[Album] Tenjochiki – Dear..

Title: Dear..
Artist: Tenjochiki
Release: 2009.01.07
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 53.6 MB
Bitrate: 192 kbps


1. Here
2. Sukoshi De Ii Kara
3. Stand Up People
4. I Don’t Know What To Do
5. Party
6. Tenjo No Melody
7. Near ~Thoughtful 1220~
8. Doushite…
9. Epilogue

My Rating: 10/10

It’s the latest album with a new music style. They’re more catchy pop and ballad, not so much R&B and hyper dance that they always did in the previous stuff like The Club, Boomerang or Piranha. U know why I give it 10/10, because I love their voice and all the tracks. They always sound well, even they still sing with a good voice in a bad song. Quite feel bad, because there are just 9 tracks in this album. I also hope that they would release a repackaged with the DVD concert so they can give more stuffs, but they don’t.

umm. I heard that SM ever said that the girls will make a come back in their birthland this year. Hope it’s true. I miss them so much.. My Graceful Girls, Please Come Back!

Here ~* I have reviewed this, just check it. The intro is such pretty match to the birthday theme. They harmonized “Happy birthday”…It sound really lovely. The breezy piano tune is OMG damn good! I like the part when Sunday sing while Cliff Edge rapped. Her voice is really soft and tiny. They did it very well. I just copy-paste my this review from the previous post about this song before.

Sukoshi De Ii Kara~* It can being translated into “A Little Bit of Good”. Hmm.. I think they should change it into their first single title “Too Good” since this song is too good than thr others. The shrill piano tune just makes me wanna lie down on the green grass carpet. The breezy beat started after they finished the verse and going into the chorus. Stephanie did every bass part *feel bad*, the bass just covered by the hyper voice of the other girls. The member that sound really well is Lina. Dana did so many adlibs but some of that are annoying my ears. *sorry to say*. Overall I like Lina’s part the most. OMG I feel so in love with this song, the beat is just going well like I feel a slow version of Tohoshinki – Doushite….. instrumental! The both songs give me a same feeling. Eventhough it took so long duration but I still like it.

Stand Up People~* I thought that I won’t like this song before, because the beat is quite messy. After heard it in the big time, the chorus grew well and my favourite part went to Stephanie’s rap. Because the girls are too much in ballad and relaxed songs nowadays, I feel bad that Stephanie never did a rapping again. Seems like this is the last song that she rapped. For the next, I hope the composer give her more rap part again^^

I Don’t Know What To Do~* It’s a different song. They never try this genre before. I don’t know what I should call to this song, tango??? I just feel like I always wanna dance everytime I hear it, so the word hat goes on my brain is just tango hahaaa..^^. Anyway who’s that on the narration?? Of course one of them is Stephanie. Maybe Sunday did it too.^^ The sound that come from the cute and soft voice is just Sunday. Maybe I’m right. Oh God!! Why these girls always did a good song. Just listen to the chorus and learn how Lina did such a good faded high picth in “REALLY KNOW”. Damn so powerfull! And Sunday also did it in the other part. Geezzz.. they’re such a best combo in a rocking section.

Party~* Yeah.. rock again!! I like their rock track because they have LINA unni^^. She is really good in rocking. First, the intro makes me gonna feel disappointed before but I studied it when the chorus came. Oh-My-Gold, such a good rocking. Lina+Sunday+Stephanie = ROCKzz!! Where is Dana? Hahhha.. they need her in the ballad track, she is not suit in this kind of song. Check her part in the bridge, she is nice on that part because the beat faded into slow beat. For the other rocking part, just give it to Lina or Sunday or Stephanie. Haha.. nice combo!

Tenjo No Melody~* The track that I like the least, of course it’s going on this song. But it doesn’t mean that this is a bad track. It’s just the close-of-worst if it compared with another tracks. If you always read all the reviews that I’ve done, you will know what type of music that I like.

Near ~Thoughtful 1220~* Well,, it’s still got a same atmosphere like HERE. They sound lovely and the beat grow well on my ear. Stephanie act with her voice. She did a good narration. I don’t know why this song just grab a long duration to catch to be end. It’s 5.11 minutes! Wow

Doushite~* The title means “Why”. Before the album released, one site said that the group gonna released a single entitled “Doushite”, well it’s not a single. It just merged in the Album. Talk about the song, it’s the shortest song over the others. The piano turned again. Wowww.. I think the album interacted with the piano a lot. The girls sound well. I like the part when the violin interrogated in the bridge while the sound faded in and stopped for a glimpse second. Then the girls came out with their harmonization “Everytime Everywhere *I supposed to be like that*. Well, Lina scream and Stephanie turned. Okay!!! The girls like swallow it up and the song end. XD

Epilouge~* The didn’t give an opening track(intro) but just give an epilogue track. Hehe.. Don’t matter! The epilogue track is enough. Good to hear that nice beat. Totally it’s in the same kind of Sukoshi De Ii Kara beat. The piano and breezy beat. Yeah.. a nice closing beat for a nice Album.

My Valentine 2010

Since I don’t have a boyfriend, I’ll spend my time here with you^^. And here there are my special post.
Some goodies^^ happy download!


My Hits Love Songs

These are some love songs that I like released in 2009 till now.
2AM – Even If I Die, I Can’t Send You Away
After School – When I Fall
Baek Ji Young – Love is not a crime
Big Bang – Koe Wo Kikasete (Let Me Hear Your Voice)
BoA duet with Miura Daichi – Possibility
Ga In and Jokwon – We Fell In Love
Jewelry – Love Story
Justin Bieber – One Less Lonely Girl
Kim Hyun Joong – Because I’m Stupid (acoustic version)
Kim Nam Gil – Saranghamyeon andweni (Can’t I Love You) [OST The Queen Seondeok]
Lee Seung Gi – I Want To Marry You [OST Brilliant Legancy]
Jisun – Saranghae Michyeoso (Crazy in Love) [OST Brilliant Legacy]
Mariah Carey feat. Ne-Yo – Angel’s Cry
Ernest – Because I’m Weary [OST God Of Study]
Yesong – Wind Flower (barramgot) [OST The Queen Seondeok]
IU – Wind Flower (barramgot) [OST The Queen Seondeok]
Pixie Lott – Cry Me Out
Secret – I Want You Back
Taeyang – Wedding Dress
T-ara – Fallin’ U
Tohoshinki – Stand By U
Tenjochiki – Sukoshi De Ii Kara (A Little Bit of Good)
Tenjochiki – Coming To You

My Everlasting Love Song

These are the song that something old for now or it’s not released a long 2009 or 2010 but it still give me a beautiful love melody^^

BoA – If You Were Here
BoA – Azalea
BoA – Insa (Good Bye)
BoA – Love Letter
Brandy – Long Distance
Big Bang – Make Love
Byul – I Think I [OST Fullhouse]
Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On
Christina Aguilera – I Turn To You
CSJH The Grace – My Everything
CSJH The Grace – Too Good
Davichi – Hate You But I Love You
Dong Bang Shin Ki – Midoyo
Dong Bang Shin Ki – On & On
Dong Bang Shin Ki – You Only Love
Dong Bang Shin Ki – Nothing Better
Elliott Yamin – Wait For You
Jyongri – Lullaby For You (english version)
Girls Generation – Honey (Perfect For You)
Kiss – Yeojainikka (Because I’m a Girl)
Little Bit – Forget About Me
Loveholic – One Love
Martina McBride – MY VALENTINE
Michael Jackson – You Are Not Alone
Paran – Your Heart Is Beating Inside Me
Rain – Love Story
Rain – Move On
RBD – Tu Amor
Stevie Hoang – Luv U
Stevie Hoang – Addicted
Remioromen – Kona Yuki
Se7en – Come Back To Me
SS501 – You’re My Heaven
Tohoshinki – Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou
Tohoshinki – My Destiny
Tohoshinki – Eternal
Tohoshinki – Heart, Mind & Soul
Tenjochiki – I’ll Kiss You
Tenjochiki – 5cm
Wonder Girls – Friend
Xiah Junsu – Rainy Night
Jang Ri In feat. Xiah Junsu – Timeless

.:My Favourite Couple:.

I post some favourite couple that I love. Not only in drama but also in a real life.

>:My Favourite Marriage Couple:<
Baek Do Bin & Jung Si Ah

I also have Kwon Sang Woo & Son Tae Young but I love Jung Si Ah. She is funny and stunning. And her husband.., I saw him in Queen Seondeok as hwarang Bojong. He looks good^^ The two make a lovely couple.

>:My Favourite Dating Couple:<
Se7en & Park Han Byul
hehe.. I just made it up and edited that pict^^
There is no reason to hate them. They have been dating for 7 years. Hihi.. 7 years for Se7en. It’s cute that they revealed it in the 7 years. Well.., hope they’ll last forever and married and get the sweet baby^^ just like the parent. XD

>:My Favourite Couple in drama:<

I listed this depend of what kind of chemistry that they make. Maybe some of your favourite couple weren’t featured here. Mianhae, I just post the couple that I’ve watch.

Kim Bum & Kim So Eun (from Boys Before Flower in 2008) mianhae for J&J couple^^

Joo Ji Hoon & Yoon Eun Hye (from Princess Hours/Goong in 2006)

Rain & Song Hye Gyo (from Fullhouse in 2004)

Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae (from My Girl in 2005)

Kim Nam Gil & Lee Yo Won (from The Queen Seondeok in 2009)

Lee Seung Gi & Han Hyo Joo (from Brilliant Legacy in 2009)

>:The Couple That I Want To See Dating:<
I edited the pict..hehe..BoJoong!!!^^ Jaejoong & BoA…

I know that the two are so close. BoA considered that Jaejoong was her closest friend during pre-debut and He was also listed in the top 10 people that BoA most contacted in her phone. Jaejoong also chose to text BoA when TVXQ appeared in Come To Play. The MC told them to text the words “What Do I Mean To You?” for their friends who the same profession as artist but rarely to meet with them. Then Jaejoong text BoA. BoA replied, “I can’t talk anything, I value you a lot^^” so sweet. BoJoong obsession.

credits: MusicSOUL

My Special Gift For Jaejoong 24th Birthday





Maybe this is too soon, .. Please bear up! I have no time tomorrow, very busy so I post this today^^ Enjoy it! I have tried all the best to dig a lot of picts, editing pict and uploading songs woth my snail connection.. Enjoy it!!

I know that I always make an artwork in a special day, just like in Junsu’s birthday or BoA’s birthday… But I’m sorry I don’t draw any artwork . I’m so sorry for you who waited my special Jaejoong artwork. Anyway just enjoy some picts that I made by myself.

^^Happy Birthday For Jaejoong oppa^^

.:A Tribute To Jaejoong:.

This is some songs that sung and written by Jaejoong. Some of them are official but there are a few that just ripped from the performance version.

You can download it all. Don’t forget do thankzz and tell me if there were some tracks that missed up!

I hope I don’t forget something about this thread!


Solo Work


~:Insa (OST A Millionaire’s First Love)

~:Forgotten Season

~:Incomplete [radio rip]


>:Tenjochiki feat. Jaejoong – Just For One Day

>:<a href="Tenjochiki feat. Jaejoong – Just For One Day (album edit)

>:Just For One Day [instrumental feat. Jaejoong only]

>:M-Flo feat. Jaejoong & Yoochun – Been So Long

>:Jaejoong and Yoochun – COLORS’ Melody and Harmony

>:Jaejoong feat. Yoochun – Shelter

>:Jaejoong & Shin Sung Woo – Soshi (I think this is fanmade, the fan merge Jaejoong version with the Shin Sung Woo version)

>:Jaejoong & Jonghyun – Incomplete (This is just fanmade, the fan merge Jaejoong’s version and Jonghyun’s version)

Group Album Special Work

YKiss Shita Mama Sayounara – compossed by Jaejoong and Yoochun

Y9095 – compossed by Jaejoong

YDon’t Cry My Lover – compossed by Jaejoong

YWasurenaide – written by Jaejoong

.:Special Gallery:.

This is such a special memorizing moment. I know that Jaejoong has a lot of celebrity friends. Mostly girls, right?? hehe.. Don’t be jealous. They are just friend. And I’m sorry for not posting some pict of Jae with the member of TVXQ!! I’m really tired right now. I don’t have anytime again. T_T mianhae

.:Social Interaction:.

–>with BoA<—

During MAking Film Hotmail! 2004 Summer SM Town



Making Jacket for 2004 Summer SM Town



with BoA & Shoo^^

During 2007 Winter SM Town



Debut performance! TVXQ feat. BoA – Oh Holy Night



During the Red Sun making film! Look at Junsu who took their pict. XD Please click to vie larger!






During SM Town Live 2008



Jaejoong smile behind her 🙂



–>With Han Hyo Joo<—

Don’t get mad at me okay!!! They just filmed the movie together, no wonder there are so many interactions.










–>With Kim Hyun Joong<–


I just have one^^

–>With Taegoon<–

Too dark^^




–>With Park Ji Bin<–

He is Geum Jan Di’s younger brother^^ *remember Boys Before Flower*. He confessed that he loved Jaejoong so much. and they have a date together. XD cute





–>With Se7en<–

It was during SBS New Xman around 2006 or 2007 I think!!





Jaejoong with Key during SM Town Live 2008

and the below was Jaejoong with Onew. Truthfully I have a pict Jaejoong with Jonghyun but I can’t find it in my folder. MAybe I deleted it unfortunately-_-


–>With Super Junior<–






–>With CSJH The Grace<–

During SM Town Live 2008 [feat. Lina]









with Stephanie


with Sunday

–>With Bae Seul Gi<–




—>With SNSD<—

Hate this thread right?? hehehhe XD



with Tiffany during the filming of CF Anycall Haptic Motion


with SUnny


with Taeyeon in the radio.

And this kid… I forget his name.. sorry^^

credits: DBSKnight

[Album] CSJH The Grace – Hanbeon Deo, Ok!


Title: Hanbeon Deo, Ok!
Artist: CSJH The Grace (TSZX)
Release Date: 2007.05.04
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Language: Korean
Total Size: 74.7 MB


1. Hanbeon Deo, Ok
2. Girl Friend
3. Interlude
4. Sweet Emotion
5. That Person.. Don’t Curse
6. Renew
7. April Fool’s Day
8. Dancer In The Rain
9. Not To Be
10. Just For One Day (feat. KyuHyun from Super Junior)
11. Tonight Is On Me
12. Dancing Queen
13. Passion (My Everything)
14. Boomerang
15. The Club (feat. Rain)

My rating: 10/10 (of course^^)

Let’s back to the mid of 2007!! here they are.. 4 graceful girls that always inspired me^^

I have three reasons why I give it 10/10. First, the girls really can sing and amazing. Second, I like all the tracks. Third, Cause they are underate though they have a great talent. It’s enough!

I feel in a die hard time to arrange this all cause I consider all the tracks as number one. XD. They really didn’t fail me even a bit. Every single song have their own better thing and minus. I really enjoy this album. Hope their second album will release soon. SM said that the girls will back in 2010. Hope they really mean it as long as their contract is not expired. XD *anxious*

.:^my no 1^:. My Everything – I have reviewed this song in how many time and everywhere. I even can’t count how many time I have said that this is my favourite song ever. It’s nothing again to placed it as number one, right! They are just so flawless, all the notes and harmonization. Vocally, they did the ballad track in really soft reached the powerful sense. I need to give them some plus.

.:^my no 2^:. Girlfriend – they promoted this song alongside the Hanbeon Do, Ok! It’s quite contrast with how they always sing. They come with a cute and sweet style. I like Lina’s voice when she sang “Take Me Higher” and they sang in the chorus so sweetly. Dana also did the high note but she annoyed me a bit with her over adlib. She always did, hehe.


.:^my no 3^:. Hanbeon Do, Ok! – aww.. how come the no 1 hit single just stepped down into the third?? Hehe..this is only my list, don’t crazy over it. Well., this song is one of the weird song they ever released. They use it rock and sound so different. They used to sang with the R&B Hip Hop and emotionally beautiful voice, but they come with a sensational rock beside the upbeat tune while they can dance gracefully. Oh God!! New formula for expert. The lyric is a bit controversial, but it’s okay cause it help the song to be popular. LOL.

.:^my no 4^:. The Club (feat. Rain) – It’s R&B and old right now. From the song you can hear that it was in 2006. Hmm.. they grew so much and they have been so genius in that year. Even they have so many progressed nowaday. I heard that this is a cover song of Play’D – Dance Dance, anyway I think the girls can sing so much better than the original song. Great to them. That Rain is also not bad enough. He is nice, quite nice eventhough I am not going crazy over his part. His rap is too deep.

.:^my no 5^:. Dancing Queen – For an acapella song, this is such a good rendetion. Everytime I listen to this song, why the figure of Stephanie appear in my mind?? Yeah.. she is the dancing queen. I like her the most in the girl. She also has a great contribute to the high note in this song. While she sang with a weigh voice, I still love her vocal. She can sing and she has tried the best.

.:^my no 6^:. Tonight Is On Me – Dana wrote the lyric and it’s controversial. Haha. But I like it. The thing that attracted ma a lot is the chorus when they sang “Baby Tonight is on me”, they really mean it. They give such a sensasional harmonization of that part, their voice is such an acapella but one out of them give an adlib alongside it. All the girls prove their singing skill in that over adlib . But I don’t know why I really enjoy it. Lina, Steph, Sunday and Dana, all the girls, it’s such an adlib battle. Haha ..

.:^my no 7^:. Renew – I hope I am not wrong to place it here, it’s on the equator of the favourite list. So many people like this. I also love it. The beat is so different and makes me think about a wide field of green grass and blue sky everytime I listen to it. I feel so cruising.

.:^my no 8^:. April’s Fool Day – Ballad again. They can hide that they use a lot of ballad to raised their music, because they have a talent and it would be very great if they show it in ballad. They are right. This song is such a relaxed ballad. I enjoy note by note. It touched me. And when Sunday’s voice come with the “I miss you”, I feel so much in sadness.

.:^my no 9^:. Dancer In The Rain – I don’t like the song first, but they promoted it well, so I begin to love it. Eventhough I thought it’s an unexpectable upbeat song previously, the chorus teased me. I mean the part of Lina’s powerful rock voice knock down. She did it so spectacular. I bet she is an expert of that kind of note, beside her good english accent, she bring such a brand new of the note. Vocally, I love Lina the most in this song.

.:^my no 10^:. Boomerang – they sound so young. Stephanie and Dana sound so younger than their voice right now. Sunday is the cutest. Lina is still the expert. However this is the hit song, so I put a different eyes on this. It’s supposed to be a good song, if they use the cute harmonization and a bit lower adlib like the japanese version. I bet I’ll love it. This version is kinda too over.

.:^my no 11^:. Heartbreak (That Person..Don’t Curse) – This is one of a great piece of ballad in this album. I start to love it since I watch they sing it in the live version. Yeah.. as the expert, the girls throw their good harmonization to the air. Really enjoy how Lina always makes the powerful adlib. ^^

.:^my no 12^:. Just For One Day (feat. Kyuhyun) – I know this song cause the japanese version is so popular eventhough it was released late after this. Compare with the japanese versio, I can say that I much prefer the japanese version. I like Jaejoong harmonized the girls. His voice is comparable. I don’t mean that Kyuhyun is bad, he still do the best. But he just a bit deeper and calmer than the Jaejoong version. Kyuhyun has a high voice but why he didn’t give it in total way!? He need to do it. He sound a bit keep in something and carefully. I can’t get into the version and harmonization that I hope. However, I still love the song.

.:^my no 13^:. Sweet Emotion – the way it start sound like it’s an old song XD. I think it would be a boring song but the girls have an amazing voice as always and they know how to build an emotion for the touched song like this. The chorus work well on my ear. I have listened it merely and the harmonization when they sang “hansaaa~ng”..hehe they have a good vibration.^^

.:^my no 14^:. Not To Be – What I feel for this song is kinda the same like Sweet Emotion. I can mention that Sweet Emotion, Heartbreak, and Not To Be gave me a same feeling. Yeah.. a heartbreak feeling. Dude, they are succed to makes me melted in a heartache song.

.:^my no 15^:. Interlude – they just chatted like crazy. It isn’t a song, the girls just sound like they make it fun and laugh crazily. I think Dana is the most crazy person there XD. Her laugh is so light and funny.


[Single] Tenjochiki – Piranha


Title: The 5th Single – Piranha

Artist: Tenjochiki

Conductor: AVEX Trax

Release date: 2007.08.01

Language: Japanese

Total Size: 52 MB



  1. Piranha
  2. My Everything
  3. Just For One Day (feat. Jaejoong from Tohoshinki)
  4. The Club – STY Gin n’ Tonic Remix [feat. SEAMO]
  5. Piranha [less vocal]
  6. My Everything [less vocal]
  7. Just For One Day [less vocal with Jaejoong]
  8. Just For One Day [less vocal with Tenjochiki]

My Rating: 9/10

~*: Piranha – first time I heard it, I would mind that it’s messy, hahaha. But it grew fast and well I’m addicted. Their super power voice ability is really cool. The beat is quite repetitive, whereas it’s still nice to hear. I bet it’s one of the best released single that they have. Though it’s up-beat dance, they still show their spectacular voice. Ommo. The girls really made me going jealous. Ckckc.. Now I don’t doubt to paste them as my favourite girls group.

~*: My Everything – Compared with the korean version, this is the worst. I can’t hear Stephanie’s smooth vibration, they didn’t fix it in a good way. Only Lina who sound the best.

~*:Just For One Day [feat. Jaejoong] – I have reviewed it in their post about Graceful 4. It’s quite different. This version is nice ballad, not a jazz like the album version. It’s shorter, they turned into the chorus after the bridge, not like the album version that it turned into a tune after that. Vocally, The girls harmonized it well alongside JaeJoong, but Jaejoong has a lot of parts compared with 4 girls.

~*: The Club – STY Gin n’ Tonic Remix [feat. SEAMO] – the beat is very match to the song, while the girls didn’t sound different rather than the original version. Seamo rapped very cool, but I still love the original version more.

[Single] Tenjochiki – The Club


Title: The 2nd Single – The Club
Artist: Tenjochiki
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Release: 2006.03.08
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 23 MB

01 The Club [feat. Seamo]
02 What U Want [feat. Stephanie]
03 The Club [Instrumental]
04 What U Want [Instrumental]


My Rating: 9/10

I give 10/10 for the Korean version, but in this Japanese single, I just can’t forced my finger to typed 10/10. 9 is enough maybe. The thing that would make me give it 9 is Stephanie’s track. She didn’t give a same temper like the Korean version. Truthfully THE CLUB is such so wonderful and better than the Korean version. Gahh.. I’m in dilemma *confused*

[Single] Tenjochiki – HERE


Title: HERE
Artist: Tenjochiki
Released: 2008.10.22
Conductor: AVEX Trax
Language: Japanese
Total Size: 26.68 MB


2. Near ~Thoughtful 1220~
3. HERE [instrumental]
4. Near ~Thoughtful 1220~ [Instrumental]

My Rating: 10/10
~*HERE – the intro is such pretty match to my birthday. They harmonized “Happy birthday”…It sound really lovely. The breezy piano tune is OMG damn good! I like the part when Sunday sing while Cliff Edge rapped. Her voice is really soft and tiny. They did it very well. By so far this is the highest release from them. Hope the nex will be better. hwaiting!

~*Near ~Thoughtful 1220~
– I have no idea why it’s called “Near ~Thoughtful 1220~”. 1220??? December 20? or something? well,, it’s still got a same atmosphere like HERE. They sound lovely and the beat grow well on my ear. Stephanie act with her voice. She did it very well.

~*HERE [instrumental] – I am so fond to the tune. The piano just felt like flowing. it’s really lovely.
~*Near ~Thoughtful 1220~[instrumental] – It catch R&B so much. Nice beat.


[Perf.2008-10-26] HERE - Tenjochiki feat. Cliff Edge[22-15-15] copy

for my own birthday^^


:BoA – Happy Birthday
:Tenjochiki – HERE
:Tohoshinki – RIDE ON
:BoA – Love Letter
:BoA – Love Letter (Winter Acoustic Mix)
:Jaejoong and YuChun – COLORS’~Melody & Harmony~ (full tracks)

Ok!! First I would say HAppy Birthday To Myself”. hahaha… Being so selfish-lover. These songs were my birthday soundtrack. It all have a different special meaning.

~*Happy Birthday – It’s a sweet song. I add it because of the title, truthfully I’m not so fond to this song. It’s just really suit in my birthday.

~*HERE – Here is one of the best song released by Tenjochiki. It was released last year, right in october 22th, but it was leaked since september. The intro was flowing like “happy birthday….happy birthday..” that’s why this is my special soundtrack.XD

~*RIDE ON – It’s about 2 years ago. It was released in september 19th but I heard it for the first time in my birthday. I felt it was one of the best suprise on that day. I really like this song. The R&B beat is really nice and they sound very sexy, even the sexiest song that they’ve ever released.

~*Love Letter – this is such a romantic song. BoA sound really lovely. Even it doesn’t make any sense if placed it in the birthday section. lol. The song was released a day after my birthday 2 years ago. wow.. seems like 2 years ago was the best birthday.

~*COLORS’~Melody & Harmony~ – how could I say that I am very thank to them for releasing such a good melody in this autumn. It is one of the best part in my current birthday. Eventhough it was released 2 days before mine I think it still felt like it is on my birthday. Haha…

[Teaser] LOVE LETTER (feat. BoA & Jaejoong)

I made it up. Please don’t going crazy over that.. hehe…

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all september 25th too..^^

[Album] Tenjochiki – Graceful 4


Title: Graceful 4
Artist: Tenjochiki
Release: 2007.10.14
Language: Japanese
Size: 72.5 MB


1. Piranha
2. One More Time, Ok!
3. Just For One Day (feat. JaeJoong) –Album edit-
4. I’ll Kiss You
5. Boomerang
6. Pardon Me
7. 5cm (Gosenshi)
8. Sweet Flower
9. Get On The Floor (feat. DOGMA)
10. The Club (feat. SEAMO)
11. Juicy Love (feat. Corn Head)
12. My Everything

My Rating: 10/10

This is their first album.
1. Piranha – Taken from their hit single PIRANHA that was running in the summer of 2007. Hard to hear what Lina said in the first part. First I heard it goes like “Hey boy don’t you hold me now, blab bla bla..” but the truth is “Hey boy, don’t you hold me tight”! Poor me, I need to improve my listening subject. Yeah..They changed a lot of their accent into the Japanese. Just like what Tohoshinki did. However I love this kind of song. The groove just grow on me up. This is the best single that released by them by so far. Hope they will bring such a song like this later.
2. One More Time, Ok! – EVERYBODY STOPPP..*sing* wkkwkkwkk…LOL! I like that chorus. It’s amazing. The intro start just shakes my body to dance like them (yeah..that’s only if I could). Eventhough it’s a good track, I still prefer the Korean version. They did hyper in the Korean.
3. Just For One Day – It’s still good but longer than the duration before. The single version is still better. Jaejoong really sings well. I like the bridge when he got a hyper duet with Stephanie. Quite surprised, though previously Jaejoong always got a simple line that pointed to the similar part with Lina’s voice. But Stephanie also did it well. Compared with the 4 girls, I think Jaejoong has too many parts, it’s like 50% for Jaejoong and 50% for Tenjochiki who split for 4 girls. How gee! Wait! I feel something weird..,Where is DANA???? Did she just sing one line? I just can clearly hear her voice in one line in the first chorus before Jaejoong sang the second verse, even it didn’t make any sense. Poor Dana. Maybe Dana still have an inury leg in that time. Ohh No.., How can she didn’t sing just a bit more than one line.
4. I’ll Kiss You – Ouww.. a lovely song. I really like it. Steph’s narration in the first is really touched. I’d think Dana and Sunday were the lead vocal in the chorus. They sound really soft and pure which it grow with a full of backing vocal harmonization. They do a lot of backing that still sound good. But then Lina and Stephanie’s improvement is over than it should be. Still love it^^
5. Boomerang – I much prefer this one than the Korean version. Sunday’s voice was heard mainly in the chorus. She made it sound soft and cute. Something that annoyed me so much is just the over ad-libbing. I think they did it survivorly with their own type by backing the chorus low melody. It sound distracted the chorus lovely harmonization. Anyway, maybe they did it to make a variation in order the repetitive chorus didn’t bored so much.
6. Pardon Me – What kind of song is this? Rock? Dance? Messy? *what?XD* I need so many time to persuaded my heart that I would love it someday. Yeah… it’s true. I then love it because some of that part just burn a lot of weight in my mind. I really love to make it as a mad-shake when I got stressed. The way they say “Don’t say you love me!” is freaky!
7. 5cm – All about this song is PERFECT. It didn’t fail me from the first time I hear it and until the entire of my current life right now, I could never tossed it from my playlist. The instrument is just a nice slow R&B beat which never I heard before. This is my favourite song out of their Japanese songs by so far. My favourite part would be Lina’s part of course. I am so fond to her voice. She sang the bridge with a good tiny vibration to end it. OMMO Ji-Yeon unni, I love you!!
8. Sweet Flower – It’s so repetitive. I just love the Steph’s rap part.
9. Get On The Floor – I like it. It will be good if they performed this song with a groovy dance. I really like it. The R&B beat is just my favourite type.
10. The Club – It’s a good version over the Korean version. They still sound well but not so powerful like the Korean version. Seamo gave a good rap. He was pretty match to the song, I would praised to the composer to give a good consideration to replace Rain’s rap. XD!
11. Juicy Love – I can say nothing. It’s awkward. The beat is suddenly change in the middle and it didn’t make any sense.
12. My Everything – a worst version. I can say that the Korean version is so perfect, enormous, great, amazing, wonderful, excellent, and ……*speechless* but I could only say “Worst” to this song. If there is no a perfect Korean version of this song maybe I won’t compare it like this. Sorry, but I say the truth. Don’t matter, overall the album is perfect.^^