[MV] B1A4 – Beautiful Target

My Rating: 10/10
Super hilarious 😀 . So cute!


Title: Beautiful Target
Release Date: 2011.09.16
Artist: B1A4
Album: 2nd Mini Album
File Type: mp4
Quality: HQ
Size: 142  MB
Download: Mediafire

I am still so new with their faces, I just easyly notice CNU and Sandeul. Still learning JinYoung’s face, Baro’s face, and Gongchan’s face. I hope I am not mistaken them. If I was not wrong, JinYoung is the main role, right? Baro is the rapper with big voice right? and Gongchan is the news reporter in the TV 😀 ? Am I right?

I never thought that they would release a song like this. Seriously, I can’t stop laughing over their cute acting.  The storyline is so drama . I wonder, how can a man burn a building because of his heart is on fire sitting next to the girl :D. And then he got punished in jail. hahahaha…I am so impressed, this is super cute music video. The storyline is so unique. The girl makes the man’s heart in fire, and in sudden, the building behind them is on fire too. LOL He got punished in the court, and end up in jail. wkwkwkk..

The dance is very funny, There’s a cute dance moment of CNU and Sandeul in 1:13. I love the leg move.. and the man who appear in the section “I like it like it like it” is a korean gagman, right? I think I ever watch him in some variety show, 😀 He looked so enjoyable with the boys, still crazy in some reason.

It’s also included the NG scenes in the back, haha , Baro got hurt of Jinyoung’s hand while dancing.. 😀 Overall, I bet it’ll make you laugh.

credit: kpopsounds.blog127.fc2.com

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