Based on my observation about myself, I think I really need a super fresh air recently. Talking about my current mood, I feel like I change a little bit. Unlike my previous self when I used to listen to something that could represent my feeling but this time is different. I tend to listen to music to change my mood. When I am upset, I won’t listen to a sad song because it brings me down even more. When I am happy, I won’t listen to a sad song either because it could ruin the positive euphoria. XD As a result, I hate a frustrasted ballad, though I am always wide open to listen to all types of music.


What I want to say is I am currently so into rock music. Actually this is not the first time. When I was in high school, I have been loving My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, L’arc en ciel, Orange Range and Simple Plan. Then, I began to listen 5 Seconds of Summer since they were debuted. You know, I am also a big fan of Japanese catchy rock band Spyair and now I have another flame, One Ok Rock ❤ .

The Hottest L I A R

Although they debuted eleven years ago, for me, it was Liar that brought me to them. I accidently watched the music video on YouTube and damnnn… I was like “Oh My God, that little vocalist can sing so well” XD while the part “Hey Liar, Why’d you think of living without me” keep ringing on my head since I heard that a lot.



Well, One Ok Rock are just the kids. They are super childish grown up men that can act brilliant on stage and become super dudes behind the curtain. And I LOVE THEM!!!! ❤ ❤

ONE OK ROCK 2015 35xxxv JAPAN TOUR (WOWOW Live 2015.09.27).mkv_20160430_135110.296

Taka, the vocalist has a rare voice. He is truly gifted. For me, his husky voice reminds me alot to Eric Martin but actually Taka has his own style that I can’t find in other singer. When I watched some interviews, I think he is really adorable. I have a feeling that he might be the type of person who looks rockin’ coooooool on stage but actually a freak backstage. XD I don’t know but he carries a particular super positive aura. I just feel so happy every time I see his face. His expression in every song he sings is really natural. He enligthens the mood in the happy songs, makes us screaaam in an angry song and breaks out tears in an emotional song. He also sings smoothly in every move he makes on stage. Jumping, dancing, headbanging, he still souunds perfect! His English pronunciation is also really hot as hell. I never find a native Japanese singer presents English songs so well. I am so grateful to have this kind of singer in the world. One Ok Rock is just rockin’ awesome!

ONE OK ROCK 2015 35xxxv JAPAN TOUR (WOWOW Live 2015.09.27).mkv_20160430_135130.928

While Taka is super cute, I just can’t handle my eyes off of Toru. MyGaawd, he is totally daaaaamnnn sexy with the sweat rolling over his face and body on the stage. He always looks quiet but once he is on stage, he is lost with his guitar. His guitar speaks louder than him!!!! Just watch the video below, a duet performance of Taka and Toru in Yokohama Stadium 2014. It literally stabs me in the heart. Whaaaaaaaaat a deadlyyyyy heartbroken song! Gosh! I hatee this kind of beautiful song! I hate remembering the bitter days. T_T

ONE OK ROCK 2015 35xxxv JAPAN TOUR (WOWOW Live 2015.09.27).mkv_20160430_135404.363

It’s hard to describe how I feel so positive just by watching how passionate they are performing their music. Ryota is always full of smile. He smiles a lot as he speaks with his bass guitar. While Toru is an ice-prince, Ryota is another cheerful weirdo like Taka. He is so lively. I wonder where the stamina comes from. XD I just feel happy to see how enjoyable he is playing his bass guitar on stage. One thing, he is usually topless! Haha! That’s realllly important for a pervert audience like me. LOL! How gee!

ONE OK ROCK 2015 35xxxv JAPAN TOUR (WOWOW Live 2015.09.27).mkv_20160430_133851.162.jpg

The last, Tomoya, the drummer is another super freak. XD His face is just so funny, but when he is on stage with his drums, he becomes constantly terrific.

Just watch the highlight of their concert in Jakarta, Tomoya speaks very funny Indonesian. He is just exceptionally entertaining.



I am listening to their albums a lot. Started from the latest English album 35xxxv, I also enjoy their previous Japanese works, Niche Syndrome, Zankyo Reference, Kanjou Effect, and Jinsei x Boku.

35xxxv has so many great English tracks. I haven’t been so familiar to all tracks, bu the hit Last Dance is pretty catchy and highly addictive. I love it so much!


Niche Syndrome brings a lot of craziness and silliness of youth. I become totally absorbed in Liar and instantly made it as my lullaby song. LOL. I might be a dork to set a rock song as a lullaby. Totally nut. There is another track Nothing Helps from the album Jinsei x Boku that I really like a lot. I think it has a good lyric and deliver very colorful feeling.


Zankyou Reference is really different. It is full of joke and pain. C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h is a truly beautiful single, mindblowing arrangement and moving lyric. The good thing is .. it’s not a love song I guess XD. Gosh, so sick of romance!


Hell, no! I suppose to hate this song because it makes me want to cryyyyyy. T_T The violin in the middle of the first refrain is reallly deadly sickening. This is what I mean as a good song that I should avoid but I can’t help. Taka’s voice and beautiful harmonization just can’t stop me from drowning myself into the lyric and emotion. You know, I really hate talking about ‘the end’ and this song speaks about an ending all the time. It is really challenging to listen to this. Superb!! Congratulation One Ok Rock for saving me from myself.

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