[FV] Jaejoong – My Only Comfort (starring BoA)

surprise everyone 🙂
This is actually a reply for BoA’s Disturbance ending, I think they should add one more option “Come Back Together”. Even though I don’t know which boyfriend that she’s talking about, I just found that this Jaejoong’s lyric is pretty match to be linked with BoA’s MV, both Only One and Disturbance, especially those ring ring thing.
Enjoy 🙂

Here is the english translation of Jaejoong – My Only Comfort (Healing For Myself), too lazy to subbed the video 😛 anyway, Happy Valentine Day 🙂


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[Unofficial Instrumental] BoA – Don’t Know What To Say (karaoke vers.)


Title: Don’t Know What To Say (karaoke instrumental)
Artist: BoA
Original Album: Hurricane Venus
Bitrate : 128 Kbps
Size: 3.7  MB


This is just an unofficial version that ripped by me ^^, I really love the piano tune of this song, just by listening the intro played, my heart feels like got stabbed from the front 😀 *so into the song*

I’m using Audicity to remove the vocal, to tell the truth, I really looking forward for the official instrumental. I love piano so bad 😦 My obsession brought me into Audicity to rock the mp3, ripped it until the vocals disappear.

I’m so sorry I’m still not be able to remove it 100% clean, for the chorus, you still can hear the backing vocals . That’s why I am entitling it as karaoke instrumental.

You can grab the mp3 by clicking the download link above, please don’t forget to watch the video below too^^ . I spent all night long to edit it in order promote this track. It’s especially made to celebrate BoA’s goddess beauty 😀 . I have no idea, just a few seconds after clicking some her music videos, I was stunned by her fair beauty >.< , and few hours later this video was born. ^^b Enjoy

credits: youngladyjunsu.wordpress.com

[Digital Painting] BoA the face (inspired by Christina Aguilera)


Some new release borred me a lot, so I just make some random post like this.

I just learn this from myself. The concept inspired by Christina Aguilera’s Burlesque poster and maybe her make up in Bionic. And the make up too. rolleyes.gif

There is no special tutorial about this. All I do is just drawing by photoshop. The color, concept and the anatomy, BoA help me the most XDD.. I enjoy drawing her face. I also drew some new artworks of her, but I don’t feel okay to post it here, because I make BoA with a partner XD . It’s not about rated or something, but I don’t want some antis bash my work . hehehehe .. I just post it in JBW , the right place.
Feel free to take it. But please ..
-don’t edit my work
-don’t plagiat my work
-don’t hotlink
-remember to always credits me
-commeeeennnnt XD

thank you^^