so young but she doesn’t look like a sweet girl. Maybe because of her hairstyle. For the make up, I like Gyuri the most. Yes she is pretty. Nicole is beautiful too. The dance step is still cute. They got Son Dam Bi’s Crazy dance a bit. Just when they start into the chorus. I don’t understand about the storyline but they looked freaking funny on that MV. And the guy, Ryu Sang Wook is enough to make my eyes get widen XD

[Mini Album] KARA – Pretty Girl


Title: 2nd Mini Album – Pretty Girl

Artist: KARA

Release: 2008.12.04

Conductor: DSP Entertainment

Language: Korean

Total Size: 41.81 MB



  1. Honey
  2. Pretty Girl
  3. Bedspread
  4. My Darling
  5. I am

My Rating: 10/10

This is my favourite release after their first Album. Ommo all the tracks are just amazing.

1:Honey – After play it repetitively, I start to like this. The beat is so happy. Nicole’s narration is standard.XD. I just like the way they sing “ Honey..Honey..”

ohh good!

2:Pretty Girl – It’s a bubble track. Very catchy and so sweet. I absolutely love this one first. After hear it then I tried another tracks. I like Seunghyeon part. She is really good in singing. Gyuri sang good too but she has a weird accent. XD,. Previously, I would think that she has a good English accent because of her face that showed a spain face but she is so Korean. Haha.. her accent can’t hided. The other also pronounced the english weird in the chorus. I clearly heard like “Purety Girl” or “Purichi Gal” in the first. Just when I tried the lyric, the word “Pretty Girl” showed on it. Haha… I feel bad that they just forced it onto the melody. In the end it still heard good.

3:Bedspread –  It’s like a cute song in the livestock. Haha.. Yoleiyolei..

4:My Darling – The intro is not attracted but when I followed into the chorus, it’s knock down. I really can get into the song. It sound really good. A right stuff for the girl. I really like it. They harmonized it well.

5:I Am – It’s a sweet ballad. They showed a good vocal ability in the soft and high pitch. Wondering them. This last track just completed the mini album into the word “Perfect”. I definitely love all the tracks.

credits: Makikawaii

[Digital Single] KARA – Good Day Season 2


Title: Good Day Season 2

Artist: KARA

Release: October 13, 2008

Conductor: DSP Entertainment

Language: Korean

Total Size: 9.05 MB


  1. Good Day Season 2
  2. Good Day Season 2 [less vocal]

.:DOWNLOAD full:.

My Rating: 8/10

  1. Good Day Season 2 – It’s a nice song. I like this better than the previous version.
  2. Good Day Season 2 [less vocal] – It’s not like an instrumental. Their voice is still available. But some of it is missing.

credits: Makikawaii