[link-updated] [Album] OST God of Study [part 1]

Title: OST God of Study
Singers: Varioust Artist
Release date: 2010.01.05
Language: Korean
Total Size: 22 MB

.:Download: [Mediafire]

  1. 한번쯤은 – sung by T-MAX
  2. Dreams Come True – sung by 4Minute
  3. 또르르 – sung by 지연 (from T-ara)
  4. Because I’m Weary – 어니스트(Ernest)

password: youngladyjunsu.wordpress

My Rating: 9/10

For a drama soundtrack, it’s quite lack in number of track. Yeah..as the drama goes on, I think there will be an update release too! By so far, I am still in process for listening it. Maybe someday my rating will down or up!

.: Track 1 : I like this. T-Max turned into soft-rock due to the school concept of the drama. I still appreciate it. I like this song. Bass and piano are melted into one. I really enjoy it. It makes me wanna watch the drama more and more.

.: Track 2 : Our hip-hop-electronic girls also turned into rock. They catch a school-rock concept. They did it well, such a cheering song. The rap part is so powerful and great, but I don’t feel that the girl sing in hyper way, I suggest that they should use rocking-technique to powered this song. Hear this kind of song, it makes me remember to SNSD – Way To Go!! Hmm…

.:Track 3 : It’s slow and relaxed. Not so many vocal ability revealed.

.:Track 4 : This is my favourite track by so far. The intro is so warm and relaxed. I feel like swaying in the green mountaint. And that piano tune that always work in my ear, I like it too much. I don’t think that the singer has a good voice but he still give a credit.

credits: kpopdream