Wonderful years to be a Cassiopeia and thanks to XIAH Junsu


Just yesterday, I opened and read my old post in this blog. It was simply because of watching Reply 1997, I started to recall the time when I was still a Kpopholic teenager. Like what the drama described, being a fan of Kpop group or singer is actually an extraordinary thing. Sometimes, it can be poisonous as it can make our heart flutter as well. For the persons who are sincerely into Kpop fandom, there will be moments when we are obsessed, overjoyed and broken. Yeah… full of drama.

The first persons who came out into my mind were of course, TVXQ! They have become the reason why I love Kpop and why I stopped following Kpop update since few years ago. I began to consistently follow Kpop since I listened to TVXQ’s song in the radio. It was “O-Jeong.Ban.Hap” in 2006 and Junsu’s voice was the most indestructible thing that I found in the song. Though it was not love at the first hearing, but I was simply addicted to their song without knowing their faces ^^, (internet was not easily accessible like now). Then, I joined their fan club (Cassiopeia), met so many new friends from the fan club, and Xiah Junsu turned to be my forever bias <3. The reasons why I love Junsu are:

  • His amazing husky voice ❤
  • 4
  • He is a dancing machine and able to control his voice very well while dancing.^^
  • n3
  • He has a good sense of humor. Sometimes, he is very childish, innocent and silly but he always acts HOT and COOOOL on the stage.
  • 34727_112710868789666_100001522605293_94638_3914379_n
  • He rarely speaks about romanticism, I mean Junsu doesn’t bluff or like to flaunt his romantic side. He doesn’t take it as a fashion but when he sings a love song……… >______<, it feels like butterflies truly fly out of nowhere around me!!
  • 8
  • He is independent and true musician. he writes song by himself and involves in his album not only as a vocalist.
  • tumblr_inline_mpmmltwSHs1ramw2l
  • He is hardworking, young and an inspiring role model.
  • 12376554_885641341531231_2712038935860142217_n

This morning, I read the breaking news about he is dating EXID’s Hani and I don’t know why, I feel happy about that. For a 22th-years-old-me, everyone deserves to be happy and to date publicly, including stars like Junsu and Hani. Finally J, Junsu is heading forward. I am wishing the best for them.

Talking about dating news, this absolutely reminds me to an old rumor about Junsu and SNSD Taeyeon back in 2008. I think it was during SM Town concert, rumor about the two were holding hand and supposed-to-be-dating circulated online but never confirmed. A lot of fans were disappointed and going crazy against Taeyeon. Where was I at that time? I was mentally broken. Wkwkwk. I can’t believe that, I opposed them and bashed Taeyeon on several forums too. That was really silly, immature and innocent. However, fortunately I had many senior Cassiopeias who post positive comments to comfort us (the immature young rabid fans). They also helped me to OPEN MY MIND and to stop acting immature. I am really grateful for them. I learn a lot and thanks God, now I have left those immature-irritating-annoying-fangirl-sides in the past. Now? I don’t really care about stars who are dating anymore, that are their privacy. They deserve to have an ordinary life. If I were in their shoes, I will also want to have freedom to date someone I love publicly just like other ordinary couples.

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR! ^^ What happened in 2015, stayed in 2015. 😀

Let’s welcome 2016 with love, support, kindness, confidence and open mind.


Credits: Junsu’s IG + cjes.tagram + JYJ’s FB + ToHeartAttack + 5ilse_fam
+ DBSKnights

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