[Unofficial Instrumental] BoA – Don’t Know What To Say (karaoke vers.)


Title: Don’t Know What To Say (karaoke instrumental)
Artist: BoA
Original Album: Hurricane Venus
Bitrate : 128 Kbps
Size: 3.7Β  MB


This is just an unofficial version that ripped by me ^^, I really love the piano tune of this song, just by listening the intro played, my heart feels like got stabbed from the front πŸ˜€ *so into the song*

I’m using Audicity to remove the vocal, to tell the truth, I really looking forward for the official instrumental. I love piano so bad 😦 My obsession brought me into Audicity to rock the mp3, ripped it until the vocals disappear.

I’m so sorry I’m still not be able to remove it 100% clean, for the chorus, you still can hear the backing vocals . That’s why I am entitling it as karaoke instrumental.

You can grab the mp3 by clicking the download link above, please don’t forget to watch the video below too^^ . I spent all night long to edit it in order promote this track. It’s especially made to celebrate BoA’s goddess beauty πŸ˜€ . I have no idea, just a few seconds after clicking some her music videos, I was stunned by her fair beauty >.< , and few hours later this video was born. ^^b Enjoy

credits: youngladyjunsu.wordpress.com

Gracefuladyjunsu “1st Anniversary”


^^ H A P P YΒ Β  B I R T H D A Y ^^

Now, it has been a year since I start this blog. First, I wanna say thank you to all readers or visitor. I appreciate you all a lot. Seeing every new comment and my stats get raised everyday is such a blessing day. Thank you.

My blog’s 1st anniversary is not today but tomorrow , in August 21st ! I predicted that maybe I can’t go online tomorrow,, so I post it today.

Yeah.. nothing big special. Truthfully I made a poster for this anniversary but I just forget and lose it. T_T . I’ll check it later, I hope it’s still in my laptop. Once again, I feel bad, I can’t make such a big party here. My condition is totally bad. I got fever and bad cold. I’m really in a bad health condition. Hope I get well soon ..

I’m so sorry if sometimes I talked to sharp, and talking too much XD. It’s just the way it is.In the real world, I’m not really a talkative girl, I’m quite shy –,.

Well, please check this little award. I create it and it depend on my taste, my rating,Β  and viewer stats.

The Best Single :

Male: Xiah Junsu – XIAH
Female: After School – Because of You

The Best Mini Album:

Male: SS501 – Destination
Female: Son Dam Bi – Queen

The Best Album :

Male: SHINee – Lucifer
Female: BoA – Hurricane Venus

The Best Soundtrack : The Queen Seondeok

The Best Digital Single :

Male: Big Bang – Lollipop 2
Female: 4Minute – μ‚¬λž‘ λ§Œλ“€κΈ°(Creating Love)

The Best Music Video :

Male: Super Junior – No Other
Female: Park Bom – You and I

The Best Photoshoot :

Male: Kim Bum – elle girl (april 2010)
Female: BoA – Hurricane Venus jacket

Here a fanmade MV that I create, it’s not a new video that I create. I just want to share it here. It’s about BoJoong (BoA & Jaejoong)^^, my favorite couple ever. The song is from BoA “If You Were Here” , one of my favorite ballad song. I love it so much and everytime I listen to it, I saw BoJoong in my mind, with a complicated love story .. XD *fanfantasy* . Some earphone or speaker would make a jerk mp3 quality of it. I’m sorry, but if your speaker is the same like mine, it’ll bw nothing jerk with the volume and sound. ENjoy^^


[Album] BoA – Hurricane Venus

Title: The 6th Korean Album – Hurricane Venus
Artist: BoA
Conductor: SM Entertainment
Release Date: 2010.08.05
Language: Korean
Total Size: 104 MB


03 Dangerous
04 μ˜† μ‚¬λžŒ (Stand By)
05 M.E.P (My Electronic Piano)
06 Let Me
07 ν•œλ³„ (Implode)
08 Adrenaline
09 ν•˜λ£¨ν•˜λ£¨ (Ordinary Day)
10 Don’t Know What To Say
11 둜망슀 (Romance)

My Rating: 7.5/10

waaa………. so sorry . Late to update this. Really really sorry. I have another site to handle urgently. It’s so urgent. T_T welcome back my viewers. Thankz for keeping viewing my blog.

Let’s start this album review. First, because this is her come back album since 5 years hiatus from KPop, I hope she would bring such a more mature and in better quality, but I don’t get it. She is still in her level. I can say that I love Girl On Top album more. *sharptoungealways*

-GAME: this song didn’t work well on my ears in the first time, especially when I watch the MV. Got me so irritated. –,

Well,, day by day ,, it flow well and sound nice.

HURRICANE VENUS: now I’m listening to Hurricane Venus, the album title. The part “electronic, supersonic,,,,,” reminds me a lot to SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong. This is a good come back song. But to say the truth, she didn’t sing in a same way like her Girl On Top, My Name or ID Peace B. This song is too electronic effect, she sounds digitally for several times. And the tune is quite repetitive.

-DANGEROUS: I love the way BoA start the song, and the tune is catchy and damn hot!!! So in love in this song in the first time. The chorusΒ  got me addicted. Can’t remove it from my playlist . ^^

-STAND BY : After the nonstopable upbeat tracks from the first track, now we have ballad one. I can say that this is not her best ballad song. But she didn’t lose her ballad talent. She sound so soft and good, just like the way she always sing. ^^ Quite touched me but bored me after awhile.

M.E.P ( My Electronic Piano): I thought it would be a boring song, but the chorus broke my words. Love the chorus. But she sound a bit annoying in the high note, I me when she said “love with me” in the chorus. –,

-LET ME : from the intro, I got it hip hop and R&B. Yeah… reminds me to her urban R&B album. Nothing special, but the beat is hot. I love the beat.

-IMPLODE: OMG.. this is really a relaxed song. The acoustic guitar is so lovely. BoA also harmonized it very well. Her voice is really match to this song. Love the guitar tune so much.

-ADRENALINE: from the title, it’s easy to notice that this is an up-beat song. cool. I love it.

-ORDINARY DAY: ………………….This the BEST finding in this album. I love this track the most. Cool piano tune and relaxed R&B. hwaaaaaaaaaa…….. just got my style. So in love with it. I think this is the song that BoA tweeted in her twitter, she want everybody suggest her for the best title of this song. She said that the korean title is “Haru Haru” (mean: day by day) but she got confused to find the match title for the english title^^. And yeah.. the result is “ORDINARY DAY”.

-DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY: I really don’t know what to say about this song. just a piano behind the voice and the voice flow softly.

-ROMANCE: Can’t understand this song. It’s jazz, and this is the first time I heard she sing in jazz. She is quite good at it *though I dunho about jazz*

credits: Cloud_Honey@Boajjang forum

BoA with her CD ^^

Credits: newsen + uriboa + azn_denny