[MV] T-ara – I’m Really Hurt


Title: I’m Really Hurt
Artist: T-ara
Album: BRAKING HEART [repackaged album]
File Type: wmv
Quality: HQ
part 1: 25.99 MB
part 2: 24.61 MB
part 3: 25.34 MB

Download: Mediafire [Part 1] Part 2] [Part 3]

My Rating:
part 1 : 8/10
part 2: -1/10
part 3: -1/10

What would be good to release such a plenty of parts without a profit to watch??! What a weird promotion tactic. The part 2 and 3 are too boring with just their faces appeared while get close up one by one in the same way. Seems like it’s just the way of a making film version but in the neat version…!

I like the concept of being a gentle girl… The white outfit really reminds me to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.. hahahaha. It can’t compare here. T-ara still look so pretty. I think the one who really captured a cool guy performance is Eunjeong… XD She looks hot and so manly.. that’s why I took her caption a lot. hahahhaha. . Anyway, I saw there is Jessica here..XD *laugh again*… I mean Hyomin. She resemble to Jessica a lot. I also hear she sound like Jessica here. And she got so overact in her part.

I like the way they shook their tie while saying like “it hurt”… XDD, hope that tie won’t hurt their neck..LOL I can love this MV, without the annoying part2 and part3 and not mention the song. I just can’t love the song. It’s so ..what do I say it. Repetitive and stupid in the beat. Mian.. I am not an anti but I just talk about my mind.

They didn’t show the dance step so much here..I just saw they dance in the chorus only. I think their dance step is not a huge wonderful dance step yeah like they always did…hehehe.*mianhae for being so straightforward*

credits: xiahpop + kenhnghenhac.net

[Pict] T-ara – VOGUE Magazine (March 2010)


so sexy and beautiful…. I like Eunjung. She looks so natural and gorgeous. Hyomin dressed the most special I think, and it looks so pretty. She looks good like how people always say that she is beautiful, she is pretty and na na na …XD.. To say the truth she reminds me to Jung Si Ah in that pict and I don’t find myself love her beauty cause she just dressed well, not so natural from my eyes….^___^ I’m just saying what’s on my mind. Peace^^

[MV] T-ara – I Go Crazy Because of You

cool^^ Jiyeon is so cool!

Title: I Go Crazy Because of You
Performed by: T-ara
Album: Braking Heart [1st Album Repackaged]
File Type: avi
Quality: HQ
Size: 110 MB
Download: Mediafire
My Rating: 9/10

God! The MV got me crazy!!!! I really did my best to take the caption you know! It pushed me to give them only 9/10 eventhough I want it 10/10. The reason is just it’s hard to watch. Along the chorus, I think they have 1 second for every scenes to change, the MV change so fast like a blitz repetitively and it hurt my eyes when I watch it. It’s a pity for me, truthfully I really feel bad for the editor :-\

The concept is really stunning and they looks so amazing. They dressed so sexy, I like to see Jiyeon in school uniform with her long hair. I want to copy her style..XP! Eunjeong is so hot with the short haircut, seems like she has a lot of close-up here compare to the other. She also has so many parts, .. her voice resemble to Britney Spears in the sexy way! The rap and the repetitive oh oh oh oh oh is excellent too …^^ I can’t wait to grab the performance version so I don’t need to hurt my eyes to watch them performed this song!

credits: jenpoo.com

[Album] T-ara – Braking Heart (The First Album Repackaged)

Title: Braking Heart (The First Album Repackaged)
Artist: T-ara
Release date: 2010.02.23
Conductor: Core Contents Media
Language: Korean
Total Size: 14 MB

01 너 때문에 미쳐 (I Go Crazy Because of You)
02 내가 너무 아파 (I’m Really Hurt)

.:Download full-set:.

My Rating: 5/10

No other track can compare to Lies for me. The track I Go Crazy Because of You is so upbeat dance. They still use a repetitive word…! Weird, I think like so many Kpop singer released a song with so many repetitive word.

>*I Go Crazy Because of You – I have a feeling that I will love this song. For now, curently it’s still in my playlist and I still learn it to love it or not. Maybe for watching the MV will help me to love it. This song is really damn familiar for me, but I can’t call what the song it is. Truthfully the beat and the way they sing just reminds me for a song. Gahh..bad memories! T_T Really can’t remember.

>*내가 너무 아파 (I’m Really Hurt) – Rubbish! What kind of song is this? Didn’t afford anything for me.

[Single] T-ara – Lies

Title: The 1st single – Lies [single]
Artist: T-ara
Release date: 2009.07.29
Conductor: Core Contents Media
Language: Korean
Total Size: 30 MB

1.       Lies [Part 1]
2.       Lies [Part
3.       Can We Back [less vocal]
4.       Good Day [less vocal]

.:Download full-single:.

My Rating: 10/10

I really love this single. Eventhough the track LIES didn’t sound so amazing for me in the first time, but when I heard the other version…I think it grew a lot. The ballad version sound like one of the soundtrack of Fullhouse. hehe..remind me a lot.!! Love T-Ara. though I love Ji Ae’s voice but she left the group. Feel bad..

[link-updated] [Album] OST God of Study [part 1]

Title: OST God of Study
Singers: Varioust Artist
Release date: 2010.01.05
Language: Korean
Total Size: 22 MB

.:Download: [Mediafire]

  1. 한번쯤은 – sung by T-MAX
  2. Dreams Come True – sung by 4Minute
  3. 또르르 – sung by 지연 (from T-ara)
  4. Because I’m Weary – 어니스트(Ernest)

password: youngladyjunsu.wordpress

My Rating: 9/10

For a drama soundtrack, it’s quite lack in number of track. Yeah..as the drama goes on, I think there will be an update release too! By so far, I am still in process for listening it. Maybe someday my rating will down or up!

.: Track 1 : I like this. T-Max turned into soft-rock due to the school concept of the drama. I still appreciate it. I like this song. Bass and piano are melted into one. I really enjoy it. It makes me wanna watch the drama more and more.

.: Track 2 : Our hip-hop-electronic girls also turned into rock. They catch a school-rock concept. They did it well, such a cheering song. The rap part is so powerful and great, but I don’t feel that the girl sing in hyper way, I suggest that they should use rocking-technique to powered this song. Hear this kind of song, it makes me remember to SNSD – Way To Go!! Hmm…

.:Track 3 : It’s slow and relaxed. Not so many vocal ability revealed.

.:Track 4 : This is my favourite track by so far. The intro is so warm and relaxed. I feel like swaying in the green mountaint. And that piano tune that always work in my ear, I like it too much. I don’t think that the singer has a good voice but he still give a credit.

credits: kpopdream