[Digital Single] Jaejoong – Dr. Jin OST part. 1

My Rating: 8/10
I’d better watch the drama first before deciding the rating 😀

Title: Living Like A Dream
Artist: Kim Jaejoong
Songwriter : Kim Jaejoong
Release date: 2012.05.26
Language: Korean
Bitrate : 320 Kbps
Total Size:  11 MB


1. Living Like A Dream

Today is the first airing of Dr. Jin, right? ommo I should prepare my heart, mind and soul then >.< Jaejoongie ♥ . Hwaiting Kim Kyung Tak.

His song “Living Like A Dream” sings of the heartbreaking love story of Yoo Mina and Jin Hyuk in the drama, and Jaejoong has personally helped pen the lyrics for the song. (AllKpop)

Drama soundtrack always sounds classic. According to my experience in enjoying drama soundtrack, every songs that inserted into drama just always sound great and addictive. Even in whatever plain the song is, we’ll end up keep repeating it in our playist. I think it’s because when we played the song, we’ll remember some memoriable scenes from the drama, that’s what makes drama soundtrack become special 🙂

The ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’ production team said, “Jaejoong’s gentle voice which is full of emotions creates music that matches “Time Slip Dr. Jin” very well. All the staff and team are praising in, and we’re really satisfied with the song.” (dkpopnews.net)

Well, there’s a war in my mind now 😀 , Jaejoong vs Junsu and Living Like a Dream vs I Don’t Like Love. Both are drama soundtrack, ballads, and vocally amazing >.< . First time listening to this song, I would judge that it’s quite boring, then I think I should watch the drama first 😀 . The opening part just makes me curious and my mind keep questioning “when will the knocking voice come out?” Then I found that when Jaejoong slightly finished the song, the emotional high note in the end is impressed me. Thumb up Youngwoongie^^

credit: http://k2nblog.com + youngladyjunsu.wordpress.com

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