[link-updated] [Album] Mars OST

Title: Mars OST
Artist: Vic Zhou, Barbie Xu, Rara, Megan Lai, Da Di, You Hong Ming, varioust artist
Release date: 2004.09.10
Conductor: Sony Music (TW)
Language: Mandarin
Total Size: 45 MB

.:Download: [Mediafire]

01. Ling – Alan Kuoย  (Opening song)
02. Rang Wo Ai Ni – Vic Zhou & Barbie Xu (Clossing song)
03. Bai Se Lian Qu – Rara
04. The Hardest Note – Megan Lai
05. Shuo Ai Wo – Liang Yi Zhen
06. Ming Tian – Da Di
07. Wo Ke Yi – You Hong Ming
08. Ling (Piano Instrumental)
09. Wo Ke Yi (Piano Instrumental)
10. Rang Wo Ai Ni (Acoustic Instrumental)
11. Shuo Ai Wo (Instrumental)
12. Bai Se Lian Qu (Piano Instrumental)

password: youngladyjunsu.wordpress

My Rating: 10/10

An adaptation of popular Japanese manga MARS, the television series is directed by the acclaimed Cai Yue Xun. Vic plays two characters on the show, with an exploding dark, tragic passion. This soundtrack is also produced to match the grand scale of the show, every song specifically tailored for the characters. Vic and Barbie sings a moving duet for the closing theme ‘Let Me Love You’. Also including in this soundtrack is the theme song for the show, ‘Zero’ by Ke Yu Lun, as well as the unforgettable melodies that accompanies the romantic journey between Vic and Barbie! (Yesasia)

It was 5 years ago when I watch this drama. I already watch it twice in my entire life, but the third time is in proccess. XD I miss it and I am digging the video in youtube right now. I really want to watch it again. Vic Zhou looked so manly handsome there, and how I can say that Barbie Xu really get into her character as the timid girl. How genius. Since I love painting, I really got interested with Han Qiluo character.

It grew as one of my top taiwan drama ever, raised the couple Vic-Barbie and they dated after this drama. Even my mom really love them. XD *greedy mom*, but I love Vic with Megan Lai more. pwahahahaaa.a…a.a.a…. that’s why I was so happy when I heard he already broke with Barbie. hihihihiii *evil laugh*

Back to the song, of course I love it. Megan Lai makes such a sweet song, she always has a beautiful song but she just didn’t release such a commercial album and keep on singing soundtrack. Vic & Barbie, they did it in “Rang Wo Ai Ni”, it’s a popular song everywhere. I also love it, but the best ballad would goes into Liang Yi Zhen with “Shuo Ai Wo”.It’ s the most touched song here. And the opening song is an unforgettable song. Great Alan Kuo!!!! Rawwwwk it!

credits: my.opera.com/maihien_30011985

14 thoughts on “[link-updated] [Album] Mars OST

  1. ParSalian says:

    Thanks so much… I’m in Spain, and getting some asian material is almost impossible. I’ve watched Mars recently (some fansub translated it to spanish, hehe), but i was unable to find the OST… but here is it! Thanks thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I even didn’t know titles. For some links (3,5,9,10) Mediafire throws a 404, but known titles and artist can be found on Kugou or something ๐Ÿ™‚ Xie xie!

  2. youngladyjunsu says:

    haii.. thankz for your feedback. I’ve already re-upload the track 3, 5, 9 and 10.
    enjoy ^^

  3. g2-7063399f62c4d2986de7dc4e0cf88cdf says:

    Thankyou so much ๐Ÿ™‚ If you need something from Valencia, Europe, just ask ^_^

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