My Special Gift For Xiah Junsu 24th Birthday

I almost did this over 2 years. Start in 2008, the first time I drew him. and these are the only things that I could do this year. ggaagghhhhh so busy to fix the time, I posted a lot of goodies last year. Just check it in my special page.

Happy Birthday Junsu oppa and Junho oppa^^



I replace his tattoo with cassiopeia sign, gravity of “5” and there is also “Always Keep The Faith” on it but a little bit small.



[Album] 183 Club – The First Album
Title: The First Album
Artist: 183 Club
Release: 2006.09.01
Language: Mandarin
Total Size: 37 MB

01. Chess for Two
02. One Umbrella
03. Deceive
04. Conquer The Whole World
05. Anniversary
06. Lemon Dream
07. I’m So Hot
08. Love on Sale
09. Once Again
10. Hero

My Rating: 10/10

Overall I really love to this album. Especially that track “One Umbrella”, OMG it’s a great ballad track. The melody really grow on me well. That’s my favourit song. In the other side, they also give some upbeat tarcks like the first track and of course the hit “I’m So Hot”. Totally it’s all really good. I recommend you should try it. ^^

I do hope the group can merge together again. I’m a big fan, but the group disbanded with an unclear reason. That’s too bad.

OST The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog


Title: OST The Prince Turns Into A frog
Artist: 183 Club, 7 Flowers, VJ
Release: 2005.07.15
Language: mandarin
Total Size: 41 MB


01. Enticing Trick (sung by 183 Club)
02. Wonderful Day
03. Magical Smile (sung by 183 Club)
04. Bye! Boy (sung by 7 Flowers)
05. Latina
06. Not Brave Enough (sung by VJ)
07. Memory Puzzle
08. All I Want (sung by 7 Flowers)
09. Wake Up
10. Call my Name (sung by183 Club)
11. Pure Love (sung by 183 Club)

My Rating: 10/10

It was the first sight that I fell in love with 183 Club. I just can’t forget how I deep in love with the drama series. I bet I will watch it again if I got the DVD or it aired in the TV.

~*Enticing Trick – This is the opening theme. It’s up beat track.

~*Magical Smile – It’s such a falling-love-song. The melody flow well like when a person was in love with someone. I would like to play it as a backsound if I got a fell in love with someone later. XD *joking*

~*Not Brave Enough – Kinda a hurt song. First time heard it, I assumed it as 183 Club but surely it’s VJ. It’s my favourite heartbreak song overall.  Maybe I will play it as a backsound when I got a heartbreak someday. Lol *joking again*

~*All I Want – It hurt too. The song is just too sad. The instrument when they start the song can’t dumb in my brain.

~*Call My Name – It hurt again. Compared with the other, I’ve ever going crazy to this song. I don’t know why, but then I realize myself . haha..

~*Pure Love – It’s the closing theme. I still remember the scene when Tian Yu and Jun Hao dance together while a waltz backing them. It’s all that appeared in my mind everytime I listen to this song.