[Digital Single] Dumbfoundead feat. Jay Park (ex-member 2PM), Clara – Clouds

Title: Clouds
Artist: Dumbfoundead feat. Jay Park (ex-member 2PM), Clara
Release Date: 2010.04.23
Language: Korean
Total Size: 8 MB


1. Clouds (feat. Jay Park & Clara)

My Rating: 5/10

Jay didn’t sing??? just rapping ..???

But it’s a good news that he finally back to the KPop. The way it start is really contrast, the classic melody turned first then the rap start. I can’t get into it, the rap is cool I admit it. Then the girl start, the melody sound so familiar.  If you ever heard a song entitled “Eenie Meenie Miney Moe” from a western girl group, you’ll notice that the chorus when Clara sang is quite similar.

credit: kpoparchieve.blogspot.com