[Mini Album] Miss A – Bad But Good

Title: Bad But Good
Artist: Miss A
Conductor: JYP Entertainment
Release date: 2010.07.01
Language: Korean
Total Size:29.86 MB

01 Bad Girl Good Girl
02 Looking At Each Other (딱 마주쳐)
03 Love Again (다시 사랑)
04 Break It

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My Rating: 4/10

The first impression that appeared in my mind is they copied Wonder Girls a lot. Yeah.. quite similar to Wonder Girls. Especially in the first track. But vocally, they don’t top Wonder Girls. But The rapper reminds me to 4 Miinute. She sound like Jiyoon. But Jiyoon is bigger better.

-Bad Girl Good Girl : I can say that this is my favourite track by so far. So love this song. The girls who sound “hello hello hello” really reminds me to Sun Ye a bit. This is a catchy song.
– Looking At each Other (딱 마주쳐): They got messed up a lot in this song. They didn’t sound like they can sing, really contrast with the first track.
-Love Again (다시 사랑): OMG .. is this really a JYP production???????? The voice is so annoying.
– Break It: The title is not so big special, since I’ve ever heard that kind of song everywhere. The song is hip hop as well as the title. Well, the girls sound digitally here, it broke a lot of their voice quality, I doubt about their skill. It makes me feel that there is no girl group better than Wonder Girls in JYP.

Credits: chrono @jenpoo.com