[Album] Brilliant Legacy (Shining Enheritance) OST


Title: Brilliant Legacy (Shining Inheritance) OST
Artist: Varioust Artist
Release date: 2009.06.19
Language: Korean


  1. Only You (Nuh hanaman) – Kang Ha Ni
  2. Person Who Lives in My Heart (Nae Gaseumeh Saneun Saram) – Isu ( MC The MAX )
  3. Crazy in Love (Sarangeh michyeoseo) – Ji Sun (Loveholic)
  4. Love is Punishment – K. Will
  5. Spring Rain – Ji Hye
  6. 그리운 Noona
  7. 환이를 잡아라 (pending^^)
  8. We’re a Family?
  9. Funny Life
  10. 너에게 가는 길
  11. Smile Working
  12. 마지막 거짓말
  13. >티격태격
  14. 이별의 기억
  15. Spring Rain (Guitar Version)
  16. 운명, 그 두 번째 이야기

My Rating: 8/10

I don’t give 10/10 because I also get bored with some tracks^^hihi sorry for so straightforward. Anyway, the track “Crazy In Love” is my favourite track. Yeah.. like how the ballad always got me crazy. I really love Jisun’s voice, sometimes feel like J and really soft.

The opening song (maybe the first track), I love the acapella part when it start. Love it so much.

And the other great ballad “K.Will – Love is punishment”. Oh My God, the song make me fall for K.Will’s voice. Like he always did, his high pitchflow well on my brain.