[Album] BoA – ID PEACE B

BoA-ID Peace B
Title: The First Korean Album – ID PEACE B
Artist: BoA
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release Date: 2000.08.25
Language: Korean
Total Size: 50.56 MB

1. ID; Peace B
2. Come to Me
3. Heart-off (체념)
4. Sara
5. I’m sorry (비밀일기)
6. No way (안돼, 난 안돼)
7. Every Breath You Take (차마 )
8. Whatever
9. I’m Your Lady Tonight
10. Young Lovers (어린 연인)
11. Letting You Go (이별준비)
12. Someday, Somewhere (먼 훗날 우리)

My Rating: 10/10

A good debut album. her voice was still so petite and cute. Quite differrent with her voice now. ID Peace B and SARA attracted me so much. Hahahaa.. can’t believe that Sara is her cat name. lol. For the 13th years old girl, she is very amazing in this album. hwaiting!!!^^