My Special Gift for Hero Jaejoong 25th Birthday


how is it???

as I said before, I can’t update this blog frequently like I did before, I need to prepare for exam to enter the University. fufuuuu T_T hwaiting!!!!! I hope I can do my best.

only one. I can’t help XD, I need to sacrifice my rest time to did this ..

I drew it with pencil 2B and 4B! The nuance and hue were edited in the photoshop . I tried hard, I want to make it with black hair first, but he looked a bit soft and feminine, it doesn’t suit the concept that I want to do, so I change the hairstyle. I don’t plan to the light first, but I done it unexpectedly hahaaha..

anyway, anybody ever watch taiwanese drama Mars here??? if you did, maybe you recognize the style of this drawing, especially the flame and the pose XD he he he he the painting in that drama inspired me a lot, I always want to make a painting like that, I tried it to Jaejoong first ^^,

oh yeah.. I change the tattoo too , and you know what? I observe a lot of man’s body to create his body XD hahahaha… I can’t find the right pose of him, so I find another pictures.


at last,


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