[MV] B1A4 – Baby Good Night (Sleep Well Good Night)

My Rating: 10/10
it turned into something that I have to watch before going to sleep >.<


Title: Baby Good Night (Sleep Well Good Night)
Release Date: 2012.05.24
Artist: B1A4
Album: The B1A4 Special Edition
File Type: mp4
Quality: HD 1080p
Size: 166 MB

Download—> MF

From the start, this group have been growing so special. They always got me so surprise 😀 . A very catchy song, fit for summer day. It’s so hilarious, same like Beautiful Target. Their music, dance, vocal, concept, style, they’ve changed. This is crazy.

Something that I really love about their music video is they always bring a good storyline while dancing too. It bring laugh, and cherry blossom in my heart ❤ . Totally into them. I have to listen to this song every night before going to bed. 😀

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[MV] XIA (Junsu) – Tarantallegra

My Rating: 8/10
All that I see is Junsu ^^~♥


Title: Tarantallegra
Release Date: 2012.05.14
Artist: XIA (Xiah Junsu)
Album: Tarantallegra
File Type: mp4
Quality: HD 720p
Size: 99 MB

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Ommo.. Finally released 😀

I like how he tried new style, I like him the way he is. He’s grown up, he transformed his music into maturity. No more cuteness >.<. I read some comments in youtube, everybody seems speechless over this. I feel the same way, too many pretty Junsu here, he looks sexy, acting very cool but the feminism of the make up really makes me irritated 😀 . I read in DBSKnights, it said that the girl in this video is Junsu himself :D, from the shape of the nose, the eyes, it seems that Junsu himself. Ommo!~ I love Junsu, but this gentle feminism kills me.

He dance perfectly amazing.Yeah.. he is Junsu, no wonder. The visual effects work well too. But… should I say something that really annoyed me here? Those dancers are definately got me sooooo irritated so I stuck in 8/10. Especially those girls with big thighs, Oh God~ Junsu is so much prettier 😀 . How can I accept this? I feel like the backup dancers should be banned. LOL! My eyes are on Junsu only ♥

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[MV] Girls` Generation-TaeTiSeo – Twinkle

My Rating: 9/10
They’re sparkling >.<


Release Date: 2012.04.30
Artist: Girls` Generation – TaeTiSeo
Album: TWINKLE [mini album]
File Type: mp4
Quality: HD 720p
Size: 94 MB

Download—> Mediafire

The entire video is filled with sparkles. All word that I can say is they look beautiful, beautiful and beautiful. Taeyeon with blonde again, Tifanny looks so elegant and more mature with glowing wavy hair and Seohyun looks very pretty in her own way. I think black hair makes her look like more into south-east-asian girl 😀 . I don’t know why, I feel like She doesn’t look like korean here.

For some unreasonable thoughts, I almost consider Taeyeon as Jessica first. 😀 She resembles to Jessica in some scenes. I think it’s because of blonde is so Sica’s style, and they have a same v-line face.

They change clothes so often. I can’t say anything, how they flaunted so much beauty into this video. It’s just like a perfect packaged of beauty exhibition. I love everything here, their shoes, hairstyle, make up, fashion, and the puppy looks cute 🙂 . Plus EXO boys too. Can’t forget that they made appearances here.

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[MV] JYJ – In Heaven (1080p clean HD)

My Rating: 8/10
It’s beautiful  and would be a touched music video  if you watch it very very carefuly >.<


Title: In Heaven
Release Date: 2011.09.15
Artist: JYJ
Album: In Heaven
Starring: Song Ji Hyo
File Type: avi
Quality: HD
Size:  476  MB
Download: MEDIAFIRE [ part 1 , part 2 , part 3]

[NOTE: the file is divided into 3 files because of the big size. Just download all the 3 files and then join it into one file. You can use HJSplit or FFSJ to join the files]

I watch this music video since it’s leaked, until the real HD came out, I watch it again, I was about watch it every time I went to online, but I was confussed a lot with the storyline 😀 . Until I watch it with my friend, it’s felt like we keep questioning while watching it and after the long  music video end, we still can’t find the answer . LOL !

But I tried hard to get it, it’s a beautiful music video. So, in my version, I think the storyline would go like this :

           The first scene was a flashback, Junsu had a meeting in his company, doing great in the presentation and being praised by the other people. He’s kinda busy and serious on it. Well, the girl was in the bad emotion, I think something bad had happened between the couple, she looked miserable, tears rolled down into her face and she tried to call Junsu, but because of he’s in meeting, he ignored the call and continued his presentation. The girl felt sad, n tears couldn’t stop falling, she stood up in the edge of road n was about to cross the road, and then a car suddenly racing off then … brakkkkk! Accident happened. So the girl might be die.
Then Junsu wake up in surprise and found that it’s just a nightmare, but it’s a reality that happened in the past. So suddenly, there’s someone who come into his house, when he open the door, he found his girl just stood and smile brightly to him. He’s so surprised, can’t stop make an “O” shape with his mouth :D. When he checked into calendar,  it was 2008, he kept wondering and realized that he’s travelling to the past. Back to 3 years ago when the girl was still alive.
They have a lot of cute scenes >.< , I love when Junsu and Jihyo ride the bycicle, Jihyo cried because she wore dress while they gonna have cycling. And when Jihyo disappointed, waiting Junsu in the restaurant (or is it restaurant?) and suddenly Junsu appeared with black suit, OMG he looked so adorable, I am so smitten. He didn’t apology for making the girl waiting but he smile and suddenly some instrumentalists come to play music from behind. The girl looked so surprise, she smile and laugh. So sweeeetttttt >.<
And the climax would be the same like the flash back but in this circumtance , it’s a bit different. Junsu has a meeting and the girl was not in sad, she smile bright, hold a flower while earphone in her ears, walking around and then stopped in the edge of road. Their love are challenging when Junsu remember the past, maybe it’s like dejavu. He looked so confussed. All the things that had happened in the past just slidewhowing in his mind. He remember the scene before the girl died was just the same like the current now and it’s about to make a choice to change the plot or let it go like what had happened before. In simple conclusion, save the girl or let her die again.
             And jeng jeng jeng…. Junsu finally decided , he changed the plot, he left his office, his big presentation and all his men in black suit. He ran and ran to reach the girl. Well, he came in the perfect timing. The girl was about to cross the road, but fate is fate,.. suddenly there’s a car racing off  in a full speed and about to hit the girl, Junsu ran and jumped to save the girl but … brakkkkkkk! Accident happened. And now the couple live in heaven 😀 . what a drama.

Song Ji Hyo looked so beautiful. Sometimes she looked pale but when she smile, I think there’s spark on her, so stunning.  Though in real life she’s noona to Junsu, but in this music video they looked very good together. It’s good that finally Junsu makes a turn. Yoochun and Jaejoong are already too good in drama or starring a music video 😀 . I enjoy Junsu a lot here. I’m smitten a lot because of Junsu, you know that I’m a big fan. He looked very cool in black suit. Ommonnaaa,, help~!

Anyway, is it just me or something, but it a bit reminds me to Heaven Postman. I know it’s totally different but heaven thing and bla bla bla.. when Junsu back into the past in 2008, it’s kind a gift of God. That scene always make my mind recall the memories of Heaven Postman. ahh~ just forget it, I think it’s just me. Enjoy this beautiful song and tragic love story.

credit: KPop7