[PV] BoA – Milestone

My Rating: 8/10

romantic winter ballad


Release Date: 2011.11.21
Artist: BoA
Album: MILESTONE [single]
File Type: mp4
Quality: HD 1080p
Size: 123  MB

Download—> Mediafire

I’m glad finally she released a new single again. Especially in ballad, I do really miss her ballad tracks. In the past few years she just released some dance track, rocking the stage with powerful dance, smokey make up and dressed in glamorous way. I do miss her simple bright face 🙂

I love MILESTONE. Since the first time I listened to the teaser, I’ve been thought that I will like this song and it happened. The music video has came out and I like it 🙂 .

BoA looked so mature here. Long smooth legs are revealed. No special storyline attached, it’s just like how she usually does. She still bring her smokey make up a bit. Eventhough it’s not like in hurricane venus or Copy Paste, but still .. she’s a bit different compare with some ballad music video that she did before.  Her cheeks are going flat rather than before. Remember when she did Key of Heart, Love Letter or Be With You , at least she didn’t look so much pale like now, even in Eat You Up or I Did It For Love, she still looked fresh. BoA still looked pretty and she must be working hard so much 😦

Still this music video hold the emotion and bring a warmth. It’s a romantic winter ballad. Beautiful lyric, beautiful melody .

credit: http://k2nblog.com

One thought on “[PV] BoA – Milestone

  1. lawrence ng says:

    nice work….!!
    thanks for sharing.i like jpop,kpop too
    unfortunately,many of these cant get in my country
    so i have download it,haha…
    im very grateful for your sharing

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