[MV] JYJ – In Heaven (1080p clean HD)

My Rating: 8/10
It’s beautiful  and would be a touched music video  if you watch it very very carefuly >.<


Title: In Heaven
Release Date: 2011.09.15
Artist: JYJ
Album: In Heaven
Starring: Song Ji Hyo
File Type: avi
Quality: HD
Size:  476  MB
Download: MEDIAFIRE [ part 1 , part 2 , part 3]

[NOTE: the file is divided into 3 files because of the big size. Just download all the 3 files and then join it into one file. You can use HJSplit or FFSJ to join the files]

I watch this music video since it’s leaked, until the real HD came out, I watch it again, I was about watch it every time I went to online, but I was confussed a lot with the storyline 😀 . Until I watch it with my friend, it’s felt like we keep questioning while watching it and after the long  music video end, we still can’t find the answer . LOL !

But I tried hard to get it, it’s a beautiful music video. So, in my version, I think the storyline would go like this :

           The first scene was a flashback, Junsu had a meeting in his company, doing great in the presentation and being praised by the other people. He’s kinda busy and serious on it. Well, the girl was in the bad emotion, I think something bad had happened between the couple, she looked miserable, tears rolled down into her face and she tried to call Junsu, but because of he’s in meeting, he ignored the call and continued his presentation. The girl felt sad, n tears couldn’t stop falling, she stood up in the edge of road n was about to cross the road, and then a car suddenly racing off then … brakkkkk! Accident happened. So the girl might be die.
Then Junsu wake up in surprise and found that it’s just a nightmare, but it’s a reality that happened in the past. So suddenly, there’s someone who come into his house, when he open the door, he found his girl just stood and smile brightly to him. He’s so surprised, can’t stop make an “O” shape with his mouth :D. When he checked into calendar,  it was 2008, he kept wondering and realized that he’s travelling to the past. Back to 3 years ago when the girl was still alive.
They have a lot of cute scenes >.< , I love when Junsu and Jihyo ride the bycicle, Jihyo cried because she wore dress while they gonna have cycling. And when Jihyo disappointed, waiting Junsu in the restaurant (or is it restaurant?) and suddenly Junsu appeared with black suit, OMG he looked so adorable, I am so smitten. He didn’t apology for making the girl waiting but he smile and suddenly some instrumentalists come to play music from behind. The girl looked so surprise, she smile and laugh. So sweeeetttttt >.<
And the climax would be the same like the flash back but in this circumtance , it’s a bit different. Junsu has a meeting and the girl was not in sad, she smile bright, hold a flower while earphone in her ears, walking around and then stopped in the edge of road. Their love are challenging when Junsu remember the past, maybe it’s like dejavu. He looked so confussed. All the things that had happened in the past just slidewhowing in his mind. He remember the scene before the girl died was just the same like the current now and it’s about to make a choice to change the plot or let it go like what had happened before. In simple conclusion, save the girl or let her die again.
             And jeng jeng jeng…. Junsu finally decided , he changed the plot, he left his office, his big presentation and all his men in black suit. He ran and ran to reach the girl. Well, he came in the perfect timing. The girl was about to cross the road, but fate is fate,.. suddenly there’s a car racing off  in a full speed and about to hit the girl, Junsu ran and jumped to save the girl but … brakkkkkkk! Accident happened. And now the couple live in heaven 😀 . what a drama.

Song Ji Hyo looked so beautiful. Sometimes she looked pale but when she smile, I think there’s spark on her, so stunning.  Though in real life she’s noona to Junsu, but in this music video they looked very good together. It’s good that finally Junsu makes a turn. Yoochun and Jaejoong are already too good in drama or starring a music video 😀 . I enjoy Junsu a lot here. I’m smitten a lot because of Junsu, you know that I’m a big fan. He looked very cool in black suit. Ommonnaaa,, help~!

Anyway, is it just me or something, but it a bit reminds me to Heaven Postman. I know it’s totally different but heaven thing and bla bla bla.. when Junsu back into the past in 2008, it’s kind a gift of God. That scene always make my mind recall the memories of Heaven Postman. ahh~ just forget it, I think it’s just me. Enjoy this beautiful song and tragic love story.

credit: KPop7

[MV] 2NE1 – Hate You + Ugly


Title: Hate You
Artist: 2NE1
Album: 2NE1 – 2ND MINI ALBUM
File Type: MP4
Quality: HQ
Size: 116  MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 8/10

This is just an animated music video. I catch the storyline, so all girls act like super women, wanted a guy (their enemy). Dara met the guy first, she fight with him but in a sudden flash she is felt enchanted to him (wow!) , CL’s character is just so match to her, rigid and strong. They all looked cool, yes like super heroine >.< fight to destroy that guy. I wonder who will be the guy if they filmed this in the real version (not animated) , maybe G-Dragon? 😀 *Daragon obsessed*



Title: UGLY
Artist: 2NE1
Album: 2NE1 – 2ND MINI ALBUM
File Type: MP4
Quality: HQ
Size: 174  MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 10/10

Yesterday I was so sleepy waiting this song came out :D, I end up falling asleep just right when it was on release!-_-”

masterpiece song!!!! it’s felt like “Go Away”, same in the rock type. Everytime I play this song , I sing a long and it’s felt so good after that 😀 , I feel a lot of things with this song, when I sing I feel like screaming out loud. All that I feel are just written down in this song. Yeah. Appearance is really a sensitive problem. Most of girls think they’re fat, too chubby, not beautiful face, dark, fugly and bla bla bla …

This song is just about you all, girls!!! 2NE1 dedicate it to you all, let’s give them a big standing ovation! wuuwww! yeah!

I thought they would make such a touched music video with storyline like Katy Perry did in Firework or Pink in F*ckin Perfect. This 2NE1 just do it in their way, emotion explode in their way. Look at Minzy break the glass while the line “You Are Beautiful” is on it,there is scene when they destroy all beautiful girls in black sexy outfits too, look at the line behind them “Plastic Zone” ,  just like most of korean girls, they always spend their money for plastic surgery. OMG~ this is serious,  cool. Impressive lyric! it’s just like their lyric, this world is full of lies, dont lie to my face cause I know I am ugly :D.

I heard this is the most expensive music video they had compare with last 3 music videos. I can see why, it’s rock, a lot of full energy, cool effect, cool dressed 😀 seriously they all looked like scary women in a good way, I love CL here, she looked gorgeous yet sassy 😀 . Dara has tattooo, whoaa .. I always think Sandara Park is beautiful, fare skin, gorgeous, but everytime 2NE1 launched their music video, she is just so cool in the boyish way and so funny sometimes. I heard that Bom’s eyelash is the longest one she ever use during her carier .. haha. Overall, I give it my best thumbs >.< damn COOL! thankz YG! go 2NE1

credit: kpop7

[MV] CSJH The Grace (Dana & Sunday) – One More Chance


Title: One More Chance
Artist: CSJH The Grace (Dana and Sunday)
File Type: MP4
Quality: HQ
Size: 84 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 10/10

Thankz SM, finally you give these girls chance. Too bad Lina and Stephanie can’t join. Lina is busy with her musical and the dancing queen Stephanie is busy with her bullet show 😦 .

thank you so much for this hilarious music video :D. It’s sexy but it’s also funny. You guys please watch it. I think the director really know to make the music video to not going borring. Sexy style, hot, addicted dance, it’s already becoming too familiar in kpop recently, at least you add some special concept to the music video, like this one :D. They make an adourable humorous music video.

Both girls can sing very well, Sunday dance better. I already becoming their fan for over 4 years. Their personalities are also funny. I bet if you know these girls more, they’re really a fun person. Seems like Dana lose her weight. She is still so gorgeous. I know that Sunday is not damn skinny but since I was becoming a Shapley (their official fan) I really love sunday’s body, petite, well-shape but not too fat. I really wish to have a body like her. She looks sexy and healthy :D.

credit: kpop7

[MV+MP3] 2NE1 – Lonely


Whoaahhh I miss you, and I think I already missed a lot.  I never know that it’ took so long for me to get inactive from here, I thought that I’ll never come back here again.

It’s kinda rude and boring in kpop in the past few months, so many bad news that hurt me  and I can’t stand that I have those bunch of exam to be passed, and thankzz God that I passed. I will go into college this year, I’ll update more when I have a time 🙂 . I never planned to close my blog, though maybe I would not update it frequently, it will still open for everyone 🙂

Title: LONELY (music video)
Artist: 2NE1
File Type:  MP4
Quality: HQ
Size:   114  MB
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