The Unsure Me


I am currently having a hard time thinking and thinking. I have been working while also preparing to pursue Scholarship. However, my busy work always halts me from working on my scholarship applicant form and yet, there are still so many things I haven’t done before the deadline. I really want to give my own goal more priority but duty and responsibility toward my job are unavoidable. Moreover, I am just a lowly young newbie in my teaching career.

I have class from Monday to Saturday and I work until 3 p.m. Sometimes I came home late because of preparing some school events. That’s actually not a bad thing. I love my job but by so far, I just realize that there have been so many things to sacrifice for working professionally. I got lost.I feel like drowning in Robert’s Frost “The Road Not Taken”. Two roads diverged in yellow woods, and now I understand that I can travel both. Real life is about making decision and sacrifice.

4 responses to “The Unsure Me

  1. Life is about choice..
    even in your love life
    even in your career
    even in your family problem
    First thing is listen to your heart
    what she whisper it to you.its never lies.
    choose the best for your future.
    i know you love your job but if you have goal to achive..
    go for it my friend

  2. apply for that scholarship 😦 you still have time to finish all of that requirements. bisa aja jadi guru yang lebih the best.. if i was teacher, i would finish my master degree first and then work kekeke >< well, you should decide 😀

  3. baper itu sesat… jangan baperan 😘😘😘 nanti kerjaannya gak selesai karena ngegalau

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