[Artwork] Crown Princess ‘BoA’

Saeguk (Korean Historical Drama) is a massive hits nowadays. I think most of actor including idols experienced dressing in saeguk drama right now.
It makes a lot of fans curious how will BoA look like if she joined a saeguk project. Many fans have been manipulated pictures of BoA dressing like a Saeguk star. It’s just become a headline few days ago, even BoA tweeted some of her fanarts :D. This is fun.
I personally present my own work. Enjoy 🙂

I bring several different styles 🙂


Last year, I made an imaginatif artworks of BoA dressing in Korean traditional princess dress. Here they are, 😀 . I just shared in Boajjang before, well It brings me back.


Feel free to take it. But please ..
-don’t edit my work
-don’t plagiat my work
-don’t hotlink
-remember to always credits me
-commeeeennnnt XD

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