[Digital Single] G.O and Nassun – O-IWI-O

Title: O-IWI-O
Artist: G.O and Nassun
Release date: 2010.09.03
Language: Korean
Total Size: 7.9 MB


1. O-IWI-O

My Rating: 10/10

Now, Nassun teamed up with MBLAQ vocalist, G.O in his single “O-IWI-O”, I don’t know the meaning of this song but I found it in the chorus, I think I also heard Rain’s voice in the chorus while he’s saying “O-iwi-o-iwi-o” .. cool. Nice R&B flow on it.

Last august, the teaser of the MV was released and the full MV is already out right now.

credits: jenpoo.com

[Digital Single] TRAX – Oh! My Goddess

Title: Oh! My Goddess
Artist: TRAX
Release date: 2010.09.01
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 4.6 MB


1. Oh! My Goddess

My Rating: 8/10

The song sounds different than their previous song. If the previous song was crying then this one should be the opposite and it’s rock. I love it. Eventhough, the music flow like it didn’t come from a band, yeahhh.. it has a nice beat in the first that sound more like R&B or hip hop.. XD well the chorus is different. Totally rock and sound sexy . XP love Jay.

The mini album will released on september 6th. Can’t wait for the MV, Seohyun is there. yeah I know that she is goddess and the girl in the cover is definately her. rrrr….. *envious* Yonghwa need to check it. XDD *seohwa*

credits: Cloud_Honey@boajjang

[Mini Album] Miss A – Bad But Good

Title: Bad But Good
Artist: Miss A
Conductor: JYP Entertainment
Release date: 2010.07.01
Language: Korean
Total Size:29.86 MB

01 Bad Girl Good Girl
02 Looking At Each Other (딱 마주쳐)
03 Love Again (다시 사랑)
04 Break It

.:Download full-length:.

My Rating: 4/10

The first impression that appeared in my mind is they copied Wonder Girls a lot. Yeah.. quite similar to Wonder Girls. Especially in the first track. But vocally, they don’t top Wonder Girls. But The rapper reminds me to 4 Miinute. She sound like Jiyoon. But Jiyoon is bigger better.

-Bad Girl Good Girl : I can say that this is my favourite track by so far. So love this song. The girls who sound “hello hello hello” really reminds me to Sun Ye a bit. This is a catchy song.
– Looking At each Other (딱 마주쳐): They got messed up a lot in this song. They didn’t sound like they can sing, really contrast with the first track.
-Love Again (다시 사랑): OMG .. is this really a JYP production???????? The voice is so annoying.
– Break It: The title is not so big special, since I’ve ever heard that kind of song everywhere. The song is hip hop as well as the title. Well, the girls sound digitally here, it broke a lot of their voice quality, I doubt about their skill. It makes me feel that there is no girl group better than Wonder Girls in JYP.

Credits: chrono @jenpoo.com

[Album] Tohoshinki – Complete Single Collection


Artist: Tohoshinki
Conductor: Avex trax
Release date: 2010.06.30
Language: Japanese, English


0. HUG -International ver.-
1. Stay With Me Tonight
2. Somebody To Love
3. My Destiny
4. 明日は来るから(Asuwa Kuru kara)
5. Rising Sun
6. Heart, Mind and Soul
7. Begin
8. Sky
9. miss you
10. “O”-正・反・合-
11. Step by Step
12. Choosey Lover
13. Lovin’ you
14. Summer Dream
15. Song for you
16. Love in the Ice
size: 162.15 MB

.:Download DISC1:.

18. Ride on
19. Forever Love
20. Together
21. Purple Line
22. Two hearts
23. WILD SOUL (CHANGMIN from 東方神起)
24. Runaway
25. My Girlfriend (YUCHUN from 東方神起)
26. If…!?
27. Rainy Night (JUNSU from 東方神起)
28. Close to you
29. Crazy Life (YUNHO from 東方神起)
30. Keyword
31. Maze (JEJUNG from 東方神起)

size: 161.82 MB

.:Download DISC2:.

32. Beautiful you
33. 千年恋歌(Sennen Koiuta)
34. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?)
35. 呪文-MIROTIC-
36. Bolero
37. Kiss The Baby Sky
38. 忘れないで (Wasurenai de)
39. Survivor
40. Share The World
41. ウィーアー! (We are!)
42. Stand by U
44. 時ヲ止メテ(Toki wo Tomete)

size:123.2 MB

.:Download DISC3:.


1. Try My Love
2. 言葉はいらない(Kotoba wa iranai)
3. Eternal
4. The way U are -Japanese ver.-
5. High Time
8. 五線紙 (Go senshi)
9. Day Moon~ハルダル~ (Harudaru)
10. Box in the ship
11. Take Your Hands
12. Tea for Two
size: 111.66 MB

.:Download CD Single-B:.

My Rating: 10/10

I can’t explain again. It’s all bring such a sweet memories though sometimes it’s sad. Yeah sometimes happiness sometimes sadness.. All of the single mixed in this one collection, it would be a great compilation to reminisce all of the memories. Cassiopeia will got tear if they rewind all of their memories, just seeing at the title in every track will give us a little smile and sometimes tears….. I really can’t hold on. I’m sorry .. T_T

Just enjoy this post. If you’re new for thei discography, you can try this collection, there are great songs.

Credits: chrono@jenpoo.com + everydaydbsk (for tracklist)

[Album] Taeyang – SOLAR

Title: SOLAR
Artist: Taeyang (from Big Bang)
Conductor: YG Entertainment
Release date: 2010.07.01
Language: Korean
Total Size: 82.4 MB

  1. Solar (intro)
  2. Superstar
  3. I Need A Girl (feat. G-Dragon)
  4. Just a Feeling
  5. You’re My
  6. Move (feat. Teddy)
  7. Break Down
  8. Before You Fall Asleep
  9. Where U At
  10. Wedding Dress
  11. Take It Slow

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My Rating: 7.5/10

I don’t know what happened on the new tracks. The track that still beat me is only WEDDING DRESS that wellknown as a hit single of course. I expected that this would be a great album, but ……….. *what the hell with the word ‘but’* .. The truth is that I don’t disappoint at all but I just think that he can make a brilliant album more than this. Well, chingu.. I just write this in the first listening to this album, I don’t know what will happened if I keep on this album in my playlist .. maybe I’ll get attracted to the other tracks. Just need to get used to it.

The track “Take It Slow” is really relaxed R&B, he prove his singing ability and yeah it’s really a nice song.You’ll really enjoy this voice………

The track “I Need A Girl” is featured with the leader G-Dragon. I love the chorus, Taeyang made his voice really … omg! His english is so flawless. And yeah the leader G-Dragon gave a good rap on this song. The piano tune is so stunning if I can say. It’s brilliant. I think this one is one of my pre-favorite track. XD

The track “You’re My” is really enjoyable, Taeyang’s voice sound really clear and soft. He is enough just showing his voice, I’m gonna melting~~

Credits: bestfiction@lj + jenpoo.com

[Album] Super Junior – Bonamana (repackaged)

Title: Bonamana (Repackaged)
Artist: Super Junior
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release Date: 2010.06.28
Language: Korean
Total Size:31.58 MB


01 너 같은 사람 또 없어 (No Other)
02 진심 (All My Heart)
03 여행 (A Short Journey)
04 Shake It Up! (Remix Ver.)

My rating: 9/10

All the songs really work well on my ear.

Anyway, anybody can help me, what’s kind of song is that “A Short Journey”? The intro reminds me a lot of old song from old boyband. Backstreet Boys, N Synce or Five?? the melody is really familiar. All the songs are really good. enjoy it!

credits: Cloud_Honey@boajjang

[PV] BoA – Woo Weekend

Title: Woo Weekend!
Artist: BoA
File Type: avi
Quality: HQ
Size: 45.77 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 8/10

Retro music maybe is cool but this is not one of the retro style single that being my favorite. BoA looked so stunning, hot short hair, petite figure, dance and polkadots legging. She is really do well as she always did. Compared with her previous Possibility, I much prefer Possibility XP. But this is also a good dance music video. Do download. I recommend you. There was a rumour that this is her last japanese single because she’ll rocking onto Korea in the august. Yeahhhhh…………….. enjoy it and don’t forget. Do credit!!!

Credit: kyo_jieming2000@boajjang + vuong22@boajjang

[CM] BoA – Woo Weekend

Title: Woo Weekend!
Artist: BoA
File Type: MP4
Quality: MQ
Size: 3.6 MB
Download: Mediafire

This is only a commercial adverstisemen of her upcoming single “Woo Weekend” . I absolutely fell in love when I heard the retro music begin . XD. There was also a news that stated this is her last japanese single while she will rocking on to Korea this summer!! Wooooowwwww…………………… I can’t wait.

credit: mlyap7_boa@boajjang