SPYAIR Addict!


I am currently so addicted to SPYAIR. They are actually a Japanese rock band that I knew few years ago but I just never gave them a try before. First time I heard their song, I thought they were just okay, very nice and unique. I remember it was when they released “WENDY It’s You”, I was so addicted to the tune. Now, the fever has back. It is such a very catchy song! It also brightens my mood whenever I listen to it. For some reasons, it always makes me smile. ^_____^ . The lyric is also very courageous. It would be very comforting to hear somebody says,

Say goodbye and no more looking back…
…to the person you used to love and the dreams you used to chase
We can always start over again
Don’t be afraid!

That’s exactly the words I want to hear right now. I just don’t need somebody who would suggest me to stop. I just somebody who would stay by my side without belittle my effort, and encourage me “You can do better than this.” or “Don’t be upset. We can always start over again.” 🙂 The most comforting words everrrrr!!!

Title (Single) : WENDY~It’s You~
Artist : SPYAIR
Release Date : 2012.11.21.
Bitrate : 192 kbps
Language: Japanese

1. WENDY ~It’s You~
2. Blowing


There was also a hard time when they almost quit the band. In early 2014, Ike, the vocalist, lost his voice and brought a deep depression toward the band. The problem in his throat seriously endangered his musical career. While, the burden of being a vocalist is huge, Ike posted in twitter that he wanted to leave the group.There was no exact confirmation from their agency but they stayed hiatus until they broke 2015 with a concert.

Thankfully, we get our handsome vocalist back. I just watch this video, a live performance of the acoustic version of “Beautiful Days” and I am so glad to hear Ike’s voice back. I also browsed the meaning of the lyric and it is so BEAUTIFUL. This is just another comforting song for my life. Gosh! They have rock but the lyric is so moving. Also, Ike is just soooooo unique and talented. As much as I love L’arc en ciel, Mr. Children, Orange Range, KAT-TUN, Porno Graffiti, Remioromen and Monkey Magic before, I never loved a Japanese vocalist this much before. Ike is absolutely special ❤

Lyric credit: Nobuko-chan stuff

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