[MV] Girls`Generation +f(x) – Chocolate Love

MV] f(x) – Chocolate Love

f(x) dwaeqeqe
f(x) - CL 313
[MV] f(x) - CL
Title: Chocolate Love
Artist: f(x)
File Type: avi
Quality: MQ
Size: 39.5 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 10/10

I’m glad that they released a new MV. When I play the MV, I’m quite confused with what’s that SNSD meaning to be? XD. First, it showed SNSD little MV spot, then it turned to Yoon A, Soo Young and Hyo Yeon that found theirself anxious with something while open the door. Then, the real MV turned, f(x) were there. They shook their butt softly and move into the up-beat dance. The way they dance with the butt shaking reminds me to Wonder Girls – So Hot a lot and the chair dance reminds me to Son Dam Bi – Crazy MV. They looked so sexy and more mature than their age.

The beat is so nice, they got more hip-hop and hot atmosphere on it. Some of them are younger than SNSD but they act like older than them. It’s good that Victoria did such a sexy dance but the others are underage, I please don’t spread such over than this. Talk about the outfit, they’re quite odd but it’s pretty match to themselves. Crystal always use a black stocking and her hairstyle need to fixed. She looked like YoonA and her eyes just reminds me to Tiffany. *where’s Jessica?.lol.*  Luna did a good vocal but she is just very awkward with her outfit. She is short and need to lose her weight more. Hmm..that’s right!

Next, after watch it within 60% maybe, Amber turned with her gentle rap. She looked good with her outfit. She is pretty handsome. Eventhough somebody adour her, because she is handsome, I still much prefer seeing her as a girl. Lol!

[MV] Girls` Generation – Chocolate Love

Title: Chocolate Love
Artist: Girls` Generation
File Type: avi
Quality: MQ
Size: 61 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 10/10

Seems like they have a non-stop job. After promoted GEE they have a commercial MV “HaHaHa” and back to their Tell Me Your Wish, now they got a new commercial MV again. A bubble MV “Chocolate Love”.

It start like f(x) version. F(x) MV spot revealed first, and the MV turned into SNSD version. Compared with f(x), SNSD have a cute and sweet version. Due to their style, they have done it well, as good as f(x). I can’t judge what’s better, because the two version is different and really good on my ears.

I absolutely love YoonA did her part. Her voice felt better. All the girls sound amazing. There is something airy effect in their voice, especially Tiffany. But I think Tiffany has an airy voice indeed^^. Taeyeon didn’t dominated the others like she always did. I’m glad to it.

The dance move is really girlish, they step like Tell Me Your Wish step. So many leg sections. Seems like they trained a lot of leg section for their Tell Me Your Wish and they still have that spot here.

For the outfit, they change a lot of dress. The white hot pan resemble to Tell Me Your Wish style and the peach dress looked dollish and nice. All the girls looked so pretty while they dance like a sensasional doll.

Overall it’s just a commercial MV for LG new chocolate, but the focus is just going to the girls too much. The ‘focus scene’ for LG is just the end part. Maybe you will buy an LG chocolate by this MV 🙂

FULL CREDITS: CYON Official Site + Soshified, fx3ffect, aff(x)tion + Kwon Orin @ BoAjjang (Re-Up)

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