Based on my observation about myself, I think I really need a super fresh air recently. Talking about my current mood, I feel like I change a little bit. Unlike my previous self when I used to listen to something that could represent my feeling but this time is different. I tend to listen to music to change my mood. When I am upset, I won’t listen to a sad song because it brings me down even more. When I am happy, I won’t listen to a sad song either because it could ruin the positive euphoria. XD As a result, I hate a frustrasted ballad, though I am always wide open to listen to all types of music.


What I want to say is I am currently so into rock music. Actually this is not the first time. When I was in high school, I have been loving My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, L’arc en ciel, Orange Range and Simple Plan. Then, I began to listen 5 Seconds of Summer since they were debuted. You know, I am also a big fan of Japanese catchy rock band Spyair and now I have another flame, One Ok Rock ❤ .

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