[Album] Kim Jaejoong – No. X (vol. 2)

Title: The 2nd Album – NO. X
Singer: Kim Jaejoong
Executive Producer: 백창주
Producer: Kim Jaejoong
Label: Cjes Entertainment
Release date: F2016.02.16
Language: Korean
Total Size: 58.2 MB
Bitrate: 192 kbps

  1. Good Morning Night

Lyrics by 김재중 Kim Jaejoong / Composed by 김태완, 이오원 / Arranged by 김태완, 이오원 / Guitar 타미킴 / Bass 이태윤 / Drum 강수호 / Chorus 김태완

  1. 서랍/ Drawer

Lyrics by 김이나 / Composed by David Mercy, Palle Hammerlund, Amir Badr, Zachary Moon / Arranged by David Mercy, Palle Hammerlund, Amir Badr, Zachary Moon / Guitar David Mercy, Palle Hammerlund / Drum 강수호 / Chorus 박은우

  1. Love You More

Lyrics by 김태완 / Composed by 김태완, Ye-Yo! / Arranged by Ye-Yo! / Keyboards 옥재원 / Guitar 타미킴 / Bass 이태윤 / Chorus 김태완

  1. Love You To Death

Lyrics by 김재중 Kim Jaejoong / Composed by Niclas Lundin, Anton Malmberg HÅrd Af Segerstad / Arranged by Niclas Lundin, Anton Malmberg HÅrd Af Segerstad / Guitar 정재필 / Drum 강수호 / Chorus 김효수

  1. Good Luck

Lyrics by 김재중 Kim Jaejoong / Composed by 김재중 Kim Jaejoong , 권빈기 / Arranged by 권빈기, 장인석 / Guitar 장인석 / Drum 강수호 / Bass 최 훈 / Chorus Sam Carter

  1. 원망해요/ All I Desire

Lyrics by 김재중 Kim Jaejoong / Composed by 김재중 Kim Jaejoong, 박 일 / Arranged by 박 일 / Synth & Keyboards 박 일 / Organ 정두리 / Guitar 타미킴, 장인석 / Drum 강수호 / Bass 이태윤 / Chorus 박은우

  1. Welcome To My Wild World

Lyrics by 회장님 / Composed by Damon Sharp, Jason Mater / Arranged by Damon Sharp, Jason Mater / Drum 강수호 / Chorus Sam Carter

  1. Breathing

Lyrics by 김재중 Kim Jaejoong / Composed by Edward K / Arranged by Edward K / Guitar Edward K / Piano & Keyboards Richard K / Bass Edward K / Chorus 777

  1. All That Glitters

Lyrics by 김재중 Kim Jaejoong / Composed by Karen Ann Poole, Fraser T. Smith / Arranged by Karen Ann Poole, Fraser T. Smith / Drum 강수호 / Chorus Sam Carter

  1. 다시만나지만다시만나겠지만 / Although we met, we will meet again

Lyrics by 김재중 Kim Jaejoong / Composed by 성현 백무현 / Arranged by 성현 백무현 / Piano 조현석

  1. 그거알아? / You Know What? 

Lyrics by 김재중 Kim Jaejoong / Composed by Daniel Davidsen, Peter Wallevik, Patrick Devine / Arranged by Daniel Davidsen, Peter Wallevik, Patrick Devine / Drum 강수호 / Chorus 김효수

  1. Run Away

Lyrics by 김재중 Kim Jaejoong / Composed by Neil Athale, Eden Ley / Arranged by Neil Athale, Eden Ley / Drum 강수호



pass: youngladyjunsu.wordpress.com

My rating: 10/10 (no doubt)

People are impressed with the achievement of this album because Jaejoong is currently on military service and he doesn’t do any promotion directly. Some say that the sale just goes the same as when he was present and active. Moreover, it just grows and grows as one of the best selling album in so many different countrys recently. Yeah, thanks to all the fans who make it happen.

I personally think that it’s such a genius marketing strategy. When an idol goes to military service, fans usually feel lonely. Right when Jaejoong is absent, it’s the time when fans miss him the most. So everything released under his name will win the jackpot. Now, we miss him even more and cannot wait to see him back. For sure, he will shine even more after completing the military service.

To me, all TVXQ and JYJ oppa are my role models. Though I never know them as persons, they always inspire me in so many different things. Musically, Jaejoong wins my heart first. He is such an inspiring-hardworking-passionate-man. As a fan, I feel fascinated over his hardwork to finish this album before enlistment. It is not only finished but it is a masterpiece. It will rock you and blow your mind away. He creates a brand new color to his music. He goes to pop-rock, ballad and soul which is really contrast to previous TVXQ music style. Besides, he is such an independent artist who involves himself directly into the production. That’s what we call real “passion”! Real musician treats music as his soul, not a manufactured product. About his first Hollogram concert, I only can say nothing about how wonderful this man is. Oh Gosh, what such a man! I never heard anything about hollogram concert before but this man makes it happen just like a piece of cake. To sum up, I still cannot believe how crazy this man secretly completed all the things about this album before leaving us to army! He just left me blank and curious to see the busy-Kim Jaejoong struggles in his every day life! 😀

My Reaction:

His first album was such a golden treasure for me. Almost all tracks gradually became my favorites. This time, it feels the same. All tracks are my favorites!!!!! 😀 !! 😀 !!

I personally love him in so many different type of songs. It’s just that I am currently not in the mood for any slow ballad so I put ballad song the least. I love Jaejoong for rock! Having him singing a heartbroken song with rocking style and powerful vocal is just like building castle in the air. Anyway, I feel something is a little darker in this album. Though Love You More is more uplifting than Just Another Girl, I sense something fishy coming through the process. ;), Jaejoong sounds more mature here and the lyrics he wrote are really deep. I think my top most played tracks end up displaying a pop-rock gloomy aura.

Top 5 songs for me:

    • Love You to Death
    • Breathing
    • Love You More
    • Good Morning Night
    • Drawer

I simply love “Love You to Death” since the first time I listened to the album. The part “I miss you, I hate you, I love you, how did I let you down” is pretty catchy and stuck in my mind all the time~! Damn Kim Jaejoong, how could you throw me into a misery like this? TT_TT

Breathing is a about daydreaming. When the intro starts, I feel like my brain is struck by mindblowing air coming through the window. The feeling is like inhaling and exhaling a fresh air in the meadow under the sunshine. There are so many interesting things about this song. The music is also quite new for me, I never heard him singing a song like this before. At first, I even thought that his vocal reminded me to Brian Joo a lot.

There are several funny things about the song “Love You More”. The first time I saw the title, I thought it was a cover of Junsu’s song. Wkwkwk! Hell it’s not. The second thing was I misheard the lyric. The first line goes like “neomu gadanhae” but I thought it was “neomuga Darling~!” So I kept singing like that until I found the original lyric. I felt so clumsy that I was not really into it at first, but the song kept me dancing randomly with the uplifting beat. I just love this song more and more!

Good Morning Night is like a life soundtrack for my daily life. The music is so catchy and makes my heart goes wow! It simply brings some positive mood up!

My first impression about Drawer was really strong. The melody is sickening! It strikes my heart deeply and I slightly remember a lot of fuzzy things about the past. Yeah, it’s a good song to recall some old beautiful and bad memories in your life. In contrast, You Know What? is a sweet and happy song that always makes me smile. While Good Luck was previously a whatever song for me, now both of them really make my day! Those are my instant moodmakers!


Lyrics Credit:: KpopViral, @crystalmoon64 Shared by: JYJ3

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