Happy Birthday Junsu^^ Blessed 2011-12-15


happy birthday Junsu. No more words to say. I just wanna thank you for inspiring me in the past few years. I’m proud of being your fan 🙂 muuahhh…

I collect all of my artworks that I’ve made for him in years before. Sorry, I don’t mean to present his serious face only, but I didn’t know why.. I just realize it that I have drawn Junsu’s serious face very often. haha… I should try the other… I’ll try his cheerful face later . I think I should do it. How can I missed his sweet dimple  🙂 It’s birthday, he should smile^___^  😀 Enjoy^^

don’t forget the rules! >.<

-: Don’t edit my work
-: Don’t plagiat my work
-: Don’t hotlink

-: Don’t spread it
-: Remember to always credits me
-: Commeeeennnnt XD

-: No bash








this one is the first artwork that I made for him :’)

S A R A N G H A E Y O    X I A H    J U N S U

My Special Gift for Hero Jaejoong 25th Birthday


how is it???

as I said before, I can’t update this blog frequently like I did before, I need to prepare for exam to enter the University. fufuuuu T_T hwaiting!!!!! I hope I can do my best.

only one. I can’t help XD, I need to sacrifice my rest time to did this ..

I drew it with pencil 2B and 4B! The nuance and hue were edited in the photoshop . I tried hard, I want to make it with black hair first, but he looked a bit soft and feminine, it doesn’t suit the concept that I want to do, so I change the hairstyle. I don’t plan to the light first, but I done it unexpectedly hahaaha..

anyway, anybody ever watch taiwanese drama Mars here??? if you did, maybe you recognize the style of this drawing, especially the flame and the pose XD he he he he the painting in that drama inspired me a lot, I always want to make a painting like that, I tried it to Jaejoong first ^^,

oh yeah.. I change the tattoo too , and you know what? I observe a lot of man’s body to create his body XD hahahaha… I can’t find the right pose of him, so I find another pictures.


at last,


check my previous birthday post too^^ :
My Special Gift for Hero Jaejoong 24th Birthday

My Special Gift For Xiah Junsu 24th Birthday

I almost did this over 2 years. Start in 2008, the first time I drew him. and these are the only things that I could do this year. ggaagghhhhh so busy to fix the time, I posted a lot of goodies last year. Just check it in my special page.

Happy Birthday Junsu oppa and Junho oppa^^



I replace his tattoo with cassiopeia sign, gravity of “5” and there is also “Always Keep The Faith” on it but a little bit small.



[Digital Painting] BoA the face (inspired by Christina Aguilera)


Some new release borred me a lot, so I just make some random post like this.

I just learn this from myself. The concept inspired by Christina Aguilera’s Burlesque poster and maybe her make up in Bionic. And the make up too. rolleyes.gif

There is no special tutorial about this. All I do is just drawing by photoshop. The color, concept and the anatomy, BoA help me the most XDD.. I enjoy drawing her face. I also drew some new artworks of her, but I don’t feel okay to post it here, because I make BoA with a partner XD . It’s not about rated or something, but I don’t want some antis bash my work . hehehehe .. I just post it in JBW , the right place.
Feel free to take it. But please ..
-don’t edit my work
-don’t plagiat my work
-don’t hotlink
-remember to always credits me
-commeeeennnnt XD

thank you^^

[Digital Painting] Dana The Grace

I feel freaking boring with some KPop stuff right now, so let me post my own work.
I don’t know why all of them just sound so boring and nothing special.

7trh32t3htShe’s an adorable leader. Since I’m a Shapley, I dedicate this to melodana@twitter ^^
Using Photoshop and U know, I really tried hard.
I learn the speedpainting that I got in youtube. And this is my first work.

But  I don’t post it the first.

The first photoshop-artwork that I post here is Stephanie The Grace special birthday.
I really get hard to make her hair, because my hand is still stiff and not get used to make such a speedpainting artwork using mouse -,-
But Dana onnie always appear in my mind everytime I’m down, that’s why I try and try
and this……… yeah
we will always wait for your come back.
CSJH hwaiting!!!!!!!^^


it looks a big different, ne????? -____- *down*

At least I try. I want to make more.


Don’t Steal My ARTWORK, okay!!!!
This artwork was only promoted here
if you found it anywhere,
it means that they stole it from me.
Try once, you die!

Gracefuladyjunsu “1st Anniversary”


^^ H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y ^^

Now, it has been a year since I start this blog. First, I wanna say thank you to all readers or visitor. I appreciate you all a lot. Seeing every new comment and my stats get raised everyday is such a blessing day. Thank you.

My blog’s 1st anniversary is not today but tomorrow , in August 21st ! I predicted that maybe I can’t go online tomorrow,, so I post it today.

Yeah.. nothing big special. Truthfully I made a poster for this anniversary but I just forget and lose it. T_T . I’ll check it later, I hope it’s still in my laptop. Once again, I feel bad, I can’t make such a big party here. My condition is totally bad. I got fever and bad cold. I’m really in a bad health condition. Hope I get well soon ..

I’m so sorry if sometimes I talked to sharp, and talking too much XD. It’s just the way it is.In the real world, I’m not really a talkative girl, I’m quite shy –,.

Well, please check this little award. I create it and it depend on my taste, my rating,  and viewer stats.

The Best Single :

Male: Xiah Junsu – XIAH
Female: After School – Because of You

The Best Mini Album:

Male: SS501 – Destination
Female: Son Dam Bi – Queen

The Best Album :

Male: SHINee – Lucifer
Female: BoA – Hurricane Venus

The Best Soundtrack : The Queen Seondeok

The Best Digital Single :

Male: Big Bang – Lollipop 2
Female: 4Minute – 사랑 만들기(Creating Love)

The Best Music Video :

Male: Super Junior – No Other
Female: Park Bom – You and I

The Best Photoshoot :

Male: Kim Bum – elle girl (april 2010)
Female: BoA – Hurricane Venus jacket

Here a fanmade MV that I create, it’s not a new video that I create. I just want to share it here. It’s about BoJoong (BoA & Jaejoong)^^, my favorite couple ever. The song is from BoA “If You Were Here” , one of my favorite ballad song. I love it so much and everytime I listen to it, I saw BoJoong in my mind, with a complicated love story .. XD *fanfantasy* . Some earphone or speaker would make a jerk mp3 quality of it. I’m sorry, but if your speaker is the same like mine, it’ll bw nothing jerk with the volume and sound. ENjoy^^


[Artwork] BoA – Black and Best of Soul Wallpaper + Bonus

Attention!!  It’s just distributed by this blog only!!  so if you found it in other site without a credit, it means that they steal it from me. DON’T HOTLINK OR SPREAD IT OUT!! Try once, You DIE!!

hay guys… welcome back! ^^

I miss you all. How are  you? fine? I’m fine too, maybe just a little bit tired because of

the exam, yeah it’s not easy ….

Glad that my blog is still alive and well it’s because of you too . Thank you^^

I don’t post any download link, music or video right now since I have missed it a lot and I need to dig dig dig some info to
make sure that I check all of the missing K-Pop or J-Pop stuff that I missed up. 🙂
All that I know is I don’t post Junsu – Intoxication yet. haha..
Can’t wait to the full mini album? or single???? The music video is getting everywhere but he doesn’t release the mp3 officially yet.
Well well well, I talk a lot ..

To the point, this is my new BoA artwork. I’m a big fan, no wonder that I created this for her XD.
I made a wallpaper version with 2 different size. Make sure that you grab the right size to fit it up in your desktop. The size is different,
1200 x 758 is for you who use a wide screen in the same resolution with 1900 x 1200 or 720 x 480 (yeah, I don’t really know about the screen or monitor,


I just learn it manually ^^) and the 1200 x 1000 is for you who use a screen with the same resolution as 1400 x 1200 or maybe 800 x 600! ^^ enjoy

the real artwork version!
Medium size maybe, I save the large size for myself only. LOL . XP

does it  remind you to BoA?? XD

[Artwork] Princess Deokman and Se Ju Mishil

Attention!! These artworks are mine. It’s just distributed by this blog only!!  so if you found it in other site without a credit, it means that they stole it from me!!! DON’T HOTLINK OR SPREAD IT OUT!!


I feel fail to make this. The face didn’t capture any sense like Princess Deokman (Lee Yo Won). I am in dying frustated to fix it, but the finishing part is quite hard. I need to learn more. I feel I have lose my talent…T_T


Because I’m not satisfied with the first artwork, I try to improve myself with the second artwork. I feel better with this one. The face is really similar like the original picture. She looked beautiful and how I describe that I love the Princess dress. ^^


Maybe you can see that this one is similar to Mishil or not. I just try my best. Hope you like it. I really enjoy to created the dress. Love it and the color is so nice. Really match for Mishil.


see… this is the hidden step when I made it. You can judge me that I’m a fool to fix it in a plenty times to make it better and what the heck that the princess pict are really hard to make it similar with the original. Geezz….

I want to try it again… I hope I have a time since the school time is back. T_T



edited in 2011.07.21

haii… I just read this post again because it was awaken again since Queen Seondeok aired again in my country. .. sorry for sounding a bit insatiable 😀 that’s my bad, I used to have pressure everytime doing portrait drawing. Doing portrait is really hard. When you draw everything you want, fantasizing and playing with your imagination, it has nothing wrong or right about it.

But doing portrait drawing, it’s really different. When the result can’t make similar with the original face, I feel a bit lose, dissatisfied and disappointed. But it’s weird because I still love doing it again and again 😀 

it’s a lesson to learn, dont make it as pressure, just let it go as you move your hand on the paper, keep control with eyes, make your hand translate what your eyes see then drop it into your paper. Dont hesitate, dont worry, you won’t being punished, there’s nothing wrong or right. Keep trying, the more you find mistake the more you learn and improve 🙂


My Special Gift For Xiah Junsu 23rd Birthday




>:My Artwork:<

I almost didn’t sleep to finished it all. There are so many challenges to draw the first pict. It’s hard cause there is a contrast gradient of it. Especially in his face. I doubt it doesn’t capture a figure like Junsu. T_T. Mianhae, but I’ve tried my best.

The second pict is my old artwork. I made it last year, but I remix it again cause I feel there is something weird in his face before, in order to it will show a similarity like Junsu more. ^^ I like this pict as I like the person who standing as my model there. Haha..

Happy Birthday for Junsu oppa..,,

The one that I love for 3 years…

You are my boy of the picture in the frame

I’ll never forget yours..

All of the goodies that you bring

And the tears that you faded into a smile

Thank you

I can’t forget it..

You’ll always be my all..

My everything…

.:A Tribute To Junsu:.

This is some songs that sung and written by Junsu. I upload a lot for this year. I don’t know it will good for next year, I hope there is something new again.

You can download it all. The links are in Mediafire and Megaupload. Don’t forget do thankzz and tell me if there were some tracks that missed up.

Solo Songs

.:Beautiful Thing

.:My Page

.:Rainy Night


>: Zhang Li Yin feat. Xiah Junsu – Timeless (korean version)

>: Zhang Li Yin feat. Xiah Junsu – Timeless (chinese version)

>: Zhang Li Yin feat. Xiah Junsu – Timeless (acoustic version)

>: Zhang Li Yin feat. Xiah Junsu – Timeless (slow rainy mix)

>: Xiah Junsu feat. Eunhyuk(from Super Junior) – All Rise (originally by Blue)

>: Anyband (consist of BoA, Xiah Junsu, Tablo, Jn Bora) – TPL (Talk Play Love)

>: Anyband (consist of BoA, Xiah Junsu, Tablo, Jin Bora) – Promise You

>: Anyband (consist of BoA, Xiah Junsu, Tablo, Jin Bora) – Daydream

>: Xiah Junsu feat. Key(from SHINee) – XIAH-Tic

Group Album Special Work

-:*If I Can Breathe Next To You (White Lie) – compossed by Xiah Junsu

-:*Noeur Baraboda (Afterglow/Picture of You) – written by Xiah Junsu

-:*Wish – feat. Xiah Junsu, Choikang Changmin and KyuHyun, Ryeowook (from Super Junior)


A/N: Take out with a proper credits! Please!