My Special Gift For Jaejoong 24th Birthday





Maybe this is too soon, .. Please bear up! I have no time tomorrow, very busy so I post this today^^ Enjoy it! I have tried all the best to dig a lot of picts, editing pict and uploading songs woth my snail connection.. Enjoy it!!

I know that I always make an artwork in a special day, just like in Junsu’s birthday or BoA’s birthday… But I’m sorry I don’t draw any artwork . I’m so sorry for you who waited my special Jaejoong artwork. Anyway just enjoy some picts that I made by myself.

^^Happy Birthday For Jaejoong oppa^^

.:A Tribute To Jaejoong:.

This is some songs that sung and written by Jaejoong. Some of them are official but there are a few that just ripped from the performance version.

You can download it all. Don’t forget do thankzz and tell me if there were some tracks that missed up!

I hope I don’t forget something about this thread!


Solo Work


~:Insa (OST A Millionaire’s First Love)

~:Forgotten Season

~:Incomplete [radio rip]


>:Tenjochiki feat. Jaejoong – Just For One Day

>:<a href="Tenjochiki feat. Jaejoong – Just For One Day (album edit)

>:Just For One Day [instrumental feat. Jaejoong only]

>:M-Flo feat. Jaejoong & Yoochun – Been So Long

>:Jaejoong and Yoochun – COLORS’ Melody and Harmony

>:Jaejoong feat. Yoochun – Shelter

>:Jaejoong & Shin Sung Woo – Soshi (I think this is fanmade, the fan merge Jaejoong version with the Shin Sung Woo version)

>:Jaejoong & Jonghyun – Incomplete (This is just fanmade, the fan merge Jaejoong’s version and Jonghyun’s version)

Group Album Special Work

YKiss Shita Mama Sayounara – compossed by Jaejoong and Yoochun

Y9095 – compossed by Jaejoong

YDon’t Cry My Lover – compossed by Jaejoong

YWasurenaide – written by Jaejoong

.:Special Gallery:.

This is such a special memorizing moment. I know that Jaejoong has a lot of celebrity friends. Mostly girls, right?? hehe.. Don’t be jealous. They are just friend. And I’m sorry for not posting some pict of Jae with the member of TVXQ!! I’m really tired right now. I don’t have anytime again. T_T mianhae

.:Social Interaction:.

–>with BoA<—

During MAking Film Hotmail! 2004 Summer SM Town



Making Jacket for 2004 Summer SM Town



with BoA & Shoo^^

During 2007 Winter SM Town



Debut performance! TVXQ feat. BoA – Oh Holy Night



During the Red Sun making film! Look at Junsu who took their pict. XD Please click to vie larger!






During SM Town Live 2008



Jaejoong smile behind her 🙂



–>With Han Hyo Joo<—

Don’t get mad at me okay!!! They just filmed the movie together, no wonder there are so many interactions.










–>With Kim Hyun Joong<–


I just have one^^

–>With Taegoon<–

Too dark^^




–>With Park Ji Bin<–

He is Geum Jan Di’s younger brother^^ *remember Boys Before Flower*. He confessed that he loved Jaejoong so much. and they have a date together. XD cute





–>With Se7en<–

It was during SBS New Xman around 2006 or 2007 I think!!





Jaejoong with Key during SM Town Live 2008

and the below was Jaejoong with Onew. Truthfully I have a pict Jaejoong with Jonghyun but I can’t find it in my folder. MAybe I deleted it unfortunately-_-


–>With Super Junior<–






–>With CSJH The Grace<–

During SM Town Live 2008 [feat. Lina]









with Stephanie


with Sunday

–>With Bae Seul Gi<–




—>With SNSD<—

Hate this thread right?? hehehhe XD



with Tiffany during the filming of CF Anycall Haptic Motion


with SUnny


with Taeyeon in the radio.

And this kid… I forget his name.. sorry^^

credits: DBSKnight

[Mini Album] SHINee – ROMEO

Title: The 2nd Mini Album – ROMEO
Artist: SHINee
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release: 2009
Language: Korean
Total Size: 31.5 MB


  1. Talk To You
  2. Juliette
  3. Hit Me
  4. Senorita
  5. Please, Don’t Go
  6. Romeo+Juliette

My Rating: 6/10

First I would say that I just love HIT ME in the first hearing. Then I start to like Talk To You and the ballad track Please Don’t Go a bit! Juliette didn’t work on me well. Formerly, I think that it supposed to be a good song, since the idea of the title was really interesting. But right then, they released it and I listen it for the first time. All that I can say is just “it’s not so good”. Compared with Noona You’re So Pretty, Love Like Oxygen and Amigo, this is the worst hit song. I can conclude that SHINee stuff kinda start to down to low quality vocal ability in that time. They debuted as the R&B and up-beat group, but they also featured in such a pop-dim songs like Bodyguard and Stand By Me. It was the time of I was kind of the final disappointed to their management. They were like gaining the popularity with all the popular thing that become popular in the recent time, in the other hand, they didn’t focus on their major style. It’s okay that they start a something new, but it’s not the same like this. Their management looked like forced them to release something with whatever it is, but in point it will promoted them and gain their popularity (also gain the conductor money^^), such featured to the drama soundtrack that hey…..they’re much better in R&B, not that kind of music. I don’t know what’s SM plan to this group.


Title: The First Album – SHINee World
Artist: SHINee
Release: 2008.08.28
Language: Korean
Total Size: 64 MB


1. The SHINee World ~Doo Bop~
2. Love’s Way
3. Love Like Oxygen
4. Romantic
5. One For Me
6. Graze
7. Last Gift [In My Room-Prelude]
8. Best Place
9. Y Si Fuera Ella [feat. Jonghyun]
10. Four Seasons
11. In My Room [Unplugged Remix]
12. Noona You’re So Pretty ~Replay~

My Rating: 10/10

1. The SHINee World – It’s mixed by Yoo Young Jin that also created O-Jeong.Ban.Hap, Rising Sun, Super Girl, Don’t Don and ID Peace B. No wonder that some of it kinda reminds me to Super Junior – A Man In Love. Minho’s rap is my favourite part. ^^ Overall it’s a catchy track to open the album. They sing with a delicate lyric. I think maybe they introduce theirself with this 1st track, kinda intro but this is a full song. Great! It would be nice if they performed this song.

2. Love’s Way – This song and Rain’s “Only You” is just so similar. They way they start the song with that kind of beat is just the same. The chorus is so catchy. They chanted like “Ohh…” in every end of single line. Jonghyun quite dominated the chorus. After the second chorus, Minho rapped while Key followed him. Yess these two is one of the favoutite incident in this song. After the rapping part, they turned into the soft harmonization mimed “Love’s Way…..” and that Jonghyun gave his annoying adlib. Haha..

3. Love Like Oxygen – Like everyone said, kinda Michael Jackson. Haha… The beat and their dance move really resemble to Michael Jackson indeed. That Jonghyun’s going first, it’s quite different while he sang with an airy voice. Omonna! He sound sexy. What’s u with that supposed to be “WooHuuuw…”. XD I’m going crazy. They really copied Michael Jackson a bit.

4. Romantic – The guitar is flowing to open the song. It’s kind of minor soft song. The chorus’s going well on me. Truthfully I love Jonghyun’s part. He is kind of a hard one in this song, just because when he entered a medium note up to the high note. Geezz he is great. But quite hard to hear how he pronounced “Romantic”. Even after several times listen this song, I still can’t catch a word “romantic” in the song. Just because of Key repeated Jonghyun’s part in the second chorus, just before Jonghyun sang the bridge, I can hear definitely Key sang “I have Romantic in my heart”. XD! Key’s going well in this song. The bridge that he sing is excellent. Taemin also done his part well. Sometimes I can’t hear his voice just because he reminds me to Jonghyun’s bass vocal. Hehe ..! feel bad that Minho got a minim rap part.

5. One For Me ¬– Such a nice song. Nice slow R&B. It makes me feel like lie down in the fresh green grass. I absolutely took this track in my favourite playlist^^.

6. Graze – The intro flow well. Minho’s covered it with a little single rap part. Overall I am not so fond to this track. In the other word, it bored me a bit. I don’t like the chorus. One of the best is the rap part of course.

7. Last Gift [In My Room prelude] – The piano tune knocked me down. This is the best ballad track over this album. I really love. They turned into a soft great harmonization in the chorus. OMG! Love it! I can’t hide, I admit that I love it. The piano tune^*^

8. Best Place – The piano turned like they did in the Love’s Way. Overall a standard favourite track. Not so long to realize that it’s nice.

9. Y Si Fuera Ella – Not so many words. I’m not interested to the track.

10. Four Season – I didn’t realize that every time I write, it turned with a full review with so many lines but it just decreased when I enter to be close with the last track. XD. I’m sorry but I say the truth. *back to the song* the first time I heard it, I didn’t like it. I start to like it when I realize Jonghyun’s adlib is just so nice. His tremble vibration is attracted me so much.

11. In My Room [Unplugged Remix] – What’s that “unplugged” supposed to mean?? I also see it in other remix song, but I can’t find what’s that! In My Room is taken from their first mini album, but it’s a remix version in this album. The instrument is more ballad and some violins on it. It doesn’t give too many effect. The piano is the first instrument. It’s good. I don’t know how to say about it again. I just can say, it’s good but much prefer the real version.

12. Noona. You’re So Pretty ~Replay~ – I have said that I love this track. Maybe the best song that they ever released. I really love to replay it in my winamp. It’s just so nice and eternally good. It never bored me.

[link-updated] [Mini Album] SHINee – The First Mini Album


Title: The First Mini Album
Artist: SHINee
Label: SM Entertainment
Release: 2008.05.23
Language: Korean
Size: 27 MB

.:Download: [Mediafire]

1. Noona You’re So Pretty (Replay)
2. In My Room
3. Real
4. Love Should Go On
5. Noona You’re So Pretty [Replay Boom Track]

password: youngladyjunsu.wordpress

My Rating: 10/10
OMMONIE!!! Those songs work well on me!!! I love Track 1 & track 5 more… hehe.. Those are the same song but have different versions (instrumental), track 5 is more upbeat.. I catch some HIP HOP atmosphere there!! The Track 2 is so TOUCHING.., JongHyun has a sexy annoying voice!! I realize this song after listening to it several times. The Track 3 isn’t so special for me.., it’s my least favorite! The Track 4 is so HIP HOP, they have more rapping parts!! And I’ve watched REPLAY MV, yeah… the dance is …………… *speechless*, I feel like this song tells about a boy who loves an older girl. Yeah.. NOONA >>>>

1. Noona You’re So Pretty > gee! Envy all the noonas that they’ve teased. XP! I bet this is a thrilling song and the best song that they have ever released. The intro is so catchy. I really love it, even I can fall for it in the first time. They’re great. Even though I have a bad first impression to Jonghyun, (I always feel like his voice distract my ear. lol) but Jonghyun can touch my heart and I begin to love him^^. He can sound annoying and reach the high pitch with his weird vibration. Hahaha.. but I love you oppa! The rap is also interesting. Actually I like more key’s rap than Minho. Key also can sing. He gave a little rocking style in his voice during the chorus. I love it! Onew just….mmmm……… to mention it! XD Mianhae, but I can feel that he is still a good singer. After hearing them, I just can’t mention where Taemin is in this song.

2. In My Room > It’s also a good track. It’s quite different with the track 1. This track is a beautiful ballad that prove they have very good vocal harmonization. Onew turn first, he sound so friendly, haha..what the hell to say it’s “friendly”. After Onew, Jonghyun sang (or Taemin?), I can’t find the difference of their bass voices. But I admit that I love Taemin’s voice. I also love the way Jonghyun said “cause you’re still in my room”. He . he . he.. he just touched my heart with his husky voice.

3. Real > It’s a catchy pop but ugh, I don’t really like it!

4. Love Should Go On > They back to their track 1 genre. I think it is complete that Minho and Key are rapping a lot. I just love the way they rap. I repeat my word, I like Key’s rap more than Minho. ^____^

5. Noona You’re So Pretty (Replay Boom Track) > This is a good remix, even I still love this compared with the first track. The cheering audience started the song and they said “Noona neomu yeppeo, micheo, replay replay replay!” The beat started, it’s more upbeat and they sang. Ommoni, if I were a Noona, I would like to have a younger boyfriend like Jonghyun. But If I were not a Noona I also would like to have a boyfriend like Jonghyun. Hahahaha.. Oh when Jonghyun finished his line in the chorus, the music break. It’s a good space. Then, Jonghyun started it again with his terrific high pitch. XD, Mianhae oppa, I think I bully you a lot but do you know how your sexy good looking excite me!??? Hahaha..LOL! Bling Bling^^