[Mini Album] D-NA – Awake

Title: Awake
Artist: D-NA
Conductor: XING Entertainmen
Release Date: 2010.06.17
Language: Korean
Total Size: 48.8 MB

01. The Boss (Intro)
02. 비틀비틀
03. 아무도.. 그 누구도
04. New Boyz
05. The One
06. 눈부신 세계
07. 동경소년

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My Rating: -pending-

I just listen to track 1 and 2 until now.. still finding the time to get the other tracks. The intro is cool but the second track is still not working on me. XP

credits: kzone @jenpoo.com

[MV] D-NA – Admiring Boy


Title: Admiring Boy
Artist: D-NA (Dae Guk Nam Ah)
Album: The 1st single
File Type: avi
Quality: HQ
Size: 61.5 MB
Download: Mediafire
My Rating: -1/10

They’re promoted as 2nd TVXQ, then their debut song reminds us with TVXQ’s debut song “Hug”, then their MV look like TVXQ’s Midoyo in the scene of playing piano and have the meal in the morning, then it turned like TVXQ’s Hug with the writing letter scene, and the dance in the last acapella part is really similar like TVXQ’s Hug….So what’s more??????????Do I Sound like an anti??? But Why’d I keep on posting their stuff?? XD *get smashed* ..I hope no. I just can’t blame these innocence boys with the promotion strategy of their agency. *promotion tactic trap*

There is also 2PM Junsu’s cousin there. Just search for the boy who look like 2PM Junsu..that’s Mika! 2PM Junsu’s cousin..XD.. Eventhough they’re just a cousin, they look so similar like a sibling! I captured him in the scene of singing.. look at the second caption. That’s MIKA!!

[Single] Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NA) – The First Single


Title: The First Single
Artist: Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NA)
Release date: 2010.03.04
Language: Korean
Total Size: 15 MB

01 동경소년 (Admiring Boy)
02 눈부신 세계

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My Rating: 7/10

This is the group who debuted by considering  TVXQ as their idol. Yeah..I can see that they flow like how TVXQ flow.

01 동경소 – the way it start with an acapella intro..hehe.. kinda TVXQ, ne? so lovely and bubble song like TVXQ’s Hug and the end part is also an acapella harmonization like Hug..>.<! What the..!! How can I admit that they copied  TVXQ and gain popularity because of that. Hehe.. Well not so many vocal ability accomplished in this song. The amazing voice would be in the second track. Let’s check it^^

02 눈부신 세계 – there is a boy who sound like Yesung and Kyuhyun I think in this song. They sound well and I admit it, I admit they have  good vocal aility, not like the other boygroup that bring the upbeat dance with a fast tempo and showing their abs^^ *like it*. This song is full by the amazing harmonization but not as the hyper like TVXQ did. hehe.. what the hell to bring TVXQ in every lines of this review…hehe

credits: jenpoo.com