I Thank for My Life is Not a Movie

Watching movie is not only a hobby for me but it is also a daily need. I watch every type of movies, from several genres, from various languages and from various countries. I also love documentary film and other non-fiction films. It’s because I am always curious about things such as culture, society, lifestyle, imagination, point of view, and other people’s experiences. I am just always curious of human’s thought, that’s why sometimes I am way too over-thinking. Yes, I can be sensitive and over-thinking. It might be because of watching too many dramas. LoL. Just kidding.

Anyway, out of movies I’ve ever watched, I think Bollywood always like to repeat the same plot over and over again. It’s not like I dislike Bollywood. I love it so much and I personally think indian directors make so many great movies nowadays and the music is developing from classic, contemporary and modern.

Do you know a movie like Shahrukh Khan’s hits “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” in 1995? It was a massive hits up until now, some televisions still frequently air it sometimes in my country. I think most of bollywood movies are alike and adopt that movie scenes a lot. Nowadays (even from a long time), I found a lot of movies like that old one. I think the crew just make it newer by pouring some good modern type of music and younger casts.

There will be always a scary father, an innocent young girl who is waiting for her love bird and a silly young man who was supposed to be good for nothing but always trying to be heroic to fight for his true love. There will be love at first sight. There will be a wedding in the end of the story or the couple might met in their friend’s big fat wedding for the first time. There will be a forbidden love and their solution is always about running away or escape. However, the ending is exactly a happily ever after. I admit I like happy ending but sometimes I feel it’s just too good to be true.

Everything is just about timing. It’s only because the writer decided to end the story in the wedding so it looks happy and sweet. What if the story continues into their marriage life. Who knows something bad possibly happen? There is no perfect marriage life, right? If only the couple face a new problem such as financial problem, the man goes to spend much money and the girl only can cry every night. Pressured, desperate and frustated. Then, they regret their life and decided to file a divorce. Can you imagine if the writer decide to end the story in the divorce scene? It will turn into a sad ending then. Of course, there is always a possibility to continue the story and find another happy ending but movie is a human’s work. No matter what happen, it will always reach an end.

In contrast, real life is different. Being bullied in high school? It is not the end of life. If you think it’s the end of your life, you will only got stuck but life still goes on. Day will turn to night and months passed. There is always a new beginning. High school years end, college year begins. college years end, full-time work days begin. Single time ends, marriage life begins. Even after a funeral day, another lives begin. Time will fly, so does the life. There is no an exact ending in reality.

p.s. : photo was taken by me, located in front of Moulin Vert Hotel, Paris.

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