Based on my observation about myself, I think I really need a super fresh air recently. Talking about my current mood, I feel like I change a little bit. Unlike my previous self when I used to listen to something that could represent my feeling but this time is different. I tend to listen to music to change my mood. When I am upset, I won’t listen to a sad song because it brings me down even more. When I am happy, I won’t listen to a sad song either because it could ruin the positive euphoria. XD As a result, I hate a frustrasted ballad, though I am always wide open to listen to all types of music.


What I want to say is I am currently so into rock music. Actually this is not the first time. When I was in high school, I have been loving My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, L’arc en ciel, Orange Range and Simple Plan. Then, I began to listen 5 Seconds of Summer since they were debuted. You know, I am also a big fan of Japanese catchy rock band Spyair and now I have another flame, One Ok Rock ❤ .

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SPYAIR Addict!


I am currently so addicted to SPYAIR. They are actually a Japanese rock band that I knew few years ago but I just never gave them a try before. First time I heard their song, I thought they were just okay, very nice and unique. I remember it was when they released “WENDY It’s You”, I was so addicted to the tune. Now, the fever has back. It is such a very catchy song! It also brightens my mood whenever I listen to it. For some reasons, it always makes me smile. ^_____^ . The lyric is also very courageous. It would be very comforting to hear somebody says,

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Wonderful years to be a Cassiopeia and thanks to XIAH Junsu


Just yesterday, I opened and read my old post in this blog. It was simply because of watching Reply 1997, I started to recall the time when I was still a Kpopholic teenager. Like what the drama described, being a fan of Kpop group or singer is actually an extraordinary thing. Sometimes, it can be poisonous as it can make our heart flutter as well. For the persons who are sincerely into Kpop fandom, there will be moments when we are obsessed, overjoyed and broken. Yeah… full of drama.

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[MV] 2NE1 – BE MINE inspired by INTEL “Make Thumb Noise” Project


Title: Be Mine
Release Date: 2012.06.06
Artist: 2NE1
File Type: mp4
Quality: HD 720p
Size: 60 MB


Producer Teddy Park partnered with Intel Korea for the project to create a song for the Ultrabook. When I watch this, I think it’s all about advertisement. But seriously, the girls look so stunning in white here. The song reminds me to “I Dont Care” and I bet, you’ll like this.


[MV] XIA (Junsu) – Tarantallegra

My Rating: 8/10
All that I see is Junsu ^^~♥


Title: Tarantallegra
Release Date: 2012.05.14
Artist: XIA (Xiah Junsu)
Album: Tarantallegra
File Type: mp4
Quality: HD 720p
Size: 99 MB

Download—> MF

Ommo.. Finally released 😀

I like how he tried new style, I like him the way he is. He’s grown up, he transformed his music into maturity. No more cuteness >.<. I read some comments in youtube, everybody seems speechless over this. I feel the same way, too many pretty Junsu here, he looks sexy, acting very cool but the feminism of the make up really makes me irritated 😀 . I read in DBSKnights, it said that the girl in this video is Junsu himself :D, from the shape of the nose, the eyes, it seems that Junsu himself. Ommo!~ I love Junsu, but this gentle feminism kills me.

He dance perfectly amazing.Yeah.. he is Junsu, no wonder. The visual effects work well too. But… should I say something that really annoyed me here? Those dancers are definately got me sooooo irritated so I stuck in 8/10. Especially those girls with big thighs, Oh God~ Junsu is so much prettier 😀 . How can I accept this? I feel like the backup dancers should be banned. LOL! My eyes are on Junsu only ♥

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[Album] XIA – 1st Album “Tarantallegra”

My Rating : 7/10
appreciate his work a lot 🙂


Title: Tarantallegra
Artist: XIA (Xiah Junsu)
Conductor : C-JeS Entertainment | ㈜에이앤지모즈
Release date: 2012.05.15
Language: Korean
Bitrate : 320 Kbps
Total Size: 103 MB


1. Sunset
2. Tarantallegra (feat. Flowsik of AZIATIX)
3. Set Me Free (feat. Bizzy)
4. No Gain
5. 사랑이 싫다구요
6. 돌고 돌아도
7. Intoxication
8. Breath (feat. Double K)
9. 알면서도
10. Lullaby
11. Fever
12. 이슬을 머금은 나무

I just saved the whole tracks in my laptop. Not yet listening to it but I’m very excited >.<

TARANTALLEGRA is the magic spell that causes uncontrollable dance and it is the sensational title song of XIA’s First solo album. XIA composed and arranged the song and JUNO wrote the lyrics. You could fee the strong beat and various sound. The song becomes more fabulous by the rap featured by Flowsik and choreography from Jeri Slaughter and his team who worked with Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Now, it is time to fall in XIA’s spell! (CJESJYJ)

overal, my focus on this album isn’t the production, but Junsu himself ❤ . For an idol who turned into a real musician, I  definately appriciate this from the bottom of my heart. He composed most of the tracks by himself, it’s just such a brilliant point that most of korean singers don’t have nowadays. This album is totally his, it represent himself from every corner of his personality.

I was quite disappointed with some number of up-beat tracks, can I use the word ‘boring’? it’s exactly it is. Tarantallegra is the best up-beat track in this whole album, it brings a lot of enthusiasm to listen, both lyric and arrangement is very nice. Eventhough it’s repetitive quite often but the in other words “it’s worth to listen.

The korean version of Intoxication is totally much better than the previous japanese version. Junsu didn’t lose his great magnificient vocal and there is something different that I find it hard to describe 😀 I just like it.

We know that Junsu is a superb in ballads. The ballad tracks work well on my ears, I think it’s because of Junsu, just by flaunting his beautiful vocal, I think I’m going melted 😀 . The track I Dont Like Love impressed me a lot because of I’m watching the drama, it’s inserted in the drama Rooftop Prince so I immediately love the song after it’s released.

I especially recommend the song “Lullaby”, it’s very different from what Junsu (or TVXQ) usually sing. It’s enjoyable & relaxing. I think he got talent in creating this kind of song. Beside it shows his vocal too, he should produce more songs :D.


Well, I am glad of this album, eventhough it doesn’t win as perfection score but Junsu has win my heart no matter what 🙂 . I also feel so happy that Jaejoong contributed for composing the track “No Gain” . How I wish the crown prince Yoochun contributes too. He’s damn great in composing/writting songs, right? >.< He must be too busy because of filming drama.  I’m looking forward for Yoochun’s comeback in music 😀 . I hope JYJ would bring the best pieces for their upcoming album^^ Hwaiting



[Mini Album + Photo] Davichi – Love Delight


Title: Love Delight
Release date: 2011.08.29
Language: Korean
Total Size: 53 MB

01. 안녕 이라고 말하 지마 (Don’t say goodbye)
02. 사랑 사랑아 (Love – My love)
03. 다신 찾지마 (Do not find me again)
05. 비밀 (Secret)
06. 안녕 이라고 말하 지마 [Inst.] (Do not say goodbye Inst)

.:Download full-mini album:.

My Rating : 7/10

-Dont Say Goodbye : isn’t it a boring title, right? 😀 couldn’t help but we have seen “Dont Say Goodbye” everywhere. 😀 . I was attracted with the piano tune when the first time I played this song, I was kinda touched yet happy. I’m excited to this song. Second by second passed I feel like this song is kinda old haha, I just got an oldish aura here. It’s not like 80s or 90s but I feel it’s not like a 2011 song . Okay.. The MV is enough to make me cry . 😦 and this melody jus keep repeating in my mind. Haeri dominated the high note, she’s good in it but in this song I dont think it’s her best, she can do it better in some songs.

Love-My Love : it turned well in the intro, I was so excited too. I love Min Kyung’s voice, she’s getting better and better. It’s quite simple song, haven’t grow much on my mind yet.

Do not find me again : The beat is different with their 8282 but their vocal is hyper as they did in 8282. I love Haeri rocks the note. Out of all tracks, this track fit her the best. I am so impressed. Nice vocal.

Happy End : yayy finally!! this is my favorite track among all tracks. I love Minkyung’s voice here, she sounds so husky, soft and so sweet. Even I prefer her voice to Haeri here. 😀 I think she shows a lot of progression in this mini album. What a sweet song, I love everything about this song. How sweet, living just for someone, and say will never gonna fall in love again, for happy end sake 😀 Truely a lovely song.

– Secret : a ballad track. Davichi is very good in ballad, like they did in their first album but in this mini album it’s kinda so so. I hope they would release more singles like Hate You But I Love You or Sad Love Song. Those are perfection ballads ^^b

Mini Album Photo

check their gorgeous photoshoot. Light glowing natural pictures and studio photoshoot. 10/10 for the photos
I love Minkyung’s ripped jeans 😛

credits: Kpop7 (for mp3) (for photos)

Happy Birthday My Friend

the real anniversary of my blog is on August 21st ^^
but because I am gonna be so bussy on that day, I celebrate it today.


it reachs two years .. such a long time a go I started this blog on my own, wrote everything, uploaded every files in my mp3 folders 😀 .. I miss the moment. I’ve been a kpop fan, crazy kpop fan..

This blog is such a beloved friend that I can talk everything what I want to say. Especially when I was going crazy over my kpop stuff. While I think, it comes different right now,.. as I grow up, the way I act to the situation is not the same again, I am not punching the pillow when I remember my bias anymore 😀 , I am not screaming when I saw my bias on TV, I’m not jumping when I saw the pict of my bias …. it’s not like that anymore 😀

That’s why this blog has grown so much, just like you see, there’s no frequent update anymore 😀 , I can’t follow kpop update like I did before, my real world is just about to start, I want to explore myself more, with my NEW normal life ..

The old me was so labile. The real me is right now,


I dont change, I just grow up…same with this blog, it wouldn’t change, it will grow and grow .. Though I ever think of closing it, my mind will recalling all the memories that I share here and it will always stop me from doing it.

Happy birthday to you, my friend ..

Thank you for being my faithful friend for 2 years..

Thank you for all of my visitors that ever viewed , comment or subscribed this blog. THANK YOU so much.

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