[MV] B1A4 – Baby Good Night (Sleep Well Good Night)

My Rating: 10/10
it turned into something that I have to watch before going to sleep >.<


Title: Baby Good Night (Sleep Well Good Night)
Release Date: 2012.05.24
Artist: B1A4
Album: The B1A4 Special Edition
File Type: mp4
Quality: HD 1080p
Size: 166 MB

Download—> MF

From the start, this group have been growing so special. They always got me so surprise 😀 . A very catchy song, fit for summer day. It’s so hilarious, same like Beautiful Target. Their music, dance, vocal, concept, style, they’ve changed. This is crazy.

Something that I really love about their music video is they always bring a good storyline while dancing too. It bring laugh, and cherry blossom in my heart ❤ . Totally into them. I have to listen to this song every night before going to bed. 😀

Uploaded by Tinism
Credit to shareHD.net

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