[Album] After School – Virgin


Title: Virgin
Artist: After School
Conductor: Pledis Entertainment
Release Date: 2011.04.28
Language: Korean
Total Size: 102 MB


01. Let’s Step Up
02. Shampoo
03. Virgin
04. 뱅 (Bang)! (2011 New Recordings)
05. Play Ur Love
06. Dream
07. 너 때문에 (2011 New Recordings)
08. 시간에 기대어 (Raina Solo)
09. 잘 지내고 있죠
10. Funky Man
11. My Bell (Jung-Ah solo)
12. When I Fall (2011 New Recordings)
13. Shampoo (Radio Edit)

My Rating: 8.5/10

not listening to the full album yet, whoaa I’m so slow now, sorry sorry T_T.

let’s get some  random review:

>> Play Ur Love stole my attention, such a nice melody, so relaxed and ejoyable, I love this kind of music. But the intro really reminds me to Mariah Carey song “Bye Bye”, only the intro but maybe Seriously they have a lot of beautiful songs, though their prime style is dance , Pledis produced such a lovely beautiful songs.

>> When I Fall (2011 new recording) I much prefer previous version, this version turned well in the beginning, even I am so excited first, feel so good but some beat disreact the emotion in the chorus and ut turned different. The previous version is more emotionally perfect.

>> Shampoo It’s full beat. I’m not so much interested in this song, still can’t get what Shampoo mean for this song. But I’m impressed with Bekah’s rap as always.

>> Virgin since this is the tittle song, I’ve been expected it would be great, yeah it’s great, dance track, sound so dark. Nice rapping again.’

>> Dream such a bubble song, wonder that After School have such a bubbly song, they sound sweet, cute and girly.

>> Because of You (2011 new recording) I just hear it the same, not so much different with the previous version. I love this one as well as the previous version.

>> Raina solo beautiful song again, nice melody. so lovely romantic, the chorus grow well on me, you should check it, girlz… she has a nice voice as always.

ok, guys.. sorry for not reviewing all the tracks and it’s bad that I lose my skill in reviewing, this is a bit decent and tooo brief 😦

credits: freedownloadmp3album.com

Gracefuladyjunsu “1st Anniversary”


^^ H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y ^^

Now, it has been a year since I start this blog. First, I wanna say thank you to all readers or visitor. I appreciate you all a lot. Seeing every new comment and my stats get raised everyday is such a blessing day. Thank you.

My blog’s 1st anniversary is not today but tomorrow , in August 21st ! I predicted that maybe I can’t go online tomorrow,, so I post it today.

Yeah.. nothing big special. Truthfully I made a poster for this anniversary but I just forget and lose it. T_T . I’ll check it later, I hope it’s still in my laptop. Once again, I feel bad, I can’t make such a big party here. My condition is totally bad. I got fever and bad cold. I’m really in a bad health condition. Hope I get well soon ..

I’m so sorry if sometimes I talked to sharp, and talking too much XD. It’s just the way it is.In the real world, I’m not really a talkative girl, I’m quite shy –,.

Well, please check this little award. I create it and it depend on my taste, my rating,  and viewer stats.

The Best Single :

Male: Xiah Junsu – XIAH
Female: After School – Because of You

The Best Mini Album:

Male: SS501 – Destination
Female: Son Dam Bi – Queen

The Best Album :

Male: SHINee – Lucifer
Female: BoA – Hurricane Venus

The Best Soundtrack : The Queen Seondeok

The Best Digital Single :

Male: Big Bang – Lollipop 2
Female: 4Minute – 사랑 만들기(Creating Love)

The Best Music Video :

Male: Super Junior – No Other
Female: Park Bom – You and I

The Best Photoshoot :

Male: Kim Bum – elle girl (april 2010)
Female: BoA – Hurricane Venus jacket

Here a fanmade MV that I create, it’s not a new video that I create. I just want to share it here. It’s about BoJoong (BoA & Jaejoong)^^, my favorite couple ever. The song is from BoA “If You Were Here” , one of my favorite ballad song. I love it so much and everytime I listen to it, I saw BoJoong in my mind, with a complicated love story .. XD *fanfantasy* . Some earphone or speaker would make a jerk mp3 quality of it. I’m sorry, but if your speaker is the same like mine, it’ll bw nothing jerk with the volume and sound. ENjoy^^


[MV] After School – BANG!

Title: BANG!
Artist: After School
Album: BANG! [single]
File Type: mkv
Quality: HQ
Size: 107 MB
Download: Mediafire

My Rating: 9/10

they have two little dancers here. they are so cute^^. I think they’re a trainie maybe or some talented kids. XD. The dance step is amazing like they always did. The red marching band outfit looks so cool, ne! I have been so anticipated since that outfit concept leaked. I don’t know what’s that walking-like-in-fashion-show part going to mean!!? Such nonsense.


Title: 3rd Single – BANG!
Artist: After School
Conductor: Pledis Entertainment
Release date: 2010.03.25
Language: Korean
Total Size: 27 MB


1. Let’s Do It
2. BANG!
3. With U
4. BANG! (instrumental)

My Rating: 10/10

Great single!!!!! They didn’t fail the previous single.^^ This is still a wonderful single, just like before. OMG! No wonder that they should be success…

They gain their number slowly, right? Start from 5 then 6? 7? and now…… 8! Geezzz… weird agency. Why that agency didn’t just make a new group again? Rather than submitted them slowly into their hit girlgroup. Well, I don’t understand.. they called it’s a new student! Yeah a new student for after school. Make sure that you didn’t skip the class, guys. LOL

Track 1 Let’s Do It – this is match to their drumline concept. I think maybe it’s just an intro, not grab so long duration. I like this track, such a wonderful marching band track. I think that’s Beka or Gahee who randomly get along with it.

Track 2 BANG! – this is what so called perfection? The male rap in the first is so yummy XD. They bring the drumline concept in an attractive way. If you would listen to the less vocal (instrumental) track, you can hear clearly there is  a cool drum get along with it. Since they gain their number, I feel they sound a bit girly. The girls sound very catchy, girly and sweet chanting sound like KARA or SNSD a bit. I love it, like that words “T-R-Y, do it now, can you follow me, yes, uh-uh, T-R-Y, pick it up, you’ll never catch me, oh no” I think perhaps it goes like that. Ommonie!!! Totally got addicted to this song. But… Gahee and Bekah should make the rap a bit longer..T_T I really love these female rappers. ^^

Track 3 With U –  With U? It’s just a classic title, can they find another title? Hey! This world consist of so many words, just take it as a granted from the world and do well in order to make such a non-boring title. *error statements* Whatever with the title!! Let’s begin now! it begin with the piano tune^^. Yes, the beautiful smooth vocalists dominated it. It would make a boring impression in the first, but don’t worry. Please follow it until end, you’ll cry or get sobbed. T_T

Credtis: Cloud_Honey@Boajjang

[Single] After School – Because of You

Title: The Second Single – Because of You
Artist: After School
Conductor: Pledis Entertainment
Release date: 2009.11.25
Language: Korean
Total Size: 33.5 MB

  1. 때문에 (Because of You)
  2. When I Fall
  3. Diva
  4. 때문에 (Because of You) [instrumental]

.:Download full track:.

My Rating: 10/10

This is the second time I heard their music. When they debuted, I watch their MV but I don’t try their music then. Compared with their debut song, this one is better I thought.

.:My 1st favourite: absolutely I love “Because of You” the most. The intro of piano tune really reminds me to some song in Queen Seondeok. Kinda sad love song but can’t recall what’s the title though. I like the rap part. Who’s that Gahee?? Hehe.. I just know GaHee and Uee in the group. XD I think they got a digital effect of their voice in the bridge. Uh.. I really can’t accept it. I don’t like the digital effect. I think the girls who sang the bridge don’t have a bad voice, they sound good, hell .. they should prove their vocal ability. Overall this song makes me cry. Though it’s a bit upbeat and R&B, I can still hear the pain. Yeah.. I like this kind of song. Really love this song.

.:My 2nd favourite: I just followed the tracklist. The second one would come from the track no 2 “When I Fall”. Contrast with Because of You, this song start it by a light melody of guitar. It’s quite pop and relaxed song. Good enough to makes me falling. XD I enjoy this song so much. The chorus sound really lovely. They prove their vocal ability in this song so much. Good. Some adlibs and high pitch sound well. They did it well. Really love this kind of song.

.:My 3rd favourite: Maybe some of you will guess DIVA in this 3rd place, but I just wanna say it come to “Because of You [instrumental]”. XD How dare I added more rating to an instrumental rather than a full song. Like I said in the first place, though the instrumental goes so repetitive, the piano tune reminds me to the melody of a sad song in Queen Seondeok. I love that song so much. Yeah.. it’s a bonus to rate this track.

.:My 4th favourite: There is just DIVA left. Yeah.. Where can I throw this song again except in this last place. Maybe if they didn’t put this song in this single, I would give 10/10 for them.  LOL. Truthfully I don’t like this song. The digital sound, weird “Diva” voice and the chorus just can’t get into my mind. The rap part is the only still sound well cuz they have a good rapper. It’s alright. They promoted it well, so many people seem to like this song.

Credits: 168movies.blogspot.com