Hi everyone, this is Heny^^
I’m from Bali, Indonesia.

……………….::welcome to Gracefuladyjunsu::*~

This blog was found in august 21st 2009.Β  I would like to share my addiction to music here. Most of the stuff are KPop, though sometimes maybe you could find some Jpop or Cpop or some random stuff like my own artwork or fanvid. I admit that I am addicted to Korean music since I was in middle school. Because I love surfing in a lot of sites and forums, admiring people who love doing art, music, and their impression to Kpop, I was so impressed and inspired to explore myself, so I decided to show my dedication of Kpop as a blog.

I would be very grateful to all visitor that viewed, comment and subscribed my blog. Very appreciate it a lot. Anyway, please tell me if you found some links are dead, so I am able to fix it asap πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Takeki says:

    Hey guys,

    Hope you are well. So we just announced a new collaboration Song from
    Tablo, Myk, Dumbfoundead, and Kero One and was wondering if you might be
    interested in sharing this with your readers?

    If so, here’s the info:

    RELEASES MAY 18, 2010 – Kero One – Asian Kids feat. Tablo, Dumbfoundead, MYK

    Tablo, Dumbfoundead, Myk introduce the song Asian Kids:

    From his upcoming third album, Kero One is back with his first single,
    entitled “Asian Kids.” Known for his laid back grooves and jazzy hip hop
    sounds, Kero One throws a curveball here, experimenting with a dark,
    syncopated beat, cinematic synths, and a sped up rap flow. “Asian Kids”
    features Tablo (front man of the Korean group Epik High), MYK, and
    Dumbfoundead, bringing together various rap styles to address the often
    controversial issues of Asians in America.

    Kero One states, “I rarely hear anyone address these sort of issues in the
    media, much less in music recordings, so I thought I would gather all my
    favorite Asian artists and have them drop their two cents.”

    Kero One’s third full length album entitled Kinetic World releases June

  2. Krishna says:

    hi lady junsu, I found some nice sketch pictures with watermark labeled this site, are those ur pictures? If yes I wanna ask u a favor to sketch my picture :p

  3. Lady HiroHee says:

    wah! i’m Malaysian, but my late father was an Indo-mixed. He was from Makassar.
    I heard dat Bali’s a wonderful place to visit. Really2 wanna go there.. ^^

    BTW, add me ok (since i can find the ‘follow’ button anywhere in ur blog.. T_T). my blog: hirohee13.blogspot.com. (hehe.. i really2 adore Jaejoong-oppa~!)

  4. Kwonshi says:

    Hi LadyJunsu~! I really appreciate your blog ^^

    I found about it when I wanted to find some CSJH songs :3
    I saw that you’re a huge fan! =) I love them too πŸ˜‰
    Wow I was so glad to find reviews~ esp. on the DB boys! ^-^
    & Thx for sharing your music files too πŸ˜€

    Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

  5. Q. says:

    HI^^ I came across your blog when trying to find the link to download color~melody & harmony. From what I see, I assume that you are a cassie too (since I kinda see dongbang almost everywhere on your blog)? ^^ Anw, you really did a good job in managing this blog!!! Keep the good work!!!^^ Thanks for all the resources and ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH.<3

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