[Single] Zhang Li Yin – I WILL


Title: I Will

Artist: Zhang Li Yin (Jang Ri In)

Release: 2008

Conductor: SM Entertainment

Language: Korean

Size: 10.9 MB



  1. I Will
  2. Yeoniniyeo (Lover)

My Rating: 8.5/10

  1. I Will: She prove that she is a ballad prayer. Eventhough I don’t understand Korean, but I can feel a good and touched line about this song. I also heard that it is a cover song of SES. Wow.. wondering! Ok! Who is the guy that always being her backing vocal? He sound good. His add-libing is really pretty match to Li Yin’s harmonization. Hope he will debuted as a singer. Hihi^^. I do love the way Li Yin pronounce “Baby you will last forever my love..”. It really make a sense. GREAT!
  2. Lover: Just because this song I decreassed my rating into 8.5/10, if this song is unavailable in this single, it would be 10/10. *damn youngladyjunsu,:D*. That’s all I say.

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