[MV] 2NE1 – Hate You + Ugly


Title: Hate You
Artist: 2NE1
Album: 2NE1 – 2ND MINI ALBUM
File Type: MP4
Quality: HQ
Size: 116  MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 8/10

This is just an animated music video. I catch the storyline, so all girls act like super women, wanted a guy (their enemy). Dara met the guy first, she fight with him but in a sudden flash she is felt enchanted to him (wow!) , CL’s character is just so match to her, rigid and strong. They all looked cool, yes like super heroine >.< fight to destroy that guy. I wonder who will be the guy if they filmed this in the real version (not animated) , maybe G-Dragon? 😀 *Daragon obsessed*



Title: UGLY
Artist: 2NE1
Album: 2NE1 – 2ND MINI ALBUM
File Type: MP4
Quality: HQ
Size: 174  MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 10/10

Yesterday I was so sleepy waiting this song came out :D, I end up falling asleep just right when it was on release!-_-”

masterpiece song!!!! it’s felt like “Go Away”, same in the rock type. Everytime I play this song , I sing a long and it’s felt so good after that 😀 , I feel a lot of things with this song, when I sing I feel like screaming out loud. All that I feel are just written down in this song. Yeah. Appearance is really a sensitive problem. Most of girls think they’re fat, too chubby, not beautiful face, dark, fugly and bla bla bla …

This song is just about you all, girls!!! 2NE1 dedicate it to you all, let’s give them a big standing ovation! wuuwww! yeah!

I thought they would make such a touched music video with storyline like Katy Perry did in Firework or Pink in F*ckin Perfect. This 2NE1 just do it in their way, emotion explode in their way. Look at Minzy break the glass while the line “You Are Beautiful” is on it,there is scene when they destroy all beautiful girls in black sexy outfits too, look at the line behind them “Plastic Zone” ,  just like most of korean girls, they always spend their money for plastic surgery. OMG~ this is serious,  cool. Impressive lyric! it’s just like their lyric, this world is full of lies, dont lie to my face cause I know I am ugly :D.

I heard this is the most expensive music video they had compare with last 3 music videos. I can see why, it’s rock, a lot of full energy, cool effect, cool dressed 😀 seriously they all looked like scary women in a good way, I love CL here, she looked gorgeous yet sassy 😀 . Dara has tattooo, whoaa .. I always think Sandara Park is beautiful, fare skin, gorgeous, but everytime 2NE1 launched their music video, she is just so cool in the boyish way and so funny sometimes. I heard that Bom’s eyelash is the longest one she ever use during her carier .. haha. Overall, I give it my best thumbs >.< damn COOL! thankz YG! go 2NE1

credit: kpop7

[MV+MP3] 2NE1 – Lonely


Whoaahhh I miss you, and I think I already missed a lot.  I never know that it’ took so long for me to get inactive from here, I thought that I’ll never come back here again.

It’s kinda rude and boring in kpop in the past few months, so many bad news that hurt me  and I can’t stand that I have those bunch of exam to be passed, and thankzz God that I passed. I will go into college this year, I’ll update more when I have a time 🙂 . I never planned to close my blog, though maybe I would not update it frequently, it will still open for everyone 🙂

Title: LONELY (music video)
Artist: 2NE1
File Type:  MP4
Quality: HQ
Size:   114  MB
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[Album] 2NE1 – To Anyone

Title: To Anyone
Artist: 2NE1
Conductor: YG Entertainment
Release date: 2010.09.09
Language: Korean
Total Size: 100 MB


03 박수쳐 (Clap Your Hands)
04 난 바빠 (I’m Busy)
05 아파 (SLOW) (It Hurt)
06 사랑은 아야야 (Love is Ouch)
07 YOU & I (Park Bom solo)
08 PLEASE DON′T GO (CL & Minzy duet)
09 KISS (Sandara Park solo)
10 날 따라 해봐요 (Try To Follow Me)
11 I DON′T CARE (Reggae Remix)
12 CAN’T NOBODY (English version)

My Rating: 10/10

GREAT!!! the most anticipated album fo this year and my favorite release of this year.

#Can’t Nobody : it flow with the up dance and electronic beat through the rap and voices. So energetic, fast and hot. A good track to open the album.

#Go Away : I though it would be a boring hip hop track, but DAMN!!! I was FREAKIN’ wrong. I give a mark that this is one of my favorite track here.  Love the way CL and Minzy start the song, she sounds a bit digitally but not so over.  Favorite part would be CL’s part the most. Especially that “Fiancé? Beyonce! I’m walkin’ out of destiny” XD.  I know that she rapped well and she sings well, that’s why she still done everything well. I also love the chorus when Bom & Dara give their strength to the harmonization. The electric guitar really make a good contribution here.

#Clap Your Hands :The chorus show a lot about the title. The clap sound, and their voice over it. I also hear some boys makes some shoutout here. They sound gentle XD. Flawless raps, and bring so many colors of this track. 2NE1 is exactly in their brand new beat.

#I’m Busy : the way it start is cute. and the repetitive “pa pa pa” . CL show a fresh rap again.

#It Hurt (Slow) :  The title talked about everything of this song. The beat is quite slow and so enjoyable. I think it’s not an original ballads, it got reggae or jazz or R&B.. whatever. This one is being my favorite track too. All the members show their vocal skill. As Bom lead the vocal, the others still bring a lot of sensation. I can’t believe . They’re definately amazing…

#Love Is Ouch : Start with the sound “2NE1” . The other title is also “Love Is Ayayaya” just like the lyric say. This is a relaxed slow hip hop. The piano makes it sound like there is a pain in this song. Though it’s still repetitive, it’s fixed well and easy listening.

credits: swtgrllubzyooh@boajjang + KPOP7 / AM4U

[MV] 2NE1 – Try To Copy Me



Title: Try To Copy Me
Artist: 2NE1
Album: Try To Copy Me [digital single]
File Type: mp4
Quality: HQ
Size: 40.4  MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 8/10

People think it’s weird that YG start a different promotion type for their bling bling group, Bing Bang and 2NE1. I think they have released their song about a few weeks ago and the MV is just released recently and Big Bang released their Lollipop 2 yesterday. Mm.,…is there something different behind this tactic. Seems like YG try a western promotion style in the Korea. Well….let’s see. What’s the suprised thing that they’ll bring behind this.

Let’s talk about this MV. It start with CL who wear a black-spot-printed outfit, thick lipstick and hat, then turned into her annoying fashion style too. She looks so boyish but in the other side is still sexy. It’s a good visualisation to enter the song until the real fancy MV begin. They change a lot of outfit, I think there are 4 outfit for this one. My favourite outfit would be the large t-shirt in the last part.^^they resemble to Big Bang then.

In addition, I found the girls gain their weight. CL, Minzy and Bom looked a bit fat than before. Talk about Bom, she has a nice haircut, so sassy and not so feminine like she always look like. Well..Minzy is still in her curent short hair and Dara… Oh God. The first style make me going irritated to her hair. What the hell with the bump rolled-bang. Dara just always make me shock with her hairstyle.

Through all the minute I spend my rest with this MV, I am kinda falling for the dance step, especially the chorus…wkwkw.. Minzy show the trembling leg-dance in a clear way. The effect of the MV is just the same like the previous MV, to say the truth I don’t like this kind of interior setting… Too so-so and I’ve been bored with the messy animated-space. Seems like YG always bring that kind of video style in their artist. They also added some fantasy and animation with cyber or whatever we can call it. Get annong to the thing with the cyber.

credits: theygsecret21’s youtube page + sky019@Boajjang

[Digital Single] 2NE1 – Try To Copy Me


Title: Try To Copy Me
Artist: 2NE1
Release date: 2010.02.09
Conductor: YG Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 7.2 MB


1.Try To Copy Me

My Rating: 9/10

The song grew well day by day.. When I got it, I ever told myself that I won’t love it cause the beat is just how they always sing but the repetitive part again teased me and got me addicted. ^^ Dara sound so cute. Anyway where is Bom?? Generally she always show the best melody..but she has a litle part here. Maybe because her voice is not so match to the song so it goes into  Dara and Minji  the most but it’s excellent, cause the song is match to their kind of voice. They never forgotten the “eh eh eh eh eh” part..hahahaha, it’s like it’s their mascot.


[Pict] Sandara Park’s Two Pieces Photoshoot in Philipine Men Magazine


These pict were taken from a Philipine Men Magazine. Now, these picts are everywhere, so many people take a different eyes for her right now.I never expect this. in her group she looked the cutest and act sweetly.
OMG, eventhough it’s just two pieces, I still got a surprising fact of this. She is hot, but why she changed int a cute style while she has grown up and more mature right now.

[MP3] 2NE1 – I Don’t Care [Reggae Mix]


Title: I Don’t Care [Reggae Mix Version]
Artist: 2NE1
Release: 2009.09.03
Language: Korean
My Rating: 8/10
DOWNLOAD: [mediafire]

For the truth, I am not so fond to this song, but everytime CL sings her part, I like her improvement. She sound very different. Even her rap part was changed and I can’t say that it’s better than the original version, but they sound different. Haha.. can’t wait to their next stuff in the next october!!

credits: Pori-Pori