[single] Zuno – Beginning 1st Single

Title: Beginning 1st Single
Artist: Zuno
Conductor: BIAS (not so sure)
Release date: 2010.03.28
Language: Chinese
Total Size: MB


01 Nothing To Lose (放开我 팡카이워)
02 I Love You (我爱你 워아이니)

My Rating: 6/10

^^nice rating for a new comer. When I heard about his debut in music, I do think that he has a same voice like his dolphinie brother Xiah Junsu, but it’s not. Zuno’s voice is what so called husky maybe and he sounds quite nice.

Track 1 – it’s upbeat. The rapper sound so cool and even I do think he did the rap too much. hahaha.. Zuno’s voice is quite match for chinese. I do hope he would sing in Korea^^. The line when he said “ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH” make me getting red.. gee, who teach him? Junsu XD.. LOL.

Track 2 – It’s a ballad song. There is a word Saranghaeyo that I only know and understand^^ It’s boring in the first time, I dunho I will give a chance more or not. Quite busy to listening music.

This is my brother-in-law.. hahahaha, clarify, I mean this is Xiah Junsu’s twin brother. He is so cool, ne??

credits: jenpoo.com