[Digital Single] TVXQ Yunho & Changmin – Keep Your Head Down


Title: Keep Your Head Down
Artist: Yunho & Changmin
Release date: 2011.01.03
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 9 MB

1. Keep Your Head Down

my rating: Super 10/10!!!!

First, I am sorry for the long update, I have problem with my blog before^^ Thankzz to wordpress for make it back .

and now, let’s talk about our Kings!!!!

Though it’s only Yunho and Changmin, they release the album under the name of TVXQ. The full album will release tomorrow, so cann’t wait.

This song is super hot up-beat, kinda Purple Line. The rock intro sound so much familiar like Super Junior’s Don’t Don and I’m sure Yoo Young Jin is the one behind all of this, he is a brilliant musician, he also the one who compossed Purple Line, Sorry Sorry, Don’t Don and more. I also notice his voice in this song, the intro, and some rap and backing vocals.. yeah, if Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun were there, Mr. Yoo didn’t need to help them in that much T_T .

I almost die hearing how Changmin improve a lot, he got a lot of parts here so that’s why he show a lot of his vocal ability, and I can hear that he follow Yoo Young Jin’s style a lot. Yoo Young Jin has a delicate powerful voice, he appeared in Super Junior – Sorry Sorry Answer too, he has a soft-rocking high note that Changmin did in this song. Mr. Yoo must be the one who lead him when they recorded this song. Thankzz, Mr. Yoo.

Both Yunho and Changmin sound so much sexy and mature here. Yunho’s rap is really fresh , he got his style and it’s hot and again I die. *gasp*

credits: KPOP World

[Pict] U-know Yunho – KBSWORLD Guide


Yunho of Dong Bang SHin Ki will take the leasdrole as Prince Shin in the musical drama “Goong” . (this is the musical version).

OMG ………….. this prince …………!!! *runny nose* He looked so good looking and yeah .. he is surely good looking. Such a good eyecandy.

Ok.. let’s compare him to Joo Ji Hoon. Well, this is the point that I catch,

*Yunho is so good looking, masculine and perfect as the manly role.
*Joo Ji Hoon is good looking too but compared with Yunho, I think some girls would pick Yunho the most XP.
*Yunho drew a good charisma as the perfect guy or prince
*Joo Ji Hoon played the role as prince Shin really well, such a perfectionist. Cool, charismatic and gentle.

But I think Joo Ji Hoon has a plus, Joo Ji Hoon’s face looked so natural and captured the nobleman a lot. He is such a face that we can find in the historical-figure-face XP. His slanted eyes are really different. He really has it, good looking but naturally like the real-King-face.

bonus* official poster

the girl… T_T I hope there is no ki***ng scene.

Credits: TVXQBaiduShared + sharingyoochun
by: DBSKnights