[MV] Joo – Bad Guy (starring Chansung)


Title: Bad Guy (Nappeun Namja)
Artist: Joo
Starring: 2PM Chansung
Release date: 2011.01.04
Conductor: JYP Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 43 MB


My Rating: 8/10

I laugh with the storyline XD. It’s so heartbreak in the first, and Joo acting so mad, kicking the door, broke it and made the chick fell to the ground behind the door. Chansung is totally a nappeun namja (bad guy). Joo begging to him but he ignored her. She remember all the happiness when they’re still together, when they’re joking around, playing with bubble-pistol and the k-k-k-kkiss. not even a full kiss XD. But he already becoming different, having another girl.
Woww.. such a bad guy.
I almost laugh, when Joo suddenly take something from her bag and pointed it to Chansung, you know what is that?? it’s a bubble pistol . Lol. XD.. though it’s so childish, she act so serious, angry and mad, but Chansung laughing (like me, laughing too). And you know what?? it’s not just a bubble pistol, it ruined the whole room, such a dangerous gun, it’s kinda bubble gun.
Joo’s acting is great, she got the emotion of the song and she sing so much better. I love her voice, and glad that she makes a come back. Anyway, did she has a surgery, something different on her face I think, maybe her eyes or it’s just an eyeliner and shadow that makes it looks bigger.

credits: Kpop7