[Album] BoA – The Face

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Title: The 6th Japanese Album – The face
Artist: BoA
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Release: 2008.02.27
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 122.37  MB


01. Aggressive
02. Sweet Impact
03. My Way, Your Way [Feat. Wise]
04. Be With You
05. Lose Your Mind [Feat. Yutaka Furukawa From Doping Panda]
06. Girl In The Mirror
07. Happy Birthday
08. Diamond Heart
09. Love Letter
10. Brave
11. Gyappu Ni Yarareta!
12. Style
13. Smile Again
14. Beautiful Flowers
15. Best Friend
16. Hey Boy, Hey Girl [Feat. Seamo]

My Rating: 6/10

Some people like this but I also found the same people that feel this is kinda disappointed. –, . I don’t know how to treat this, I say my truth that I feel a dissatisfaction for this album. I just love LOVE LETTER as my top song. The others were going on the same rate that failed me. Maybe Lose Your Mind and Aggresive were promoted well, but I just still wasn’t at big interested. Mianhae to say this..T_T


[Single] Tenjochiki – The Club


Title: The 2nd Single – The Club
Artist: Tenjochiki
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Release: 2006.03.08
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 23 MB

01 The Club [feat. Seamo]
02 What U Want [feat. Stephanie]
03 The Club [Instrumental]
04 What U Want [Instrumental]


My Rating: 9/10

I give 10/10 for the Korean version, but in this Japanese single, I just can’t forced my finger to typed 10/10. 9 is enough maybe. The thing that would make me give it 9 is Stephanie’s track. She didn’t give a same temper like the Korean version. Truthfully THE CLUB is such so wonderful and better than the Korean version. Gahh.. I’m in dilemma *confused*

[Album] Tenjochiki – Graceful 4


Title: Graceful 4
Artist: Tenjochiki
Release: 2007.10.14
Language: Japanese
Size: 72.5 MB


1. Piranha
2. One More Time, Ok!
3. Just For One Day (feat. JaeJoong) –Album edit-
4. I’ll Kiss You
5. Boomerang
6. Pardon Me
7. 5cm (Gosenshi)
8. Sweet Flower
9. Get On The Floor (feat. DOGMA)
10. The Club (feat. SEAMO)
11. Juicy Love (feat. Corn Head)
12. My Everything

My Rating: 10/10

This is their first album.
1. Piranha – Taken from their hit single PIRANHA that was running in the summer of 2007. Hard to hear what Lina said in the first part. First I heard it goes like “Hey boy don’t you hold me now, blab bla bla..” but the truth is “Hey boy, don’t you hold me tight”! Poor me, I need to improve my listening subject. Yeah..They changed a lot of their accent into the Japanese. Just like what Tohoshinki did. However I love this kind of song. The groove just grow on me up. This is the best single that released by them by so far. Hope they will bring such a song like this later.
2. One More Time, Ok! – EVERYBODY STOPPP..*sing* wkkwkkwkk…LOL! I like that chorus. It’s amazing. The intro start just shakes my body to dance like them (yeah..that’s only if I could). Eventhough it’s a good track, I still prefer the Korean version. They did hyper in the Korean.
3. Just For One Day – It’s still good but longer than the duration before. The single version is still better. Jaejoong really sings well. I like the bridge when he got a hyper duet with Stephanie. Quite surprised, though previously Jaejoong always got a simple line that pointed to the similar part with Lina’s voice. But Stephanie also did it well. Compared with the 4 girls, I think Jaejoong has too many parts, it’s like 50% for Jaejoong and 50% for Tenjochiki who split for 4 girls. How gee! Wait! I feel something weird..,Where is DANA???? Did she just sing one line? I just can clearly hear her voice in one line in the first chorus before Jaejoong sang the second verse, even it didn’t make any sense. Poor Dana. Maybe Dana still have an inury leg in that time. Ohh No.., How can she didn’t sing just a bit more than one line.
4. I’ll Kiss You – Ouww.. a lovely song. I really like it. Steph’s narration in the first is really touched. I’d think Dana and Sunday were the lead vocal in the chorus. They sound really soft and pure which it grow with a full of backing vocal harmonization. They do a lot of backing that still sound good. But then Lina and Stephanie’s improvement is over than it should be. Still love it^^
5. Boomerang – I much prefer this one than the Korean version. Sunday’s voice was heard mainly in the chorus. She made it sound soft and cute. Something that annoyed me so much is just the over ad-libbing. I think they did it survivorly with their own type by backing the chorus low melody. It sound distracted the chorus lovely harmonization. Anyway, maybe they did it to make a variation in order the repetitive chorus didn’t bored so much.
6. Pardon Me – What kind of song is this? Rock? Dance? Messy? *what?XD* I need so many time to persuaded my heart that I would love it someday. Yeah… it’s true. I then love it because some of that part just burn a lot of weight in my mind. I really love to make it as a mad-shake when I got stressed. The way they say “Don’t say you love me!” is freaky!
7. 5cm – All about this song is PERFECT. It didn’t fail me from the first time I hear it and until the entire of my current life right now, I could never tossed it from my playlist. The instrument is just a nice slow R&B beat which never I heard before. This is my favourite song out of their Japanese songs by so far. My favourite part would be Lina’s part of course. I am so fond to her voice. She sang the bridge with a good tiny vibration to end it. OMMO Ji-Yeon unni, I love you!!
8. Sweet Flower – It’s so repetitive. I just love the Steph’s rap part.
9. Get On The Floor – I like it. It will be good if they performed this song with a groovy dance. I really like it. The R&B beat is just my favourite type.
10. The Club – It’s a good version over the Korean version. They still sound well but not so powerful like the Korean version. Seamo gave a good rap. He was pretty match to the song, I would praised to the composer to give a good consideration to replace Rain’s rap. XD!
11. Juicy Love – I can say nothing. It’s awkward. The beat is suddenly change in the middle and it didn’t make any sense.
12. My Everything – a worst version. I can say that the Korean version is so perfect, enormous, great, amazing, wonderful, excellent, and ……*speechless* but I could only say “Worst” to this song. If there is no a perfect Korean version of this song maybe I won’t compare it like this. Sorry, but I say the truth. Don’t matter, overall the album is perfect.^^