[Mini Album] Girls` Generation – Tell Me Your Wish(GENIE)


Title: The 2nd Mini Album “Tell Me Your Wish(GENIE)”
Artist: Girls` Generation (SNSD)
Release: 2009.06.29
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Language: Korean
Size: 42 MB


  1. Tell Me Your Wish (GENIE)
  2. Etude
  3. Girlfriend
  4. Boyfriend
  5. My Child
  6. One Year Later [feat. Jessica and Onew]

My Rating: 8/10

TELL ME YOUR WISH is maybe the best release from them. They catch a sexy style and being mature. Not a cute again. I would give it 10/10 (jus for this song). My second favourite would be BOYFRIEND. The beat is nice, but sometimes I always feel like I hear CSJH – Girlfriend on it. It’s not same or similar but the way of the song cheer the meaning up felt like the same. The other tracks just ruined my rating into 8/10, they start to spoilt in the others track that sound not so special. Sometimes they sound so good in their own cute style but not for these tracks. Even Jessica and Onew duet that supposed to be a good song disappointed me a bit. Maybe mostly people would like it because they promote it well but I am not attracted to the song. Seems like SM just focused on promoted the hit song only. If all the songs would being same genre like GENIE, Boyfriend or Way To Go maybe I will give it 10/10.

[Album] Girls` Generation – Baby Baby [Repackaged]


Title: vol. 1 BABY BABY (repackaged)
Artist: Girls` Generation
Release: 2008.03.17
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Language: Korean
Size: 80 MB


1.Girls Generation
2.Ooh La La
3.Baby Baby
5.Kissing You
9.7989 (feat. Kangta and Taeyeon)
11.In The New World
12.Kissing You (school rock remix)
13.Let’s Go!(long version)
14.Let’s Go

My Rating: 10/10

I admit that this is a good album. All the song really sound good in my ear. I love Taeyeon’s voice a bit but sometime she sound older than she looked like. The maknae is my favourite, both Yoon A and Seo Hyun. They are so talented. Tiffany is also a good singer, but she sound weird in Korean sometimes, maybe because of her english accent XD. For Jessica, I don’t think that I like her voice and the truth is I feel so awkward everytime I hear her high pitch..

credits: KPop World

[Single] Zhang Li Yin – TIMELESS


Title: Timeless
Artist: Zhang Li Yin & Xiah Junsu
Release: 2006.09.09
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 19 MB


1.Timeless (feat. Xiah Junsu) [MF] [MU]
3.Timeless (instrumental)
4.Y(Why…) (instrumental)

My Rating: 10/10

It’s a perfect debut and the best duet. First time to heard it, I never gess that Li Yin is younger than Junsu, she looked older. Haha.. Compared her voice with Junsu, it’s a good dedication. They can reach the high note in a good way without ruin it or false. I adore Zhang Li Yin so much.

~*Timeless: It’s just a Korean version of Kelly Clarkson feat. Justin Guarini – Timeless. That hell SM just steal a fame by import a good song and remix it by the genius composser. It’s not fair, eventhough they produce a better version than the original. Feel bad to that SM, I just adore Zhang Li Yin’s vocal ability. She can reach a good high note without ruin it or false. The bridge when they sang “Yeaaaahhh….”and they turn to the chorus again is just a part that I like to sing. Hahhaha..I do wonder with their high note duet. And that Kim Jun Su, how do I say again?..He is a perfection, right! XD

~*Why: Hmmm.. an import song again. Gahhh that hell! They just lucky because have a talented singer, unexcepted Zhang Li Yin. She still done the song with her version. It’s kinda classic song with a elegan backing vocals and retarded singing type. Still quite weird to hear her accent. Yeah, her Chinese accent heard in a clear way. But she is a good singer. A high note expert. Haha..Lol

[Mini Album] Taegoon – 2nd Mini Album RISING STAR

taegoon rising star album pic1

Title: The 2nd Mini Album “Rising Star
Artist: Taegoon
Release: 2009.05.13
Language: Korean
Size: 32.16 MB


01. Intro (feat. Hyuk Sung Of Space Cowboy, Kim Yeo Hee)
02. Superstar (feat. Nassun)
03. Bye Bye
04. As Insignificant As You
05. Call Me (Remix) (feat. H-Eugene)

My Rating: 9/10
I finger was trembled when I typed the rating. XD I really can’t decide how to rate it. His music was improved day by day. Just like this 2nd mini album that of course better than his last debut mini album. But surely, Superstar doesn’t top CALL ME. I would like the intro. A girl sound on it and she still sound good. The track 4 really show his voice clearly. And then….. the top peak of this mini album. Proudly present….CALL ME (Remix). Ommona!!! It’s a good remix. I play it survivally and then I’m going melted. Haha..

credits:makikawaii’s journal

[Album] Tohoshinki – T


T (2DVD+2CD)

Title: T

Artist: Tohoshinki

Release Date: 2008.01.23

Conductor: AVEX Trax

Language: Japanese

Total Size: 212 MB


CD 1


02. NO?

03. Purple Line

04. Forever Love

05. Summer Dream

06. Ride on


08. Lovin’ you

09. Rainbow



12. CLAP!

13. Love in the Ice

14. Together *bonus track*

*CD only Bonus Track*

14. Forever Love -a capella version-

15. Lovin’ you -Haru’s ‘deep water’ mix-

CD 2

01. Song for you

02. Day Moon ~Harudaru~

03. Beautiful Life

04. You’re my miracle

05. Kiss Shita Mama Sayounara

My Rating: 10/10

This is my favourite Japanese album ever. They use a lot of new improvement and they sound more gentle ^___^. Quite awkward to post it since it is including in 3 version. GEEz..the rabid fan would buy the three version of course.


The first disc is the main idea, right! I would say that I love Purple Line, Ride On, Darkness Eyes, NO!, Last Angel, Forever Love, Summer Dream, Clap and Love In The Ice the most. Woww.. I almost mention all the songs contain of it. Wkkwkkk..

:CD Only Bonus Track:

I really love “LOVIN’ YOU” ~deep water mix~. The deep water sound really unique and the rhythm is so nice. I much prefer this version than the original version. But why it took it so long duration,doesn’t it just make people bored with it quickly. Hmmm… Ok!

:CD 2:

One of my best finding would be Kiss Shita Mama Sayounara. Feel Jae’s scream in the end just make me to widen my mouth into “O” shape. Ommo!

credits: sinariee

[Mini Album] Taegoon – 1st Mini Album


Title: 1st Mini Album

Artist: Taegoon

Release: 2009

Language: Korean

Total Size: 28.01 MB


01 . Intro
02 . Call Me
03 . One Two Step
04 . My Girl
05 . I Understand You (feat.H-Eugene)
06 . Hands Up


My Rating: 6/10

The intro is so cool, I just like the 1st track. Haha. Eventhough CALL ME is getting so popular I keep in thinking that it doesn’t show so much vocal ability. Think about it, maybe People would enjoy it when he performed it because he is a magic star in dance. (I really love his dance).

[Mini Album] SNSD – GEE

gee cover

Title: The 1st Mini Album “GEE”
Artist: Girls` Generation (SNSD)
Release: 2009
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Language: Korean
Size: 22 MB

1. GEE
2. Way To Go
3. Dear Mom
4. Destiny
5. Let’s Talk About Love

My Rating: 7.5/10

GEE is Great. I really like this. The dance concept is really good too. But…..Weird! My first impression was weird. Everytime they say “Gee gee gee gee gee bab baby..” just sound like they are not singing. Hahaha. .! I think it’s not a suit song to sing it alone. XD
WAY TO GO is my favourite song released by them. It’s rock and the girls just really match to the school-rock than they usually sing like a baby doll or cute mannequin. They should try a song like this in the next. They should.

[Single] SNSD – In The New World


Title: In The New World

Artist: Girls` Generation (SNSD)

Release: 2007

Conductor: SM Entertainment

Language: Korean

Size: 20.8 MB



  1. In The New World
  2. Beginning
  3. Perfect For You
  4. In The New World [instrumental]

My Rating: 9/10

1.In The New World – Truthfully I don’t like this song in the first time. That’s just because I’m not used to cute style before, but these girls gave a good dancing stuff in their performance of this song. That’s when I start to like this track.

2.Beginning – This is really different. It’s rock. Tiffany sound well with her English line. I like this. Taeyeon sound so old. XD But her “oh oh oh” in the first is a good backing. It will be so good to hear them always release a song like this, just like Way To Go or HaHaHa. Love their school-rock stuff.

3.Perfect For You – They changed the title into “HONEY” in their First Album. Surely, I like the “Perfect For You” line and Taeyeon sang that line in a soft voice. I like this song. The chorus really grow on me well. Overall, this is a great debut.

[Album] Tohoshinki – Five In Black

DBSK (21)
DBSK (22)

Title: The Second Album – Five In Black
Artist: Tohoshinki
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Release: March 14, 2007
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 80.6 MB


2. Sky
3. Begin
4. Choosey Lover
5. High time
8. Yakusoku
9. Miss You
10. “O” – Sei Han Go
11. I’ll be there (Japanese Version)
12. Step by Step
13. Hello again

Bonus Tracks
1. Begin (Acapella Version)*
2. Miss You (Ballad Version)*

Special Tracks
1. A Whole New World*

My Rating: 7/10
It’s all that I can do to support this album. Maybe 7/10 would be the best. I can’t force myself again to gain it into over 7/10!!! Actually I’m not so fond to this album. Maybe this is the album that I like the least from them. Even not from their Japanese stuff only but from their all stuff. -_-
I can say that I like Begin, ZION a bit and PROUD but I can’t lie myself that this album was disappointed me a bit! *cracked*