[Album] 2PM – 1:59 PM


Title: The 1st Album – 1:59 PM
Artist: 2PM
Conductor: JYP Entertainment
Release date: 2009.11.10
Language: Korean
Size: 99 MB

01 My Heart
02 Heartbeat
03 Tried of waiting
04 (I Was) Crazy Over You
05 Gimme the light
06 Back 2U
07 All Night Long
08 Heartbeat (Red Light Mix)
09 10 Points out of 10
10. Only You (Acoustic Mix)
11. Again & Again
12. I Hate You (Lounge Mix)
13. You Might Comeback (Bossa Nova Mix)

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My Rating: 9/10

They put a good new style for this album. As a heartbreak hottest, this album pleased me a bit. The album consist of 13 tracks, one intro, 6 new songs as a group with 6 members and then the track flow into back to the past with 5 old tracks that they released as a group with 7 members. It’s felt like the album stop in the track 8 – Heartbeat (Red Light Mix) but then I feel like they bring me to the era when Jay was there with full of old songs right after the track 8. They put all the songs from their previous singles. It’s okay to add Again & Again + I Hate You and 10 Points Out of 10 Points + Only You since they promoted it as a hit song. But they also add You Might Come Back …eh..it’s not fair. Why they add all songs in the Time For Change single while a song entitled “Angel” in the first single was not added. It’s a good song. Junsu prove his enormous vocal ability in that song. Ck…they should make a remix for it too^^

1:My Heart – The intro is great. They introduce their new style. Of course…about the hearbeat. Hmm.. their heart is beating hard because their leader left them T_T

2:Heartbeat – the truth is I really love this song. I like Taecyeon everytime he rapped, but when Chansung continued the rap, he sound weird for me. I don’t know why he always rapped while I don’t think that his voice is match for it. Weird. The chorus is really knocking me down to feeling that Jay left me suddenly. The part when Nickhun rapped(sing??) with the english line is my favourite finding, he has a good english accent, yeah no wonder. Junsu & Wooyoung gave a good adlibs. Junsu sound so soft and Wooyoung, he is good in his part. Junho also bring such a emotional part.^^Absolutely love the song, however it makes me feel like I will face my death note. Hahaa..it’s great to filmed this kind of song in the dark and cloudy place. *PD obsession*

3:Tired Of Waiting – This is also one of the best song in this album. Eventhough I don’t like they sound digital, I still give a high rate for this song. I love the chorus the most. And that Junsu…kyaaaa love his voice. Ommo.,..mostly it reminds me to Jay. Especially when I heard the title “Tired of Waiting”..Oh GOD, I feel like I wanna shout it to Jay.

4:I Was Crazy About You – when I heard the intro, the train appeared in my mind XD. Does it make any sense. I’m not really attracted to this song. The chorus didn’t bring me anything special. Yeah..this song is average.

5:Gimmie The Light – awww..it’s so enjoyable. The instrument give us a light feeling and relaxing^^. Their voice sound so clear, though I still feel some digital effect. Hell I don’t like when a digital voice. I love Taecyeon’s rap part. Anyway whose that in the high adlib part? Junsu? Maybe no maybe yes..but is that’s Junsu, I do think that he can sound so much better…XD

6:Back 2U – Gee..I can’t take my ear off of the album. This song has a nice intro.., quite enough to tease a girl like me.lol. do they always sound digital or even their voice are such a digital sound? XD…the instrument is so good, but the digital effect makes me wanna remix this song..The boys can sing well but why the composser always make them in the digital effect.*slammed* If Jay was here I think his voice will give such a precious contribution to this kind of song. *reminisce*

7:All Night Long – oh God, it’s such an unexpectable track..it still bring a warm R&B sense like the 3 previous tracks. The way it start is so unique…Ommona! Love this kind of song. Really enjoy the music that it bring^^You should download it! The rap part is Oh No…XD *confusing to describe it* especially that “Oh My God” part, it really make a sense. Rrr….Jay would be here to add some amazing vibration. T_T

8:Heartbeat (Red Light Mix) – since the song is so good, it’s not a big problem to bring such a remix version. This version is quite more slower. The piano tune sound so clear but the electronic beat was still available. I also can hear their voice in a clear way without the annoying digital effect that they always bring.

This is the last track for them as a 6 group, in the next it would like back to the past while their ex-leader was still with them..–, reminiscing is starting!

9:10 Points Out of 10 Points – haha..this is such a funny song. Glad that I still can hear Jay’s voice in this album eventhough this is an old stuff. For the song, it’s quite different with how JYP always bring. It’s a type of rock and hip hop. The boys can use it to prove their dancing skill as a backsound. I think it’s a good formula for the hip hop boys, but why JYP never brought such this typ of rock-hip hop again to the group?? I do want to hear a new song with this kind of music.

10:Only You (acoustic mix) – an old stuff again. This is such a beautiful remix. Acoustic and so relaxed. The guitar and the voice within. They sound so clear and my favourite voice was there too. *Of course I mean that’s Jay* I do still love the original version with a slow R&B beat.

11:Again & Again – this is a memoriable song. I found myself as a hottest when this song released. That’s the time I begin to step the beast 2PM world. *but I have known them since they’re debuted* The voice within and the one who bring such a good vibration attracted my ear to find more of their stuff *eh..?* There is no reason to not like to this song. It’s so good. I love the way they said “Naega michyeotnabwa.. and geuruhnji molla” haha..love the words.

12:I Hate You (Lounge Mix) – I hate this track in the first time I heard it. But they performed it in a good dance step so I like it then. Taecyeon rapped so sexy…..Falling for him in that time. He is  a true beast. XD Anyway this remix is quite messy. Love the original version.

13:You Might Come Back (Bosa Nova Mix) – I have been dislike this song in the original version released, no there is nothing to do when I remix released. Maybe this is just a more relaxed mix but it doesn’t help it to make me love it. I’m still in the same rate^^.

credits: POP’s In Seoul

[Mini Album] 2PM – Time For Change

Title: The 2nd Mini Album – Time For Change
Artist: 2PM
Conductor: JYP Entertainment
Release date: 2009.04.24
Language: Korean
Total Size: 39 MB


  1. What Time Is It Now
  3. Niga Mibda ( I Hate You)
  4. Doraoljido Molla
  5. Again & Again [R&B Mix]
  6. Again & Again [instrumental]
  7. Niga Mibda ( I Hate You) [instrumental]
  8. Doraoljido Molla [instrumental]

My Rating: 9/10

.:What Time Is It Now – it’s just an intro, like the boy said “I say,what Time Is It now? Do you hear it?”. A good rendetion for an introduce album. Like it.

.:Again & Again – The opening tune is so funy. Why I say  it’s funny? It’s catchy, like this. The rapping part is hot, some word reminds me to Yoobin’s So Hot rap. Hah no matter, the one that compossed it is still JYP. Fpr the truth, Jay is almost my favourite finding, his voice resemble to Taeyang a bit. But Jay can dig some vibration that he always did. Eventhough it sound so over a bit. Haha.. I just say the truth. really disappointed when this good leader leave the group. He need back. Again and again, he need did some stuffs for me, the dance and music. Again and Again…

.:Niga Mibda (I Hate You) When I heard it, I quite disatisfied. But my friend showed me the performance of this song, and absolutely I adour Taecyeon’s rap stage the most. OMG!! So gentle. He is so mature and gentle. One thing that I also like from this song is Khun’s part. ^^ Nice part.

.:Doraoljido Molla – How can I describe it?? I don’t feel anything special in this song. Nothing. Even I seldom to play it.

.:Again & Again [R&B Mix] – Why they say it’s R&B mix?? It’s totally R&B in the original version. Mm.. can’t understand. But sure I understand the smooth voice and nice random rap in this version. I can hear Jay’s husky chorus and Taecyeon’s gentle rap that I always love. The beat is turned slow but it’s just so good. JYP always has a good remix in every songs. Wonder it so much. Love it.

.:Again & Again [instrumental] – haha.. the funny beat. Sometimes I played this to imitate 2PM dance while I move like a bumpy bread. Hahahahaa… XD

[Single] 2 PM – Hottest Time of the Day

Title: Hottest Time of The Day
Artist: 2PM
Conductor: JYP Entertainment
Release date: 2008.09.05
Language: Korean
Total Size: 30.3 MB


  1. 10 Points out of 10
  2. Only You
  3. Angel
  4. 10 Points out of 10 (Old School version)
  5. 10 Points out of 10 (instrumental)
  6. Only You (instrumental)

My Rating: 8/10

I like the fist track a bit. The song that attracted me the most is Only You. It’s nice and soft R&B. Overall it still catch a lot of JYP passion on it. Yeah..! JYP is a great songwriter.